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College girl with Driver

I heard my name but I did not respond. I heard it again, “Madam…”. I opened my eyes. It was my driver trying to wake me up. “We’ve reached the college”, he said. I Don’t know how I fall asleep at times, it is just a 15 min long drive from my home to college. I got down from the car and walked towards the first year building, which is where my classroom is.

My mom and dad are both doctors. As they are busy with their work, they’ve engaged a driver to drop me at college. He is about 25 years old, lean and dark. I am 5 feet 6 inches.
This incident happened during my 3rd year of engineering, which is 2 years back. Then, we had half days, i.e. the college got over in the afternoon, so I used to come home after that.

I was bored mostly in the afternoons, either taking some rest or watching TV. My driver used to stay in the house, just in case I wanted to go out somewhere. One day, he knocked our door and I opened it, I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, which is the usual dress I wear. He had a quick glance and looked up and said that the wanted to watch TV with me, if I didn’t mind, as it was hot outside.

I said you wouldn’t understand what I watched ( as I watched star world mostly). he said no problem, at least I can sit in the AC in one corner. I asked him to come in and I closed the door behind him. “water ?”, I asked him. “Yes, please”. I went in to get water. By the time I came back, he was sitting down on the floor. I gave him water and sat on the sofa. I felt bad that he was sitting on the floor. I asked him to sit in the adjacent sofa.

We had a three seater and two one seaters, he was sitting in the one seater and I was on the three side beside it. No romantic scenes came when we were watching, it was a drama. He didn’t understand much but was watching anyways. I was explaining him sometimes. This became a habit for us everyday since then. My dad didn’t want me to learn driving as he was concerned about my safety. But I wanted to drive.

My parents didn’t know that I was letting Srinu watch TV with me in the house. So I wanted to make a pact with him. I asked him to teach me driving. My dad warned him already against doing that and at because of that he didn’t agree when I asked him earlier when I asked him but now I had something to trade. He agreed under the condition that this remained between both of us. As my parents don’t come home until 9 pm anyways, he said we can go out in the evenings.

I started to get comfortable with him. we went to the outskirts of the city where he taught me driving on some secluded roads. I wore t-shirts and jeans and I was showing my good figure to him. he was touching my hands, guiding me in changing the gears and turning the steering. when he was catching the steering wheel, his hands brushed over my chest sometimes but we both acted as if nothing happened.

In the afternoons we used to talk a lot as well. He told me about his family. He had an old mother whom he needs to support. He didn’t study much so he took this job as a driver. I told him about my college life, the incidents that happened in the day. Slowly we became close enough for him to ask about my boy friends. I told about the proposals that I got in college. He asked me if I liked any of them, I said I liked one of my class mates but he didn’t propose to me yet as he was shy.

Anyways those inevitable hot scenes did come up when we were watching some English movies together. Normally, I blush and change the channel, but this day I did not. I kept watching, without looking away. He glanced at me, hoping I would change it, but I did not. It was a French kiss and after that they removed their clothes quickly and were doing it standing, then they went on to the dining table, pushing away the plates on it, it was quite hot. He was shocked to see my watch that along with him.

I broke the silence after some time after the scene was over. I wanted to watch these for so long but I could not watch as you were sitting with me always. he said no problem madam you can watch whatever you want. He slowly said he can get me more movies of that kind in case I wanted to watch. I asked him how he can do that. He said he knows a friend who works in a CD shop. I was curious and asked him what kind of movies do you mean. He said he has all kinds x, double xx and triple x. I asked him, as if I didn’t know, what they meant. he explained to me that x meant just kissing and smooching. double x meant a bit more where they went semi nude. triple x means all the way. he was blushing and I was too now. I looked away. he said u can start with double. I said no, I am shy. he said, no u can watch them alone at nights. I acted to agree reluctantly.

The next day he gave me those discs and said madam you can watch them now. I will go out, I have some work anyways. I took them and said, I wont watch them now anyways and I closed the door. soon as I closed it, I went straight to the DVD player and popped that disc in and jumped onto the couch with a pillow.

It was not a movie, it was a disc with random videos from different scandals. I was now watching the famous DPS scandal, the only difference was that I saw the morphed one on the news earlier, this one was not morphed. I watched the school girl doing it and it turned me on. I pulled my track pants down and I was sleeping on the couch. I felt like touching myself down there watching those videos. I started to touch myself and I was in heaven watching the videos. Then I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Srinu.

I quickly stopped the movie, switched to the normal television and adjusted my dress and opened the door. He was there with a sheepish grin on his face. He asked if he can come in. I said “sure”. we didn’t talk much, we both were watching TV. He looked at me, I didn’t turn. I was watching the TV. He was staring at my body. I looked at him. He was staring at my chest. I said “what?”. He asked ” did you watch the videos?”. I looked away in shyness and asked him how he knew it . “Your breathing rate has increased, I can notice”, he said pointing at my chest. I put one pillow in front of my chest covering it in shyness and snuggled into it. He asked me again. I stayed mum without saying anything. He said “It is ok, look at me”. I didn’t. he said “It is normal Soumya, please get up”. I didn’t move. I said “Please, I’m shy. Can you please go now”. He said “ok…” and he left.

From the next day, I felt shy to sit behind in the car when he was taking me to college. He was noticing me from the rear view mirror and started giving a knowing smile all along the way. He became bold, we didn’t hide anything between us from then onwards: He said “You are looking good in the t-shirt”. I smiled but didn’t say anything. He said “You have a good figure”. I gave him an angry look, in an attempt to startle him, but he kept staring.

I had to cover my body with the bag. His stare was unsettling me. He said “This is too much, you cant cover them” and smiled. “All the guys in your class must be having a feast staring at your .. ” and he stopped. I looked at him, he was staring at my boobs, making me understand what he meant. I looked out of the window, I was blushing secretly.

I left for the college. the entire day I was not able to concentrate on the lectures, didn’t talk much to my friends, I was waiting for the class to be over. During the way home, I said “Let’s go for the driving lesson now”. He was not sure. He asked me whether I wanted to go now in the afternoon. “We usually go in the evenings isn’t it”. I said “I wanted to learn now”. He said “OK” and we went to the outskirts.

He got down and I went to the driver’s seat. We started the driving lessons. He was now back to admiring me, when he got a chance to touch my hands. “They are very smooth” he said and started to feel the softness of the entire hand. “Please stop”, I interrupted and he stopped.

He was staring at me. I was feeling shy. Then he placed his hand on my belly (side)and squeezed it gently. My steering wavered due to the sudden shock I got. I wasn’t expecting this, I stopped the car and scolded him “What are you doing ?”. I said I was upset. I went to the back seat and asked him to drive me home. He apologized. I entered the house, locked the main door as soon as I entered, leaving him outside.

I had my lunch and I was lying in the sofa thinking about what happened. In reality his touch kind of excited me. I enjoyed the moment now. I covered my face with shyness. I was scared not sure where this might lead to and didn’t want him to know that I enjoyed his touch.

There were some really cool guys in my class, there were hunks, but none of them excited me. I never fantasized about them. I don’t know why I started to like this dark, lean and low-class driver. We were literally worlds apart.

He is like Dhanush and I am like Sonam Kapoor. Yet I wanted to offer myself to him. I wanted him to take me, everything that is mine. I wanted him to feel my feminine-ness, my intimate places. I wanted him to ravage me, like an angry beast. I wanted this badly.

The problem is, even he is scared. He doesn’t know how I will react if he takes a step. I am not sure how far I can go with him in doing all these things for real. In fantasies I can go and do all the nasty things but real life is so different.

I heard a knock on the door after a while. I went and opened the door. He was there standing. He asked if he could come in and watch TV. I was wearing a t-shirt and a short. He kept looking at my exposed legs. The short was above my thighs. He looked up after taking a quick look at my legs. I said ‘ok, come in’. I closed the door after he entered the house. He sat in the sofa, the single seater. I went and sat in the adjacent three-seater.

I pulled a cushion and I snuggled behind it and kept staring at the screen. He looked at me and looked back at the TV. It was an awkward moment after all that happened earlier. He said sorry. I didn’t react. I kept watching the TV. He continued watching as well. I paused the TV after a while and broke the silence. I said “it is ok, what has happened, has happened, lets move on”. He became a bit relaxed after those words from me.

I said it is time for mom to come back home and I asked him to leave. He left soon and things went back to normal after that. He used to drop me in college regularly as he used to do as usual, but there was a difference, there was this unknown tension between us. Whenever there was eye contact, it felt strange and I diverted my eyes quickly.

He used to come to watch TV in the afternoons as usual. One day when we were watching TV I felt like teasing him a bit. I was wearing a t-shirt and a long skirt on that day. I was keeping my feet on the coffee table in front of the sofa. I bent one of my legs revealing a lot of skin on my legs. I did it as if I was doing so casually. I noticed him take a look but I acted as if I was immersed in the TV. I regularly remove the hair on my feet, so they will always be smooth. I told him that my legs are aching due to wearing tight slippers. He asked me where was it paining. I said it was the feet. He looked at them. I was arching the foot. I asked him if he could give me a foot massage, if he didn’t mind it. He said ok. I put my legs on his lap immediately and ordered, ‘press them’. I was leaning back in the sofa with hands behind my head. ‘hmm’ he sighed at my disdain and started pressing my feet. It was relaxing. He started applying pressure gently with both hands. He could touch my bare foot. His hands were warm and his touch was comforting my cold feet.

The skirt was covering most of my legs and he was massaging my legs, over my skirt. He said my legs are very smooth and soft. I said i knew it, without looking at him, watching the tv, blushing a bit, understanding where he is getting at. He started to caress my legs. As he moved his hands, his hands were brushing away my skirt upper and upper with every stroke. He moved my skirt up a bit until my knees and started to massage my legs, mostly caressing them, feeling their softness.

I put a music channel on and laid back, closing my eyes enjoying his touch. His touch was so soothing that I began to completely loosen myself, now almost lying flat on the sofa, shifting most of my weight onto his lap, moving my thighs closer to where his hands are. He didn’t lift my skirt further, he was just not sure, if he could do that. Then i decided to let him know that i didn’t mind. I made the move. I folded my right leg leg a bit, giving him a good view of my inner thigh. I was not sure about the extent of my skin show, he could have caught a glimpse of my panty if he bent his head a bit, I was not sure as i was lying there with my eyes shut.

I lowered the leg soon, ensuring that I was just teasing him and not showing too much. He was about to get his hands on my thighs and just then my cellphone rang. I removed my legs from his lap and woke up, adjusting my dress and ran to pickup the cellphone. It was mom. I told him that it was my mom and she maybe coming soon and asked him to leave. He left reluctantly.

From then onwards we were comfortable with each other again and he started teaching me driving soon.

One day, during our late evening driving sessions, he placed his hand on mine guiding me in changing the gears. His elbow was lingering near my chest and I could feel it caressing my boobs. Once I shifted to the 4th gear, the elbow hit my left breast. We both knew what had happened, but I didn’t react and acted normal. Though I was fairly comfortable in changing gears, he ensured that he was holding my hand all the while that i was driving.

A scooter crossed us swiftly and I hit the brake suddenly, moving us forward in a jerking movement. Nothing happened as I was driving slowly. He said the safety belt is necessary and he put the belt onto me, he bent over me to reach the belt and he was pulling the belt hard over my top, making it reveal my figure, the belt was going in between by curved things, revealing how my mangoes looked.

I knew he was enjoying it, and i didn’t mind. I decided to tease him further and took him shopping after the drive. We went to a mall. I told him I wanted to buy some innerwear. He looked puzzled. I said I was shy to buy them and told him to pick up some for me. He was not sure if was being serious. I told him that this is a favor which I am asking him to do as I’m shy to purchase them. These malls have more men than women (in sales) making him believe my story.

Now it came to the crucial topic, the size. I didn’t tell anything. He was waiting for me to tell it, but he didn’t have the courage to ask. I ask him to go. He asked me “How do I know which …size” he whispered the end part of the sentence. I looked away and murmered, ‘Can’t you guess’. He was red faced and was looking at the ground. We were talking in a low voice, so that others couldn’t hear. People assumed I brought the driver along to make him carry my bags.

People had no idea what we were talking about. He acted innocent and said “how can I guess that”.
‘As if you haven’t stared at them’, I replied. He pleaded me to stop playing games with him and tell. I told him i was seriously asking him to guess it. He asked ’32 ?’.
I said ‘do they appear that small to you ?’.
‘no, that’s not what i meant’ he tried to cover up. He then tried again, “34 ?”.
“Better”, I said.

“It is 34 b, now go get them”. I left him and went to other sections. He went and came back with a few models of my size. I was happy with the models he chose. most of them are laced and modern with underwiring. he asked me what does the b stand for in the size. I told him it is the cup size. We were that free with each other now, I was talking about my bra size, to my driver.

Then came our college annual day. It was customary that all the girls wore sarees on that day. That was the dream come true for Srinu. First time he saw me in a saree. I don’t know why men go crazy when they see women in sarees. He said i looked more feminine. No doubt the saree shows the beauty of the female. He got to see parts of me which he has never seen before: my half covered tummy, my navel (see through, as the palloo was transparent). He was constantly eyeing that gap that a saree creates. Due to the wind sometimes my saree moved away showing him my tummy in clear view and my navel. He was mesmerized clearly. So were my classmates who were eyeing me like hungry Rockys.

From where Srinu was sitting in the car, the gap was more prominent. Showing him my blouse covered tankers and the deep belly button. He was constantly eyeing that area and turning to look there on some pretext as if I had no idea. Once we reached home, I knew something was going to happen as he grew hungry on seeing me in a saree. He started admiring me openly telling that i look great in the saree. I said then “why don’t you take some pics ?”

I gave him my cellphone and started giving some poses. I said I wanted a full body shot where the beauty of the saree and the steps (folds which the saree) creates are seen, I started to adjust the steps but it was not easy. I asked him if he can help adjust the saree steps. He was delighted at the offer and came forward to help. I asked him to put the cellphone away and come. He came close. I asked him to sit down squatting, while I was standing. His face was in front of my tummy. I told him to adjust the steps. He started to adjust but it was further crumbling the saree.

I said, let us start the steps again from beginning. he didn’t understand what i meant. I asked him to remove the safety pin which held the steps together. He started to touch me inches above my pubic area. I pulled the saree which was tucked inside to start making new folds. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. The saree became loose now. I told him to tie the steps now. He started to make steps, taking glances at my face and then at my navel which was now clearly exposed to him. He was done with the steps. Now came the knock out, i asked him to tuck the saree in. He pulled the saree wrap towards him to create some gap, i sucked some air in to allow the tuck. It was a bit too much and the saree was already a bit too low, I was now showing hint of my pubic hair to him as the petticoat went down. He inserted the saree along with his hand inside, below my navel, in order to tuck the saree. That act sent shivers down my spine. A thunder has struck me. I arched my back and looked away and let a soft moan. His fingers were touching my pubic hair.

He didn’t remove his hand immediately. He moved it from one side to another feeling that area and then took it out. He then put both his hands over my hips and gave me a good squeeze, knowing that i was under his control. I closed my eyes and let him do whatever he wanted to. He moved the palloo aside, bringing my navel into view. He came close to my navel and planted a gentle kiss over there. His mustache was tingling me and the stubble on the chin was poking me, creating a sweet pain. He took his tongue out and started inserting it into my navel, licking it. I put my hands over his head and pushed him deeper into me. He gave me a deep, strong kiss on the navel. He then got up and pushed me near to the wall behind me, pinning me to the wall.

He tried to pull my palloo down but it was pinned. I said “let me remove the safety pin”. He didn’t have time for it. He pulled my palloo so hard that it came down tearing my blouse at the place where it was pinned. With his pulling force, I came forward and landed in his arms, crushing my blouse clad tits into his chest. He got the hug of his lifetime. The hug didnt last long as he pushed me back to the wall. He put both his hands over my tits and gave them a good squeeze, quenching all his pent up lust.

My head was touching the wall. I was immersed in his play. He then bent down and then buried his face into my cleavage, putting his arms behind me and pushing me forward towards him. He didn’t look like he had the patience to open my blouse hooks. I tried to remove them to save the blouse but after I removed one hook, he ripped the blouse apart, tearing the remaining hooks. I was in the laced bra which he purchased for me. He dropped the blouse from my shoulders and dragged the remaining part of the saree down. I just stood there allowing it all to happen. He pulled the knot of the petticoat and that too dropped on the floor making me stand there in a bra and a panty.

He flung his t-shirt away and hugged me crushing my boobs into his chest. He was kissing my neck, smelling the aroma. I tilted my head back and ran my fingers through his hair, clearly enjoying all this. He lifted me up, placing his hands on my buttocks. I locked my legs behind him. He walked over to the bedroom lifting me all the way. He threw me on the bed and started removing his belt. He undid his jeans. H was in a cheap inner wear with holes. He came over me. I could smell his sweat, it was pungent, but strangely exciting.

I undid the bra hook to save the bra from being torn but the bra was still on me, covering my assets. He pulled the bra away revealing my melons. He immediately started taking them into his mouth and started sucking one of them while squeezing the other. with his palm. Nnot so hard’, I whispered, he was biting like a savage. He started sucking them deeply alternating from one tit to another. Upon sucking my nipples became even longer. He stopped sucking and took a look at my nipples and admired them, saying “you have long pointed nipples”.

He said liked the firmness in my boobs. Taking a good look at me, he said you have a great body. I smiled in shyness and hid my face under the pillow, as he went down and started dragging my panty down. I knew, he would be the one to pop my cherry. It made me a bit nervous, from what I’ve heard, it will be painful for the first time. Nevertheless, I wanted to offer myself to him. He got a good view of my hairy bush which covered the honey pot. He spread my legs apart, and to my surprise started eating me. I was in heaven.

He then inserted his tongue inside and started to flick my clitoris. only a girl can know, how it feels when the clit the stimulated, esp. with the tongue, it cannot be described in words. I was twisting and turning. My juices started flowing, I wanted a fuck badly. He got up and put a pillow underneath my buttocks. I could see the huge bulge in his under wear. He pulled it down and his monster came into display. I didn’t want to look at it. It was dark and rock hard. He spread my legs again and folded them at my knees. he placed his hands on my hips and pulled him closer to him. He took his piston and carefully placed it near the entrance of my womanhood. He looked straight into my eyes, to check if i am really ok with this. With all the foreplay, I was dying to be taken now. I’d have begged him to fuck me, in case he did not oblige. He tried to shove it in. I was tightening my muscles involuntarily, and it was hard for him to enter. He asked me to relax and took his thumb and applied some saliva to it. He started massaging my clit with his thumb, that started to loosen me up. He kept moving forward and backward, with small movements. His manhood was just at the entrance still. The bulbous end of his dick was thick in size and it was a sensuous feeling for me, experiencing the initial shallow fuck. He continued that motion and kept moving deeper and deeper. it appeared as if his movement was being obstructed by some film kind of thing inside me, which appeared to stretch as he moved in. He tore my hymen finally and pushed it deep inside. I felt a mild jolt as he broke my hymen and went all in. He couldn’t control anymore and started fucking me vigorously. He kept fondling my breasts, tweaking my nipples all the while he drilled me. I clenched my fists and caught the bed sheet, as he was taking me. He started to jerk uncontrollably before he let out a huge moan and crushed my breasts and fell over me, crushing me under his weight. He came finally, inside me. I could feel his heartbeat as his chest was glued to mine.

He laid over me for about 10 minutes, until his heartbeat became normal. Then he got up. That was an awkward moment for both of us, I covered my body with the bedsheet and told him that he can wash himself in the bathroom. I asked him to hurry up as my mom may come anytime now. He cleaned up and left the house. It was now dawning upon me, what I’ve done. I’ve just given my virginity to my driver. Never ever, I have imagined that I’d be doing something like this. I removed the bedsheet and got up from the bed. I’ve noticed that my pussy was dripping with his cum. It was in a liquid state now, running down my thighs. I rushed into the bathroom and started cleaning myself. I’ve realized that I needed to take a pill as I was in between my cycle. After cleaning myself and the bed, Ive changed my dress and I called up Srinu. I told him to get a pill from any remote medical store where no one recognizes him. I ate dinner early and went to bed. I slept well that day.

Next day, I had my breakfast and I was waiting for Srinu to come and pick me up. I heard the car and I ran downstairs saying bye to Mom and Dad and giving my usual kisses to both of them. I was dressed in a Salwar. He was sitting in the car, smiling. I sat in the back seat and asked him to drive. Midway to the college, i’ve asked him to stop and I asked him the pill. He took it out of his pocket. It was i-pill. I gulped with some water from the water bottle which is in the car. We didn’t talk all the while until now. He asked me, how was i feeling. I said ‘I’m ok’., abruptly, not wanting to prolong conversations. I looked out of the window, avoiding eye contact with him. We’ve reached college. I couldn’t concentrate on the lectures that day. It became afternoon and I came to the parking place where he was waiting near the car. We drove back home. My heart was racing, knowing what would happen once we reach home.

We reached home. He parked the car and I got out quickly and started to go inside our house. He too got out of the car and started following me. I could hear his foot steps behind me. I stopped and looked back at him. He was having a wicked smile on his face. I wanted to put a serious face but I couldn’t. I felt so shy in front of him for the first time. I looked down, unable to make eye contact. I looked back at him and begged him with my eyes, pleading him not to come in. He nodded in disagreement and started walking towards me. I ran upstairs. He came behind me running. I had to open the lock of the house. I was fumbling and he came near me by then. I couldn’t do anything. I gave up. He opened the door and signaled me, as if, ‘after you madam’. I walked in slowly and dropped my bag on the sofa and turned back. He walked in and closed the door behind him.

I took steps away from him, walking back. I begged him, ‘please Srinu, no.. no..’. He was in no mood to listen. He started walking towards me. I started running, he ran behind me trying to catch me. I was running around the coffee table. We ran two rounds and then he dragged the table aside, leaving me no place to run around. I then went behind the sofa set, trying to run around it. He started to climb over the sofa set and was one jump away from me. Having no where else to run. I ran into the worst place I could run into: I ran into my parent’s bedroom. He came into my bedroom. I was running around the bed, trying to escape him. He ram behind me and tricked me by taking a quick u-turn. I tried to run back. He caught me from behind with both his hands and we both fell on the bed. My heart was beating fast with all the running around. I was facing away and he was holding me from behind by putting his arms over my tummy. He put his hands over my shoulders and turned me towards him. I looked down in shyness. I pushed him away and sat down on the bed, turning away from him. He too sat up and came closer to me. He put his hands over my shoulders and then glided his hands all over my arms, feeling their softness. That started to tingle me. Then he moved my hair aside, revealing my neck and my upper back in the low cut salwar. He came closer and sniffed my hair. I could feel his breath over the back side of my neck. He planted a kiss on the back side of my neck. And then some more on my back, where the skin was visible. I twisted my neck as he did that. He knew, it turned me on. Without delay ha made me lift my hands up in the air. I complied. He felt the under part of my arms, where the skin is the softest.

He left my hands mid air and brought his hands near my armpits. He started feeling my shape, from my armpits he started to touch me and felt the sides of my upper body, the sides of my boobs, he resisted the temptation to bring his hands forward and press my boobs. He continued to feel my sides and placed both his hands on the sides of my tummy, giving it a good squeeze. I jolted my shoulders in an involuntary response. He then brought the hands forward onto my tummy and pressed me closer to him. He then brought his hands up and started to fondle my mangoes, over my salwar. I was in heaven. The feeling when he does that is just amazing. I wanted him to do that all day long, it felt that good. He cupped them with both the hands and fondled them to his hearts content. Then he brought his hands under my salwar and started fondling my boobs over the bra. He could touch almost half of my naked tits as he was kneading them over the bra. I just sat there offering myself to his magical hands. Then he lifted my top over my head. He turned me towards him. I was in the bra and pyjama. He started to remove the knot of my pyjama. That was a very erotic moment. I now covered my upper body with both my hands in shyness.
He undid the buttons of his shirt and removed it, as if it made me comfortable, if both were naked. He was very dark and lean. There was a lot of contrast on both our skin colours, I was milky white. My pyjama was stil over me, just the knot was removed. He made me stand on the floor and the pyjama dropped down, leaving me in bra and panty. He pulled his zipper and dropped his trousers down on the same floor, standing in his underwear, which had a huge erection. My hands were still attempting to covering my upper body. He stared at me from top to bottom, making me much more uncomfortable and shy. I looked down avoiding his eye contact. He took one my hands and placed it over his underwear making me feel it. As my hands touched it, he let out a moan. I guessed it felt good when i touched it. It was rock hard. I started to fondle it and he seemed to enjoy my touch. I was becoming a bit relaxed now. My other hand was still over my bra, trying to cover my exposed cleavage. He made me remove it. I placed it behind his neck and I pulled him into my chest while my other hand was feeling his groin. His face was buried in my cleavage now, his beard poking me. He put his hands behind me and started unhooking my bra. He unhooked it with just one hand. It was still dangling over my shoulders. He gently dropped it on the floor. I involuntarily covered myself again with both my hands. He did not attempt to remove them but he sat down and started to pull my panty down. As the panty slid down, i took one hand and covered my modesty, which was right in front of his face now. To make things even, he dropped his inner wear. I closed my eyes to avoid looking at the huge black monster. He made me remove both my hands from their respective places and he brought his hands behind me and hugged me tight, crushing my pointed boobs into his hard chest. It was ecstatic, having my soft boobs crushed into his hard and hairy chest. I wrapped my arms around him, completing the hug. He was not a tall person. He was just maybe an inch taller than me. I could feel his hard member poking me down there. He broke the hug and moved me away and leaned over and started to take my right boob into his mouth. He was hungry. He began to suck it and his left hand not wanting to be idle started fondling my left tit. He quickly moved his mouth and took my left one into his mouth and then his right hand took over my right balloon. He was fondling it like you press an auto horn. He started to locate my nipple with his fingers and pressed my nipples. They began to stand in erect and pointed fashion. They became longer as he began to tweak them. He sucked my long nipples after tweaking them. While he was sucking one nipple, his hands were busy tweaking the other nipple. I was getting pleasure on both sides. He made me sit on the bed now. He pushed me deeper and made me lay flat on the bed. He started to open my pussy lips with both his hands and started to lick me down there, from bottom to the top. He located my clitoris and started to flick it with his tongue. It was like thunder strike down there, sending shivers all over my body. Now he started licking it with just his tongue, in a hands free mode. His hands now were back to fondling my boobs. I was now getting pleasure in all the three departments. He continued to lick me down there, without stopping and he continued to gently press my boobs all the while. I was moaning in pleasure, enjoying all this. After about 10 minutes of doing so, I experienced something for the first time in my life. My pelvic muscles began to contract and twitch. I felt muscular spasms originating from behind my clitoris. Electric shock waves appeared to be generated from that place and were sent to all parts my body. I was having the first orgasm of my life and it was WOW, amazing. My lower body began to shiver from the vibrations I was getting from the clitoral stimulation. The orgasm didn’t stop until about 30 seconds. I moaned loudly, clenched my fists, holding the bed-sheet and enjoyed my first exhilarating orgasm. I’ve read about them, heard about them, but this was the first one I was experiencing. He knew what was happening to me and he became happy that he could give me that pleasure. With all the juices that were flowing, he knew it was easy to enter me now. He didn’t waste any more time. He positioned his dick in front my entrance and pushed it in, with one deep thrust. ‘AAh’ i let out a moan. He entered me deeper and his face was near mine now. He now started to kiss my lips while he was fucking me below. This was the first time he kissed me on my lips. I closed my eyes. I was enjoying his kiss and the onslaught below. He now gained speed. He started to grab my boobs now and started fondling them while he was fucking me. He leant down and even sucked them, while he was still doing me. That felt good. Then he let go and started to fuck me vigorously. I was enjoying the fuck now, unlike the first time when it was painful. He was ramming me hard and deep. He was about to climax and it was evident from his increased speed now. Just then, I got another orgasm, this one was even better and completely fulfilling. seconds after i got mine, he too came, pumping his seed inside me.

Using pills became a ritual for me. We were doing it almost everyday except sundays when my parents are home. After continuing this for 2 weeks, one major change happened. My mom decided to take some rest in the afternoons. She decided to take a nap in the afternoon and then go to work in the evening, meaning that we didn’t have the afternoons for ourselves anymore. This meant I had to return home right after college and Srinu had to go home after that. After few days, I got my period. I was relieved.

Two weeks went by. We didn’t do it again. I felt an itch down there, I wanted to do it badly, but we couldn’t find the house empty here after. I was not sure if Srinu wanted it as badly as I was craving his dick. I decided to find out. I asked him to take me for another driving lesson. I bunked the last period one day and we went out for a drive in the afternoon. As usual we went out to a secluded area. I asked him to stop the car. I came into the front seat, not into the drivers seat but into the passenger seat next to him. He looked surprised. I asked him to drive. I asked him to drive. He had no clue what my intentions were. After we resumed traveling, I put my hands over his pants and started squeezing his dick. ‘ouch’ he screamed. I didn’t stop. I opened his zipper and started giving him a hand job. I applied some saliva onto my hand and stared to take his foreskin back. He was enjoying it. Then I gave him a bigger surprise. I bent down and put it in my mouth and started to give him a blow job. He was moaning in pleasure. The car was wavering as he was not able to control it properly. I started to suck it hard, and moved my head vigorously. It smelled musty, it was filled with his sweat. He had a huge bush there which covered half of his groin. I was initially reluctant in giving head but I was so pent up with lust that I’d blow anyone if given a chance. He took the car into the woods, off road. There were some pine trees. We drove off into the trails. He wanted it badly. He asked me to stop as he said he might cum if I continued longer. I said “it is OK, I will take it in”. He said he wanted to fuck me. He wanted to go into the back seat as the front seat was cramped. We went back and pushed the front seats forward. He lifted my top and started sucking my tits madly. He inserted one hand into my panty and started rubbing it. I was in heaven. He pulled my panty down and he came up on me. He lifted my legs and put them on the front seat, spreading them wide apart. I had to lie down, in an awkward position twisting my neck and back. He dragged me further to make me more comfortable to stop the twisting of my neck. Then he gave me a big lusty push down there and started the monstrous raw fucking which he is best known for. It felt so erotic doing it in the open. Due to my sucking earlier, he didn’t last long. He came pumping inside me and collapsed over me. We just lay there half naked in the back of the car. There was sweat all over our bodies. He was looking at me with a huge grin on his face. I lost my shyness and I smiled back. He gave me a kiss on my lips. I kissed him back. We dressed up, not to prolong our session, to not cause any suspicion back home or even worse get caught by someone passing by.

We couldn’t keep doing this as it was risky and it was not feasible for me to bunk often. We needed to find a place. I asked him about his place. He said it is cheap and dirty room which he shared with another guy and a rich girl like me may not like the place. I retorted saying, Did you think a rich and classy girl like me would do it with a dirty guy like you. He smiled back and agreed to take me. He said ‘you can take a look and decide for yourself’. But the problem is we couldn’t go there during the day time as we might fall in someone’s eyes and seeing a girl like me going in will raise a few eyebrows. I had to tell mom that Srinu was taking me to my friend Aditi’s place and then go. The problem was I had to tell this to Aditi to cover myself incase my mom called her. The problem was I didn’t know what lie I had to tell Aditi. I asked to talk to her in private about this rather than over the phone. I told mom that we had to do some assignment together and I needed to go to Aditi’s house. She agreed. Srinu drove me to Aditi’s house. Aditi’s parents are also very rich as his dad is a business man. He had many businesses ranging from construction business to liquor stores. Aditi’s mom opened the door and welcomed me. He asked Srinu to go to their rest house outside where their full time driver stays. Aditi came down and after we spoke for sometime, we decided to go to Aditi’s bedroom to start studying. After studying for a while, I told her why I started this new schedule. I told her that I had a boy friend and that he is from a different college. I said in order to out out with him, I wanted to use this as the pre-text. Aditi was curious to know who he was. I started making up some names and weaving some story about how we met, etc. Somehow I convinced her. From then, I was ready. There was another problem however, it was Srinu’s room mate. He had to be sent out too. I asked Srinu what to do about that and he replied it was not easy as we had to go there in the car and there is no way that he was never going to find out who has come. He said let us tell him the truth. I was not comfortable with this and asked why this was needed. Srinu said that his room mate kind of knew what was happening between them. He said not to worry as his room mate did not believe his words. I was angry and asked him why he had to reveal it to his room mate. Srinu said that they know each other well and he added that he told his room mate in a light hearted manner to see if he would believe and as he expected he did not believe anything. I was confused now. I didn’t understand why Srinu said we have to tell his room mate the truth. I decided to find out.

For the first time, I went to Srinu’s room. It was at 7:30 pm. We parked the car and Srinu knocked the door. His room mate opened the door and his jaw dropped. Srinu closed his mouth and welcomed me inside. The room was small. There were two old matresses lying on the floor. Srinu said this is how it looks after they have cleaned it well. I was looking around and I noticed his room mate still staring at me in disbelief. Srinu introduced me to him. I shaked hands with him and introduced myself. He said his name was Rajesh. He looked shy and didn’t talk much. As I continued the room, I’ve noticed Rajesh whispering to Srinu, he signalled at Srinu, calling him outside. Srinu excused himself and went to talk to Rajesh. They both were whispering something. Srinu came in. Rajesh was looking from outside the door. Srinu told me that his room mate still did not believe that we both were doing it willingly. He thinks that I am forcing you. I asked him what should we do to make him believe us. Srinu put his hands around me and looked at Rajesh to see if that convinced him. Rajesh was shocked that I didn’t mind it. He now believed what he was seeing. To further convince him Srinu took his hand which was over my shoulders and he brought it down, and he pressed my left boob. ‘ouch’ II said in shyness and looked down. It was odd, Srinu doing that to me in front of his room mate. Rajesh was giggling now. He understood we meant business and he left saying ‘enjoy, enjoy..’. Srinu went and closed the door. I scolded him, asking why he had to do that in front of his room mate. He said this was the only way to convince his friend.

Srinu asked me to make myself comfortable. He laid two plastic chairs in the room which he said he purchased just to make me comfortable. I noticed a heap of books piled up. They were used magazines. As I was flipping them, I noticed that there is a porn magazine hidden underneath. I took it out and started browsing. There were some photos of naked women. Srinu looked at me watching them. He said they were his room mates’ books. He came behind me and hugged me from behind, putting his face over my shoulders, next to my face. His beard was poking my neck. He started to fondle me, turning me on. Then he started to disrobe me, starting first with my top. As he pulled it up and dropped it on the floor, leaving me in my bra along on the top, he started to untie the knot of my pyjama. He loosened the knot and it dropped on the floor, revealing my smooth legs to him. It was a laced bra and laced panty, making me look sexier. I turned around and gave him a sexy pose as if I am damsel. He admired me and said ‘you have a million dollar body’. ‘I know I am beautiful but what will I do with all this beauty’ I said. ‘You know you can make a lot of money with such a body’ he said. I was shocked hearing this. ‘What do you mean’, I asked a bit surpsrised, dropping my sexy pose. He asked me to relax and listen. He said he knew few people in town who supplied young girls to high class clients. Only rich business men took part in these and they wanted young girls who were not prostitutes. They are ready to pay 30,000 to 50,000 per night he said. That shocked me even further. ‘So much money for a single night ?’, I asked him unable to believe his words. ‘Yes, but you are a rich girl, you don’t need money’ he said, dismissing the idea. ‘ A little bit of extra money doesn’t hurt’, I smiled looking into his eyes. He was not sure if I really meant it. I explained him, ‘even though my parents give me money, I am accountable for it. I cannot spend it on things which I cannot tell them about’. ‘Ya, but what do you want to buy without telling them’ he asked. ‘hmm…A dildo ?’, I said. ‘He laughed. Why do you need it when you have me’ he asked pulling me closer to him. I said something of that sort, not necessarily that. ‘It is the freedom of buying things without being accountable. That is what I want’, I said. He seemed to understood now. ‘If you want, I can get you into business’, he said adjusting my hair. ‘What about my privacy?’ I asked. He said ‘Don’t worry. Nobody will know. Even senior police officers are involved in this. This is very safe and high tech, not some cheap lodge kind of stuff.’ ‘Everything happens in star hotels’ he said. They will need to verify that you are real college girl, that increases your price, he said. ‘What do I need to give’ I asked. ‘Nothing much, your photographs and your college id card should do’ he said. ‘That’s fine’ I said.

If you want, we can start right away, he said. He took out his cellphone camera. ‘You want me to pose in inner wear?’ I asked him, a bit surprised. He said ‘the sexier the pics, the more the clients who will be ready to pay for you, makes sense ?’
He asked me to give the sexy poses that I gave him earlier. It was difficult to give them now after I knew that he was clicking me and that they will be shown to… I don’t know how many. I asked him ‘how many people will see my pics’. He said ‘Don’t worry about that. It is a very closed circle. There will be not be many people. I don’t know the exact count however’.He started to take pics. after taking a few he asked me to remove the bra. I said ‘No’. ‘I can’t give topless poses’. He said ok, don’t need to, ‘just remove the straps and hold the bra, that will make you look more sexier’. I knew it would work. I started to unhook the bra as he continued to take pictures. I moved the straps down. As the bra was about to fall, I held it with one hand. He asked me to bend and tilt my torso making it look much sexier. After taking some pics, he said now we have to do the same with the panty. I was hesitating. He came forward and he dragged it down one side. It was too low, revealing my pubic hair. I covered it with one hand. He took some pics and soon he said he had an even better idea to make me look much sexier. I asked him what. He asked me to drop the bra and panty. ‘What ?’ I exclaimed. ‘You can cover them with your hands’ he said. He put the cellphone away and came to me. Don’t be shy as if I haven’t seen you naked earlier. He pulled my bra away and threw it in the corner. My boobs came into his view with my pointed nipples. ‘Wow’ he said. I covered myself with both hands. He pulled my bra away. I kept one hand over my chest barely covering my both tits and nipples. Then he dragged my panty all the way down. I moved my other hand lower, covering my bush. He asked me to remain like that and he took clicked many snaps like that. ‘Wonderful’ he said. You should get the best deals with this pics he winked at me. I felt shy and covered myself. He came near me. I turned away. He asked me to bend over and hold the window grill as he entered me from behind. He was so horny that day he fucked me like a raging bull. We cleaned up and we drove home before it was to late.

Next day, after college, he took me to his friend who was involved in this business. We went to his house. He invited us and we sat in his hall. His name is Rajesh. He asked to be seated and he went inside and brought his laptop. Rajesh asked me which college I was studying in. I told him the name. He said it was a popular college and he said “that should make you very popular among our clients”. “There are a few girls from your college who are into this business” he said surprising me. He said he couldn’t reveal their names due to confidentaility. Srinu gave Rajesh the cellphone and he started to upload the photos into his laptop. After importing them he started to open the images in a slideshow. Both the men were watching the pics in front of me! ‘Wow, impressive’, Rajesh commented as looked at my bra and panty clad pics. He started adjusting his crotch as he began to see other pics. His jaw dropped when he saw the naked pic with me covering my parts just with my hands. ‘wow. I am sure this pic will get you 1 lakh deals, just for one day’, he said looking at me. I looked down modestly. ‘Let me take a look at you’ he said standing up. I didn’t understand and I looked at Srinu. He just signaled with his head,nodding as if it meant ‘go ahead’. I got up. He pulled the curtain in the hall and there was a studio behind us. With professional lights and studio setup. He asked me to come there. He said you may leave your handbag at the sofa. As I went there, Rajesh came with a tape. He said he needed my measurements. I looked surprised. ‘Don’t worry this is normal in our line of business’. He came near me and asked me to lift my hands. I lifted them. There was a small sweat patch over my armpits. I can be seen over my green T-shirt. He wrapped the tape over my bosom and measured my chest. ’34. Not bad for a college girl he said. moved down to my waist. 26. slim enough’ he said as he looked into my eyes and his hands moving over my tummy. Then he went down and started measuring my ass. ’36 wow.’, he appeared to be impressed. He was very professional in his measurement taking. He took my college identity card and took a pic of it in his SLR camera. He said he needed my blood sample for doing a blood test. He said they screened all candidates to make sure they are free from STDs. “It is part of our quality assurance”, he grinned. He said normally he shoots all the girls photos for his clients but he said the pics taken by Srinu were also of very good quality and also they had that amateur touch to them which made me different. Still he said he wanted to take some more pics to make sure that he had me covered. That meant I had to strip again. This time in front of a stranger. I thought to myself how am I going to sleep with strangers if I am not adjusting myself to all this. I said ‘OK’. Rajesh gave me a brand new bra and panty. They looked like designer wear. He said you can go into the bedroom and change into these. That made me comfortable as it avoiding me changing in front of them. I went in and came out after 5 mins just wearing the bra and the panty. Rajesh was adjusting the camera while Srinu was standing near him waiting for me. ‘You look marvelous’, Rajesh commented. ‘Come over here’ he said. There was a metallic chair there. He asked me to sit on in reverse with my legs spread away. He adjusted my pose by touching me and placing in the required position. After taking several pics in model like erotic poses, he asked me to dress up. Finally he said he wanted some pics in normal dresses. He said they would show these pics initially and they would show the half naked pics after paying a premium and after expressing interest in me. That sounded comforting. Then he said there is are some questions he needed to ask. He asked me if I was a virgin. I said no. He said ‘ok, no problem’. He asked me if I minded doing it in the ass ? I said I’ve never tried it. He said it is up to you. If you are not ok for it, you have to just tell us and we will let the customers know your preference. You will never be forced. He asked me if I was comfortable with doing it with more than one man, I.e. group sex. He said sometimes there would be offers to participate orgies and they pay extremely well as people from abroad will be involved. My head was spinning with the extent of sophistication with which the business is running. I said ‘I’m ok with multiple men’. Both the men looked surprised at my answer. Rajesh continued ‘ Do you mind doing it with other women ?’ I’ve asked what all do I need to do. He said some men like to do with multiple women at the same time. Then you maybe required to be comfortable to be naked in front of other women, while other men fondle with you. Sometimes our clients request the women to kiss each other, suck each others breasts and sometimes they ask you to lick each other down there in 69. I thought for a minute and said ‘ok’. They said ‘good’, appreciating my boldness. Rajesh said ‘That’s it, we are done. I will let you know if you get any offers. You can agree or disagree with the offer. Oh and one more thing, do you mind participating in auctions ?’. ‘What auctions’, I asked. Rajesh explained that there will be occasions where big shots come and hold auctions for the best women in town. Then the women participating would need to come and parade in front of the men. The men start bidding for the women. Bids start at 1 lakh and go in increments of 10,000. The man who bids the highest gets the girl. He can use her as long as he wants, it is like a long term membership. But as usual, there will be no force involved. You may always wish to drop out by paying the bidder 50% if you drop out within 6 months and 25 %if you drop out within 1 year. The agreement is valid up to 1 year. But you cannot drop out within 1 month. The minimum time the bidder can enjoy the women whether she likes it or not is a month. I said ‘ I am curious but little scared. Let’s see. I may participate after I get bolder’, I asked Rajesh to not make my profile open as of now as I was not sure I was really ready for this. I said I will let him know.

As we drove away, it sunk upon me, that I was turning myself into a slut. And I enjoyed it. ‘What more if someone pays you for it’, I thought to myself. Things on went on as normal for few days. I used to goto Srinu’s place in the evenings and we used to do it every day. But I was not sure if I can handle strangers and multiple men. I needed some experience before I turned pro. I told Srinu that he can ask him room mate to stay if he wants to. He need not go out every time for the sake of us. Srinu asked me if I was sure. I said ‘yes, absolutely, but let us do it in a subtle manner. You don’t worry, I will talk to him’. That day when his room mate was about to leave, I said ‘ I know it must be difficult for you to kill time outside. We must be troubling you a lot’. He said ‘no it is ok. I got used to it’. I told him ‘You can stay in the room if you want to’. He looked surprised. I said ‘We’ll tie a bed sheet in between to create a partition. You can watch the tv while we do it. His face lit up. He stayed back. Srinu and he tied a flimsy bedsheet which separated our mattress from his room mates. It was weird to have him the room while we did it. I removed my top and threw it away, indicating that we started it. I am sure his room mate has noticed it. He was watching the tv. We could see his silhouette. Soon I threw my pyjama as well, following it up with my bra and panty. As things turned hot, we could notice that his room mate decreased the sound on the tv to be able to hear our sounds. He also turned towards us in hope of getting a glimpse. I was on top of Srinu, doing the cowgirl move, riding him. We both were moaning loudly now. Soon Srinu came inside me. We both lay there on the bed for a while. Srinu got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower, leaving me and his room mate. His room mate then came near the bedsheet and tried to get a peek. I was dressing up. By the time he looked in, I was tying the bra strap and I was already in my panty. I asked him if he minded giving me a hand. He obliged and came near me and attempted to tie the strap. He was struggling to get it together and then I asked him to leave it. I turned around. He was staring at my boobs. He said ‘you look beautiful’, his eyes still fixated on my exposed cleavage. ‘Alright, lets do it’, I said. He couldn’t believe what he heard. I said ‘you may touch me now’ and he came forward and put his hands over my boobs. He started squeezing them. I dropped my bra and stood in front of him topless, giving him full view of my assets. That drove him crazy, he came over me and started taking my melons and started sucking them hard. He pulled my panty down and started fucking me after pushing me onto the mattress. He was wild. Srinu came back by then and saw his room mate taking me. That made him horny as well. His room mate came quickly and he came inside me. I left soon after I cleaned myself of their bodily fluids.

We went to collect my books from Aditi’s place and we started home as usual. As we were driving home, Srinu looked at me in the rear view mirror and said ‘your friend Aditi also looks sexy’. I was shocked and I looked at him. ‘Idiot, am I not good enough for you? You want her too ?’, I started. He said he was just curious to know if she was an easy type to get or very conservative. I told him it was not easy to get her. ‘But you never know, see you got me’ , I added. He asked me for a plan to trap her. ‘let’s see what we can do, as of now you can have me’, I said.

Next day we were talking of ways to trap Aditi. It will be possible if somehow she spends more time with us. So we decided to visit her more often. That day evening we visited Aditi’s place. I put my plan into action: I was casually asking Aditi if she knew how to drive a car. She said her dad never allowed her to learn it. Her dad was also sitting with us in the hall. ‘Yes beta, I am scared about your safety’ he said. ‘Don’t worry uncle’ I said. I learnt it from our driver Srinu. ‘He is a good teacher’ I added. He trusted me so much as he knew me from long. He reluctantly agreed. But he asked her to drive safe. Aditi thanked her dad and me as well for convincing his dad. I said ‘let us start right away’. Aditi was thrilled. We went for an evening ride. Once we drove to the usual area near the outskirts where Srinu usually teaches me, He asked Aditi to come to the drivers seat while he went to the seat next to her. He winked at me. He didn’t make many moves on the first day, not to scare her. He was just holding her hand, assisting her in shifting the gears. Aditi was very bad at driving. I wondered how long she might take to actually learn driving.

I decided not to be a fun spoiler by being in the back seat while they both were enjoying so from the next day I said to Aditi, “I need to do some assignments and as it is no fun to be in the back seat. Besides, you are the one who needs the driving lessons. Aditi agreed and went alone with Srinu.

I was left alone in the house as Aditi’s parents also were not home, Aditi’s mom went to a temple and Aditi’s dad was out on some business work. After 10 minutes I heard the door bell ring and I went to see who it was. It was Aditi’s dad. I opened the door and told him that Aditi has gone for a driving lesson and I was alone at home studying. ‘Good girl’ he said and he sat on the couch in the hall. I was sitting in the adjacent sofa and was doing my assignments. He started to read some news papers. Aditi’s dad had this typical business man look and had a pot belly which makes him look like a seasoned businessman. He seemed to be in his late 40’s. I looked at him from the corner of of the eye and he seemed to be busy reading the news papers. I was dressed in a top and jeans, my usual casual attire. It felt weird being alone with him. He was a nice guy. I was his daughter’s age! What was I thinking. While these thoughts were going through my mind, the door bell rang again. It was Aditi’s mom she has come back from the temple. Aditi was back after sometime and she said she was getting better at driving.

After studying together for sometime I started home. On the way, I was asking him about the progress with Aditi. He smiled at me and said he began touching her hands and once even elbowed her. I asked him if it touched her tits and he said ‘yes, it sure did, and she didn’t seem to mind. She might have thought it was accidental’ he smiled.

The next day I went to Aditi’s house and this day she didn’t go for the drive as she was tired. We started chatting in her bedroom. Her mom was watching TV and her dad was out of station. She asked me if I could sleep over. I told her that I need to ask mom. I rang up mom and she agreed reluctantly.

Aditi and I were engaged in some girl talk for sometime and then the conversation moved on to my boy friend. she asked me about him. I had to make up some details as I didn’t have one. He asked me how far I went with him. I didn’t expect this conversation from her. ‘Did you do it?’, she prodded. I felt shy. We never spoke about these things. I said we were fooling around for few days and then we did it. She was surprised to hear that and asked for more details like when and where. I told her that we did it at our place. She asked me how could I do that as my parents were around. I told her that we used to do it in the afternoons when my mom was not staying at home. She asked me how was the experience of getting an orgasm. I told her she had to get one to know how it feels and one cannot explain these things in words. She said that will be only after her marriage. I told her it need not be. I said it is good to experience at least one guy before marriage as we are going to offer our bodies to only one guy after the marriage anyways. She was shocked to hear those words from me. I told her to be practical and think about it. She agreed to try but she said she doesn’t have a boy friend. I told her ‘You will find someone who will satisfy your lust. Don’t worry’. She asked me if I did watch any blue films. I told her about the MMS videos that I watched. She said she wanted to watch some. We logged onto the internet and started to watch some porn. After watching some soft core porn for a while, we had to stop it as we were called for dinner.

The next day Rajesh called me. He was asking me permission to make my profile public as a lot of his clients were asking for new girls. He requested to at-least allow him to show it to some very close high profile privileged clients who fall under the elite membership. I told him that I was nervous. After convincing me about the safety and privacy, I finally agreed.

That day evening I started home after Srinu finished his lessons with Aditi. On the way home, Srinu told me about what happened between them that day. He said he usually gives subtle touches with his elbows over her left tit but today he went on to press her boobs harder and she didn’t mind. I was surprised to hear that. Even he didn’t expect those green signals from Aditi. He started to feel her hands and He told me that he did more than fondling that day. He said later on he took her to a secluded spot and then started to fondle her tits with his palms. He said he kissed her on her lips and began to undress her. He said he started licking her down there and when she was wet and horny and she asked him to fuck her and take her virginity. He said he obliged and she had her first encounter in the back seat of our car.

Rajesh had called me the next day. I went there to enquire what was it about. He asked me if I was ready for my first assignment. I started to think. He added that the client was in the next room waiting, in case I am ready. My heart began to beat faster. I was not sure if I was ready for this with a stranger. ‘How old is he?’ I asked Rajesh. More than 45 for sure he said. ‘About my dad’s age’ I thought to myself. Rajesh asked me to take a shower and come. He gave me some sexy lingerie. I don’t know how I agreed to do it but I took the innerwear and went into the shower. I came back about 20 minutes later. He asked me why I was still dressed up.’Where is the innerwear I gave you?’, he asked. ‘I am wearing it, inside’ I told him. ‘You are supposed to go just in your inner wear. nothing else’ he said.

He asked me to remove my top. He was very casual about it. I was feeling shy as to remove it in front of Rajesh. He came near me and started to pull my top over my torso. He removed it fully from my body and he threw it away. I was in the black laced bra he gave me. ‘That’s much better’, he said. He then put his hands over my jeans. He started unbuttoning my jeans as if it was his own trouser. It was a tight one and as he pulled it down, it pulled my panty as well along with it exposing my bush to him. ‘Dont worry’ he said. He pulled up my panty to its normal place.

He then inserted his hand inside the panty feeling my bush. It was turning me on. He started to touch my pussy lips. I started to tremble. He then gave a good squeeze with his other hand over my right boob. He looked at me and said. ‘you are ready now ?’ I said yes. He turned me around and slapped me on my ass cheeks. ‘Good girl. Now go and suck that old man’s dick. Let’s make some money bitch’ he said as he slapped me again over my ass. He pushed me inside the room and closed the door.

It was dark. The old man was sitting on the bed. I could barely see anything. I walked closer. ‘oh you came finally’ the old man spoke. He asked me to sit on the bed. I went and sat there beside him. ‘You know how much I paid for you?’ he asked. ‘No’ i replied. he put his hand over my back feeling it. I arched my back involuntarily.’Let me see your beauty’ he said. He turned over to switch on the light. I said ‘No. please don’t turn on the light’. ‘Why?’. ‘I am shy’. ‘Oh come on’. ‘Ok wait’, I said and I laid on the bed and covered my face with the bed sheet. He turned on the light. wow, you have a really sexy body. he admired. he came closer to me and started touching me. he started with my legs. he started to feel my body as he brought his hands upper over my thighs. he came to my navel and he planted a kiss there. He moved upper and kissed my exposed cleavage. Then he slowly removed the bed sheet bringing my face into view. “What the fuck?”, he shouted. I opened my eyes. It was Aditi’s dad.

That was an awkward moment for both of us (me and Aditi’s dad).

Both of were embarrassed and in shock. I covered my body and moved away.

He was too dumb struck to say anything.

I was his daughter’s age and her close friend.

He hung his head down in shame.

“I am sorry Soumya, I didn’t realize it was you. But why are you here?” he asked.

I kept mum. I didn’t know what to say.

“You shouldn’t be here too” is what I could manage to say.

“umm..” he fumbled.
“Maybe I should go”, He got up from the bed and started to walk away.

“Uncle, wait”

He turned back.
I kept mum.

It was an awkward moment. He saw me in my bra and panty already. He even kissed me on my cleavage. Felt me up all the way from my legs.

“Let’s both keep this to ourselves Uncle”
“Of course”, he said.

“I too don’t want anyone to know about me… doing these things, at this age” he added.

“The problem is that Rajesh has shared me your photos in which your face was hidden” he said.
I now understood the reason why this happened.

“Uncle, how much did you pay….for me”
He felt embarrassed to answer and reluctantly said “25,000”.

“If you go out now he is not going to give you back the money, right?”
“Of course he won’t give it back” he said

His expression changed to bewilderment. He was trying to understand what I meant by that question.

I looked way in order to avoid my shy smile.
“But please switch off the light Uncle”, was all that I managed to utter still looking away.

He turned away and walked towards the door.
He kept his hand on the door knob and thought for a few seconds….
He removed his hand from the door knob and moved it towards the switch board near the door and turned off the light.

He came and sat on the bed at one end, without touching me directly.

I was lying on the bed with the bed sheet covering me.

“You know my wife is too old for sex”

“She is too tired and often doesn’t show interest in doing it” he began to ramble.

“I am also not getting excited… you know… by looking at her … she’s too old and ….loose. Her saggy breasts and dry…thing…you know what I mean”, he mumbled.

“Uncle, it is ok”, I tried to comfort him as I got up and sat upright on the bed.

I stretched my hands in an attempt to locate him on the bed, as it was dark.
My hands felt his back. I put my hand on his shoulder.

There was a silence for a few seconds as I didn’t know what to say.

“I hope my body can excite you enough” I said, tightening the grip on his shoulder.

He turned towards me.
I could see his silhouette through a faint light emanating from the window.
My eyes got adjusted to the darkness. I think he could now see me too, now.

I looked at my own body, to see how much I was showing, the bedsheet was not covering my upper torso now.

He could see my bra covered bosom now from the faint light coming into the room from the glazed window of Rajesh’s high rise apartment.

He kept his hand on my thigh that is still covered by the bed sheet. He just lay still as he was still not sure if he can proceed further.

“Come on uncle, do you want some encouragement?” I prodded, taking my hand near to his crotch and rubbing the area.

“aaahhhh” he moaned as I touched his limp dick over his pajamas.

It appeared huge as he was an old man. I was feeling the size of it, rubbing it and massaging it with my hand.

He started gripping my thighs tightly as I continued to arouse him.

I stopped rubbing it from the outside and took my hand and inserted it inside the pajama and inside the underwear.

“haaaaahhhhhh” he let out another moan as the tilted his head back.
It was not very convenient for me to catch his member from that angle as uncle’s pot belly was obstructing my movements.

“Uncle, let me remove your pants” I said and I got down from the bed.

He was sitting on the bed. He used his hands to lift his buttocks slightly off the bed while I pulled his pajama pants down. They came down along with the underwear.

I knelt down and ran my hands over his thighs, gently feeling up that area. I then gently started to massage his sack, as it started to arouse him.

I caught his limp dick in my right fist and started to give him a hand job, moving my fists up and down, all along the length.

It started to gain some erection but was still not very hard.
I knew that I needed to do more.

“Get ready to be blown away” I said as I came close to his bush.
It was very hairy down there and I could feel the pungent smell from the pre-cum leaking from it.
I took his thick fat medium hard cock in my hands and pulled the foreskin back. I licked the exposed head now with the tip of my tongue.

“ahhhhhh…Soumyaaa….” He let out a long deeper moan, placing his right hand over my head and moving my head closer into his crotch.
I put my soft lips over the entire shaft and sucked it completely, deep throating it: the bulbous head was touching the back of my throat! I was mouth fucking him, by sucking his dick hard, with a tight grip formed from my lips gripping his fat cock.
His cock became harder and harder and I continued to suck him.

I know that if I went longer he would cum inside my mouth, spoiling all the fun.
Given his age, he may not become erect again after cumming once, so I stopped sucking now as his dick got very hard already.
I got up and said “Now it is hard enough uncle”.

His head was now near my chest, facing my bra covered melons.
He took both his hands and placed them on my shoulders. He slid them further down onto my breasts, holding each of them in either of his hand and started squeezing them. He squeezed them harder.
“aaah.. Uncle, please, not so hard”
“wow, you have really firm breasts”
“It is all due to the age”, I tried to explain the reason, as if it was not obvious. “Sometimes it is better if we don’t talk during all this”, I thought to myself.

He brought his hands up and slipped his fingers under the bra straps and pushed
away my bra off my shoulders by letting the thin straps slip off my slender hands. He put his right hand behind my back and pulled me closer towards him. Using just his one hand, he unhooked my bra and removed it completely. He threw it away on the floor.

He put both his hands on my back and pulled me closer, into his him as he crushed his face in between my soft pillows.
“hmmmmm” he sniffed the aroma that emanated from that area as he rubbed his face into my pointed breasts.
I could feel his rough beard poking the soft tissue. It was a sweet pain, offering myself to that old man.
He held by right boob with his left hand and put his mouth over the nipple and then over the entire areola. He started to suck it like a baby trying to drink milk with a deep sucking action.
I felt blood might come out of it if he sucked any harder.

“Uncle, please, do it slowly, it is paining”, I winced in pain.
He slowed down and took the left nipple and began sucking it, giving some relief to my sore right nipple.
But the relief didn’t last long as he began to knead it. He took the nipple between his thumb and index finger and started to rub it hard between those two fingers all the while he was sucking the other nipple.
“Experience has its perks”, I thought to myself, admiring uncle’s multi-talented ability in handling me.
After alternating between sucking and kneading my nipple, he then took the hand off my nipple while he was still sucking the other one.
His hand now went down, towards my panty.
He put his hand inside my panty and slid his middle finger inside my opening down there. I was dripping wet already and I think he sensed it.
“Wow my wife never gets this wet”, he said, removing his mouth off my erect nipple.

Using both his hands he pulled my panties down in one swift action.
I was now standing there stark naked in front of him, though he could only see my outline due to the darkness.
He pulled me on to the bed and made me lie down flat.
As he was heavy, he didn’t fall over me but came to my right side and went back to sucking my left nipple by turning me over to the side, towards him while his right hand was back to my honey pot down below.
His inserted his middle finger back inside my wet pot and pressed the g-spot area behind the pubic bone.

Touching that area sent shivers down my spine. He took the finger out and started to rub it over my clitoris, stroking it gently. It was a very pleasant feeling while he did that. All this while, he never let go of my nipples, alternating between one and the other, taking me into ecstasy.
Now he started to kiss me near my neck as I began to arch my back, offering him everything.
I put my hand on his head and pulled him deep into me.
He now began to kiss my face, my cheeks, my eyes and my nose; and he was simultaneously playing down there with his other fingers and using his other idle hand to knead my nipples one after the other.
“Uncle seems to be an expert in handling a woman’s anatomy” I thought to myself, again, amazed at his skill. He was doing it better than the younger men who explored me already.

He now brought his lips closer to mine in order to kiss them. I could feel his breath on me.
I felt very shy strangely as soon as his tried to kiss me on the lips. I objected and turned away, avoiding the kiss on the lips.
He tried to find my lips and kiss me but I kept avoiding his lips by tilting my head left and right.
He now used his hand that was busy with the nipple until now to hold my face still as he forced himself upon me, kissing me savagely.

I was struggling and used my hands to push his face away from me.
“Why, what happened” he asked.
“No kisses uncle, I feel shy”
“Please” he begged.
He continued to plead me. I kept saying no.
“Anything else but lip to lip kiss, uncle” I tried to stop him from doing it.
“Why, it is so much fun, give me a chance” he begged.
“No” I kept insisting.
He got angry.

“Bitch, I paid money for you, I own you now. You are a piece of meat for me”, he was no longer pleading me.
I was shocked. His reasoning made sense to me. He owns me now.
“Stay still now”, he said, holding my face still with both his hands.
He came closer to me and planted his lips over mine and sealed the gap, quenching his thirst.
I didn’t move. I had to offer everything now. He owns me.

At first it was just one way, like he was kissing a toy, as I was not responding.
He put his hand behind my head and started to suck my lower lip with both his lips. He inserted his tongue inside me and started to lick my tongue with his.
It was a deep kiss and I started to respond slowly, I started to enjoy it. I felt weird enjoying this. I never felt like kissing that old man but now I am responding, willingly.

He got very excited by seeing my responsive kissing back.
“I need to fuck you now bitch, I can’t hold it any longer”.
I spread my legs, thinking he would enter me between my legs.
He said “No, not missionary. Bend over”
“OMG, He is going to take me from behind” I thought to myself.
I had to obey, no choice.

I bent over in the Rockygie pose and looked back at him pleading not to as if he will listen to me now.
“Lower your head further down”, he ordered. I obeyed.
“And spread your legs wider..”
I complied.
He spit on his hands and then I got the shock of my life, as he was rubbing the saliva on my anus.
“Was it taken earlier?” he asked.
“No” I said closing my eyes hard.

“It will be painful to you but I am going to enjoy it” he gloated as he entered me from behind as I groaned in a loud voice…”aaaaaaah…” he tore the delicate area inside my anus as he pushed his thick fat old dick that was hard now, deeper into my asshole.
“Uncle it is paining a lot” I complained.
He bent down and grabbed my tits from behind and squeezed them hard, increasing my pain.

“Bitch, the pleasure is meant for me, not you” he slapped my ass and he continued to ram me harder.
It was painful initially but slowly it was exciting me in a strange way. I was experiencing something new altogether.
The way he treated me like a slut without giving me any respect has excited me. I was a piece of meat for him, ready to be taken. His fuck toy for the night, all expenses paid for.

He took his dick out and asked me for the condom. It was a brief relief for me as I pointed towards the drawer next to the bed.
He got down and quickly tore the condom packet and wrapped one around his dick.
“This is not to protect you from pregnancy, I don’t want this shitty dick to enter your pussy as I put it in your shitty ass already” he explained, as he came back to me.
He turned me over and pulled me to the corner of the bed. He spread my legs and lifted them up. I think in order to make room for his fat belly.
He was standing next to me. He put his dick near the entrance of my dripping pussy lips.
He gave a sudden mighty push at once and entered me. I screamed “aaaaaaaa”.
He then took it out half way and rammed it back in. He repeated that motion and started the pounding me, in and out.
He started to fuck me from while standing as he was too fat to fall over me and fuck me in the missionary.
After fucking me for a couple of minutes, he started to make the movements faster.

I began to experience increasing pleasure as his movements grew faster. He was hitting the g-spot (in the anterior position of my pussy) due to the novel position.
I started making loud mouns…”aaahhh”…”aaahhhh” as he continued to pound me faster and faster.

And then he let out a huge moan as he sprayed his seed inside me.
My body started pulsating as I felt tremors. It started from my clitoris and went all the way back to my spine, sending shivers all over my body. My best orgasm till date.
He collapsed on the bed next to me.
I was too tired to get up. We both lay on the bed, naked.
He dozed off in a few minutes; I could soon hear him snoring now.
He went to sleep within a few minutes. I was surprised.
“Sound sleeper” I thought to myself.

My whole body was sore and tired with all the rampage.
Normally I clean up myself after sex but this time, I was too tired to get up. I covered him with a blanket and lied down next to him, covering myself in another sheet, as I went into a deep and relaxing sleep, one that follows a satisfying fuck.

I slept with Aditi’s dad. I am getting laid every other day with Srinu. Even his roommate had me. I got fucked for money now for the first time. My transformation is complete. “I am a slut now”, I thought to myself.

I wanted to leave before the old man wakes up. I wanted to avoid the weird interaction with him incase he wakes up. I got up and dressed quickly and came out of the room while Uncle was still snoring.

There was Rajesh, smiling. He was holding an envelope. “Congratulations” he said, as if I had achieved something. “The first time is when you feel awkward after that it becomes normal”, he tried to explain.

I felt shy and gave back a half smile.
“Here are your first earnings” he said as he stretched his hand out giving me the envelope containing the cash. “25000, not bad for lending your body for a night to the old man, right” he said.

I managed to give another half-smile and took the cash and kept it in my handbag.
“OK, I got to go now”, I said, as I began to leave.

“Wait, I need another favor…”Rajesh interrupted.
“What favor” I asked, looking back.
“My birthday is coming up this week and I am arranging a party for my friends. I want to take you there like my girlfriend”

“Yes. I bragged to them that I have a girlfriend”
“So, I want you to be my girlfriend for that day. Please….? ” he was pleading.
“No no…no way” I said.
“I will pay you. You just need to act” he said.

I thought about it for a few seconds. “What the heck” I thought to myself.
“OK but how much are you going to pay me”
“Hmmm… 20000?”
“So much for just being your girlfriend?”

“I mean, it is not just that. I want you to dress sexily and tease them by showing off, that’s why I am paying you that much”
“What, you want me to expose myself to your friends?”
“Hmm… yes, something like that”
“No, no, can’t do that, sorry”
“Please Soumya, Can’t you do me this one favor, please” he begged.
“How many are going to be there”
He briefly recollected the names and started counting them in his mind.
“About 3 to 4 of them”
“Are they all going to come with their girlfriends too?
“Why not?”
“Because all of them are married!”
“Oh”. I thought about it for a while.
“OK then”, I said with a shy smile.
“You’re my girl”, He leaped forward and ran near me, wrapped his arms around me and hugged me hard, crushing my breasts into this chest.
“OK OK, leave me Rajesh, you are crushing me”
“Oh, sorry” he moved back. “thanks for agreeing Soumya, it is this Friday at The Taj, I have booked a private suite for the party ”, he said.
“OK, I will be there” I said and I left.

It was Friday. I messaged Rajesh to enquire about the party.
“What time does it begin?”
“7:30 pm” he replied back
“What should I wear?”
“A black dress, it needs to be short, above the knees, and it needs to show some cleavage” he messaged back.
“I don’t have any such dress”, I replied back.
“ok, I will send one for you. I will send it through Srinu.” he replied back.
“OK” I sent, ending the conversation.
Within an hour, I heard a knock on the door. It was Srinu. He gave me the package and asked me what was going on.
“I don’t have enough time to explain everything now”, I cut him and said “I will explain everything later in the car, I have to go out now. You need to take me to Taj”
“OK he said.
I decided to take the dress and wear it in the hotel to avoid any suspicion.
After we got into the car and drove off I told him about my night with Aditi’s dad and Srinu was shocked to hear it.
“Yes, the old man is one horny bastard” I told him.
Then I explained him that I am going to Rajesh’s birthday party to act as his girlfriend.
“Oh. I don’t think it is a good idea Soumya”
“I can handle it Srinu”, I reassured him.
We reached the hotel. I asked him to go to Aditi’s house and park the car there as I informed my parents that I was going there.
I called Rajesh and he gave me the room number. He said it was a separate room for me to dress me. I went to the hotel reception and took the keys to the room as he made a reservation already on my fake name. Rajesh has created a fake id too for me which he gave to Srinu in the package.
I went to the room and took a shower and started to open the dress sent by Rajesh. There was a black sexy bra and panty as well given with it. It was a laced bra and a sexy netted panty. The dress was a short one. As I wore it, it was coming above my knees. It was showing a bit of my cleavage only but if I bent over, I will be showing a lot. I studied the dress as I looked at myself in the mirror to see how much I was showing.
“Not bad” I thought to myself. After getting dressed and putting on my perfume, I’ve called Rajesh to enquire the details of the suite. I have managed to find it finally, it was one level above my room.
I’ve knocked on the door. Someone came and opened it.
I was shocked.

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