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Christina Hendricks Pump It Up

The trunk slammed shut to a silver Mercury Grand Marquis car with the sunlight beaming down on the painted surface to spark a blinding light for anyone standing close by. A man walked past it while camera crew men shuffled towards other vehicles parked on the side street. The time had come to close up and end shooting for the day off on the set located within a private gated community from within Los Angeles. The sun remained in the sky through the evening with the summer heat still pouring on. Across from where the vehicles were parked was a black painted house. Beyond the front door led into what was an ideal set up for filming a number of scenes to the hit television show Good Girls.

Christina Hendricks had found a new calling in her career with the show, finally re-capturing a bit of stardom dating back to her days of Mad Men fame. At forty-six years of age, the divorced actress had taken a liking in the past year to enjoying her status as a single woman. No longer was she tied down to a vow when it came to indulging herself with men off to the side in her personal life. Christina had shared dates with men, always around her own age and in need of favors. A new man had come into her life in the past month and quickly found himself in something of a small job driving back and forth from the Good Girls set between production. Michael “Mikey” Henderson didn’t have a problem picking her up from the set every other day.

Standing tall at nearly six foot in height, his once full black hair had begun to fade into a grey color only a few years prior to what was his forty-eighth birthday. As a result, he preferred to keep a short cut and avoid the longer hair from his twenties and thirties. His face was always clean shaved, all an effort to avoid having to see the small grey hairs any time he looked in a mirror. Beneath the suits he always wore in public, Mikey had a slim average build. The pay off for taking cycling as a hobby for the past sixteen years. Smoking had been one of his habits that took many years to finally grow out of. A two time divorced husband who had made his money as an executive at a production studio.

It wasn’t common for a man of his status to end up dating an actress on contract but that was how it became between Mikey and Christina. They met at a party last month and bonded over the simple fact they both had been divorced. Mikey lied about his reason for losing two wives, as it had to do with his cheating and what his first spouse had labeled as a general sex addiction. He liked to get around, flaunting his status from behind the scenes in Hollywood and indulging in a good time. One could easily say he was a man who had a type. Mikey knew what he preferred in a woman and Christina Hendricks ticked every box on his resume before they had met face to face. He had only heard of her name in passing, but it was another once famous actress he recalled having a long time affair with.

Jennifer Love Hewitt could’ve possibly recalled the times she spent meeting with Mikey across Los Angeles hotels during the filming for another show. Many years had passed since he worked with the film crew responsible for The Client List, but it was that affair which his wife had learned about leading to a divorce. His excuse was to always blame his ex-wife, citing that she was persistent about building a family. This was not the truth, but it didn’t matter to those he told. His ex-wife had left Los Angeles, traveling back home state of Pennsylvania with a chunk of cash from their divorce settlement. Money didn’t mean much to Mikey when he could sit on millions of dollars from investments across studios and remain living comfortably.

So far, Mikey had been dating Christina for two weeks as they shared much time together between film production. He couldn’t wait for the filming to wrap up and head back home with her, where he hoped they could build a strong commitment to one another. He had learned she was the type of woman who would get what she wanted, no matter the costs. They bonded from the fact neither of them wanted a family from their previous marriage. Just a few days ago, their passion had ignited alone in a hotel room which sparked the lustful flames of one long and sweaty night. Mikey couldn’t get it out of his head, unable to forget that look in her eye and such devious hunger she had for him. It all came at the heat of the moment, flairs of pure and untamed natural lust. Mikey could not stop craving it for a second chance with the woman.

Off from the distance of the house, Christina made her appearance outside Mikey’s view. She brushed past crew members leaving the set, her high heels clicking and clacking as her signature red hair slightly bounced with each step. A black dress hugged over her thick curves, rising up with a cut blouse that showed off her amazing large 36F breasts. Dressed to kill, as she assumed quietly to herself with a smug grin across her face. Christina knew her man was waiting for her, as he always arrived to pick her up off the set. When Mikey caught the view of her from his left eye, he smiled and came approaching her as he held a small gift in his hands.

“Oh my… did you go to a carnival without me?”

Christina greeted Mikey as she caught sight of a large pink stuffed bear in his hands. All he did was smirk and laugh as he stepped over and handed her the gift. Leaning in, he kissed her on the cheek before studying her big blue hues. Normally he would arrive with flowers before picking her up, but today was different.

“No, I think we’re both too old for that kind of date.”

“But I’m not too old to take this kind of gift, am I?”

She smirked while holding the bear and then beginning to walk off back to the car. It was difficult for Mikey not to fall into distraction from viewing her face. So many times he would glance down at her cleavage but this time, he managed to keep eye contact with her. Christina’s long signature red hair was split down the middle with locks flowing behind her shoulders, properly fixed up with style. Walking behind her, he moved to the car and opened the passenger side door for her.

“Thank you, hun.”

Mikey didn’t reply as he walked around to enter the car from the driver’s side. Sitting down over the blue plush leather seats, shutting the car and then starting the engine. Christina had leaned across, throwing her gifted bear into the back seat before fastening her seat belt. No words were spoken as Mikey carefully pulled out from the street and began to drive down the street. All Christina did was gaze over, offering a smile. It was easy for her to guess where they were going for the day’s remainder. It didn’t matter if he didn’t plan on going out for the night, as she always made it a point to dress up for him. Mikey had once remarked that Christina had class. A compliment she took pride in, never failing to indulge in a moment to flaunt such style.

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