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Cheerleader & her brother discover family secrets

Jamie was exhausted as the cheerleading coach dismissed them from practice for the day. Since transferring to City High a month ago, her life had certainly changed. She had found herself making friends easily and had won a position on the cheerleading squad after her first tryout. As she made her way to the locker room with the rest of the girls, she wryly thought about how hard she had thought it was going to be to leave the school and friends she had known all her life to begin anew. It sure had been a lot easier than she had imagined. Even her twin brother, James, had found it easy to fit in to the new school and routine. Even as she started to undress to take a shower, James was out at football practice competing for the quarterback position.

As she undressed, Jamie looked around the locker room at her fellow cheerleaders. This was supposedly the cream of the crop, the best looking, most athletic girls in the school. They sure were a diverse bunch, she thought. There was Sheri, a tall, dark-haired girl with big, upright breasts, dark nipples that always seemed to be hard whenever Jamie had seen them, slender waist with her hips flaring to her legs which tapered down, long and slim, a dark thatch of hair filling the juncture of her thighs. Always with Sheri were Janice and Heather, Janice with blonde hair, not quite as tall and big as Sheri, but her pale breasts ended in large, cream-colored nipples and her hips narrow. Heather was a redhead, just like herself, but unlike herself, Heather’s hair was cropped short, almost like a boy’s haircut, causing her totally freckled body to really stand out. She had nice, firm breasts with pale, cherry nipples at the end. Her fiery red bush was not very dense, allowing you to get a peek of pale skin underneath.

Jamie self-consciously examined her own body in the mirror. Her breasts were nice and firm, very upright with big, dark-cherry nipples on the end. Her waist was very slim, showing a nice flat belly with her thick bush of red hair sticking out below. Her long, thick red hair hung down past her shoulders. She couldn’t see anything to complain of as she joined the others in the shower.

Sheri and Janice and Heather were laughing together as they soaped up and began to work a lather up. Jamie began to shower at the shower next to them, listening to their conversation. Sheri was talking about her date the night before with John, the other boy trying to become the quarterback on the football team. Sheri was talking about how it hadn’t taken him any time at all on their date to begin trying to kiss her and feel her up. She laughed as she described how desperate he had seemed as she thwarted his attempts to feel her up. She related how, as the evening passed, she had relented somewhat and began to make out with him, kissing him and sucking tongues together. She commented that he was really a good kisser with a really long tongue. Janice and Heather laughed as she said this. Sheri commented that she was going to go out with him on Friday and that she planned on letting him go a little further this time, maybe even letting him play with her breasts a little bit.

As she said this, Sheri reached up and gave both of her soapy breasts a good squeeze and massage, pinching her nipples for good measure. Janice and Heather laughed and Heather reached over and pinched one of Sheri’s nipples, causing her to squeal as she tried to pinch her back. Laughing, they all finished showering and got dressed.

As they dressed and began to leave the locker room, Jamie moved over next to Sheri to ask her a question.

“Sheri,” she asked, “how do you control guys so that they don’t go too far?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” she replied. “You just make sure that they think there’s a chance that they might succeed and they’ll go along with anything.”

“But what happens when things start to get too far along?”

“Well, either you like them and go along or you don’t like them and you fight like crazy,” Sheri laughed.

“Yeah,” Heather commented, “when was the last one you fought like crazy because you didn’t like him?”

“Well,” Sheri answered, “at least I know before I go out with them if I’m going to like them. Not like you, finding out when it’s too late to do anything about it.”

“You mean you’ve let some of them do what they want?” Jamie inquired.

“Of course I have,” Sheri responded. “If I didn’t, they’d all know that I was just a tease and nobody would want to go out with me.”

“Hah,” Heather said, “you do it because you love it and you know it.”

“Well, so what?” Sheri retorted, “At least I get it from people I choose, not just whoever chooses me.”

“I like the guys I go with,” Heather replied. “What about you, Jamie, ever been with a guy?”

“No, not like that I haven’t. I mean, I’ve made out with some of the boys I’ve gone out with, I’ve just never gone any further.”

“Well, neither have I,” Janice chimed in. “I’m sure I will when I’m ready, I just wasn’t born always horny like these two,” she said laughing.

“I wasn’t born horny, I just ended up that way,” Sheri laughed. “I’ll bet that before the school year is out, both of you end up losing your cherries. Face it, you’re cheerleaders now. Every guy in school wants to be with a cheerleader. You’ll have your pick of them, after I do, of course, then you’ll end up doing it with someone.”

“I don’t know,” Jamie said. “I always thought it’d be with someone special the first time.”

“Who’s to say it won’t be,” Heather replied. “It can be really nice. Believe me, I know. It doesn’t have to be tawdry at all.”

“There’s nothing tawdry about me,” Sheri declared, “I just like boys. I’ll tell you what,” Sheri said with a sly grin, “Friday night I’ll let you guys hide in my house and you can watch me making out with John. My parents are away for the weekend, so they won’t be there. What do you say? You can hide in the study and I’ll get him to make out with me in the living room.”

“I’ll be there, you can bet on it,” Heather said, laughing. “How about you two, you going to join me?”

“Sure,” Janice said. “I think it’ll be funny that John won’t know we’re watching him. You gonna come, Jamie?”

“I guess so,” she replied. “It seems sort of weird though, peeping on people making out.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Sheri said. “Maybe you’ll get some pointers.”

With that they all went their separate ways as they walked home. As Jamie lived in the opposite direction from the other three, she walked home by herself, reflecting on her new friends. They were always nice to her, but she still felt a little like an outsider. Face it, she was.

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