Monday , January 30 2023

Cheerleader and the beast

Eighteen year-old, blond, cheerleader captain Leah
waved to the other girls as they got into Sandy’s car.
Kimberly rolled down the back window and asked, “You
sure you don’t want me to stay and help Lee?”

“No,” Leah answered. “You know Brad will be waiting at
the party for you, just go and have fun. I’ll be along

“Okay, see ya then,” yelled Kimberly as the car pulled

Leah watched only for a moment as the car sped out of
the lot, then shut and locked the door. She really did
want to get to the party so she’d better get to work.
One of the duties of the cheerleaders at West Ridge
High School was taking care of the school mascots and
since the school’s sports teams were nicknamed Bengals,
that meant taking care of tigers.

Several years ago a wealthy alumnus had set up funding
for a nearby animal research park on condition that the
park provide the school with live tigers during
football seasons. At first the tigers were merely
displayed at the games in cages but recently that had

The present pair had been acquired by the park from a
circus, and since they were already trained they had
been gradually worked into half time shows. They had
been trained to do a few stunts with the cheerleaders
and Leah had worked with them all of her four years at
school, until she had become quite used to being around
them. As captain of the cheerleaders Leah took her
mascot caretaking duties seriously, which was why she
stayed behind and sent the other girls on to the party.

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