Monday , January 30 2023

Chloe My Cumslut Cousin

It was the winter of 2003 the bell had just indicated the end of the school day and I now had to make the 20 minute walk to my aunties house as she would look after me until my mum had finished work.

I was standing outside the school gates waiting for my cousin Chloe, she was in the year below me and every school day for the past 4 months we had been walking to her house together. Once she arrived we started the walk, snow had been on and off continually throughout the day and it was starting to pick up again, I felt a little bad for Chloe as the school dress code didn’t allow for girls to wear trousers, so for her it was a black blazer, white shirt, tie and black skirt. She was allowed to wear black tights and she had a coat on as well but it didn’t really make much difference in this weather.

We were about 10 minutes into the walk and Chloe was walking in front of me, it was too cold to have a lazy walk and chat so we had our heads down with a mission to get back as soon as possible. The wind had been constant when a short but stronger gust of wind blew past us and lifted Chloe’s skirt in process, my eyes caught sight of her little white cotton panties and her firm pale bum cheeks were on show. My semi hard cock started to fill with more blood in anticipation, i was already horny but this just made me more so.

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