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College guy having first time romantic sex

It was the first day of my college, a boy just out of school full of hopes and lots of lust. But as per god’s law of average every other department had a hot chick except mine. Fully disappointed I was almost prepared to face 4 years of boring life ahead. Then she entered.

She wasn’t a princess nor a jaw dropping beauty but she was just the perfect Bengali beauty whom everyone will love and lust. Target was identified and locked only I needed to wait for the right time to start the action.

God was a bit late in listening to my prayers but when he did he made sure he added bonus to it. Got her number from a mutual friend and once the talks started I made sure it ended in “I Love You”. Somewhere deep down the heart I knew my time will come and it did came. Last day of second semester examination and the month of June.

God was showering his blessings in the form of rain and we love birds were stuck in college. Courage I needed to break the barrier and I decided it’s now or never. Standing near her I sent her a text “Can I kiss you?” and a delicious reply came “Only that much”. It was like a blank cheque handed over to a beggar and here the beggar had a good idea what to do with it.

I pulled her near me with a hand on her hips and locked my lips with her. I don’t know how many minutes or how many centuries it lasted but I remember I was ready for round 2. This time my hands automatically went to her soft breasts and I couldn’t believe what I saw in porn and over websites is really so soft. It was like cotton handed over to me.

I couldn’t understand, to chew the soft delicious lips and roll my tongue over her tongue or to explore those mountains. Decision was made, when she is interested to give then loot it all. I was pressing her boobs over her shirt as well as having a nice smooch.

But when are we boys satisfied with life. Greed took over me. I slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. She resisted. I was afraid. May be I crossed the threshold. But what she said increased the greed two folds. She held my hands and said “Let’s go to the girls washroom, its empty now.” I was like dumb. Like a small kid I followed her to the washroom.

Being one of the best private engineering college of Kolkata it had a state of art washroom. Straightaway inside it I started from where I left. First time I was going to see a naked pair of boobs. Excitement was at the highest level. It started core by core, first the shirt dropped on the floor, my lady lust was standing in her inner and bra.

Next the inner and gradually the bra felt on the floor. It was just wow scene. Pure white pair of breasts and the black nipples were just icing on the cake. Slowly I started to press them and a light moan came out of her lips. That was enough to wake up the monster in me.

The slow press became rough and it was time to put my lips on them. Like a new born baby I started sucking the nipples and licking the breast and the slow moans gradually increased the volume. She started pressing my head more and more in her boobs as if she wanted me to bury inside her and I was also in a mood to get buried. I ate them like mangoes and kept on eating them.

Slowly I went down from her nipple to her navel. No points for guessing what was next going to drop on the floor. Slowly her belt, pant and panties were lying around unattended. A clean shaved pussy, as if she was a tarot card reader and knew exactly what was going to happen today. Like a hungry tiger I was direct on attack mode. It was dripping wet and I wanted to taste the holy juices. I started to lick madly.

She was literally limping, she couldn’t take it, and she was getting mad. It was turning into the best day in my life and I wanted it more. I had never seen a girl nude in front of me few hours ago and now I was licking wet pussy of a girl, teasing her clit with my tongue and making her beg for more. I spread her legs and saw her small clit shivering, as if inviting me to take over it.

I obliged and started licking them. I was new in this field but porn had taught me never continue in one position, change positions to make it interesting. I started making circles with my tongue on her nicely shaved pussy and it was the breakthrough for her. She started shivering. My one hand went up and pressed her mound, slowly and steadily.

She couldn’t hold and said “more rough, please I am about to come”. It made me motivated like a factory worker when he hears about festival bonus. I started rough, my tongue started to work with double speed and my hands trying to grab both of her mangoes. She pushed my head deeper in her pussy with every stroke with my tongue and finally she gushed out all her juices.

That was the moment of pleasure for me also, my first orgasm to a lady. She was still trying to regain her senses, I stood up and planted a kiss on her lips. She opened her mouth to say something and I was expecting a thanks but what I heard gave a 440 volt shock to me. She said “It’s my turn dear”. Cloud 9 is a too small word my feeling at that time.

A stark naked girl with awesome boobs, shaved pussy and round ass bended down and started unzipping me. My already erect penis grew a bit more as if saying “Lady it’s all your”. I was wet with pre cum and I never realized that until she took it in her hand and started applying it all over my penis to make it wet.

And then the unexpected happened, she took my whole penis inside her mouth. If there is heaven on earth then this is it. I could see heaven in one go. She slowly started stroking me and sucking my penis. She took it deep in her throat and was slowly pulling the hairs on my penis to give me more pleasure. I can’t write the feeling here in words.

Moan started flowing from my lips and pleasure from my heart. I generally hold it a lot longer but that day all the events made me too weak to hold it longer than 10 minutes I think. I came and came in her mouth and to my good luck she drank it like a pro. She cleaned her lips and again we had a good long smooch. This time she was still stroking my limp cock and me fingering her already again wet pussy.

But this was not enough, you just gave blood to a man eater. We needed more but this was not the right place. We both knew it and we knew the alternative also. We had a mutual friend who had a nice flat and fortunately she lived nearby also. We dressed up quickly and she went out to give her a call. She came back and said “She agree”. I knew what was coming and was ready to give my virginity to this angel.

We went to her home and our friend was waiting outside. She gave us the keys and gave a sweet smile and said I will return after 3 hours and will give a call 30 minutes before coming. Thanks was a very small word for all the favor she did. We entered into the house, closed the door and were like wild cats.

Both started stripping each other’s like mad bull. In 1 minute we were in our birthday suits and ready to go. Her pussy was again dripping wet and my penis erect as rod and was ready to enter into anything. We were on a bed and she rode on top of me. Slowly she inserted my penis in her wet pussy. It slid in easily and our wetness was the perfect lubricant for the event.

Just imagine a naked girl facing you and riding on top of you, her bouncing boobs and loud moans were simply crazy. I don’t know when I also started to moan and she started was riding me like a mad horse. Her moans became love words, she said every possible beautiful words to describe our relation.

Since only about half an hour ago I was given a heavenly blow job so I knew this time I would take a lot longer time to cum. We changed our position to the lovely Rockygy style. Her round ass and pink pussy lips wet with her cum was a scene more serene than the Himalayas.

I thought of spanking her ass but the penis was sliding in and out so beautifully in her naked shaved pussy that I forgot everything about torture. I wanted to make it long and memorable so I pulled out and stated licking her pussy in that position. She never expected it and was more than happy to feel it. She said I also want it and I understood her feelings.

In 69 position we both were enjoying each other’s juices and she had the second orgasm of the day. Again we started our session and this time strokes were deeper and faster. I came and came inside her but there was no guilt but a sense of happiness.

My limp cock stayed inside her pussy for some time and I just caressing her lovely melons. Slowly we regained our consciousness and decided it’s time to part ways. We dressed up and had a final round of smooch before leaving, but we were sure it’s the beginning of a new journey.

Today I am a software engineer in an MNC in Kolkata and when I am writing this story she is getting married to another guy as her parents don’t want in-laws of different religion. Our seven years of love and lust life is coming to an end, but as she says the show must go on.

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