Tuesday , March 21 2023

Complete our submissive fantasy part 2

Then he wake up wear his half pant and take out a cigarette and went
to the balcony and called me to the balcony I told him no m nude I
will not go he say come I called u. u have to lessen all I will say
you .so I thought Its not out of country and Its night so nobody will
be there and I gone their and sit on his lap .he was smoking and
touching my all over, then I was also getting horny I request him to
please can we have another round please ?he told for that 1st I have
to lick his toe figure If he like he will I get agree and start lick
his toe then he again told me to give him blow job ,he like my blow
job I can give very nice blow job this complement my hubby also gave
me many times .so I gave him blow job and then again he fuck me a long
I was moaning In pain and pleasure In different position finally he
came after 1 hr at least. And then we all came to our room and sleep.
That time in watch It was 2am.
Then next day at 5am he wake up & called me I also wake up then he
told me just to wear a housecoat and nothing else I will take you to
show you new York early morning. so we wake up & went to the wash room
which Is just beside our bed but there was no wall there was a
transparent glass with white colour curtain get fresh and then he open
the curtain then I went to wash room get fresh he wear the dress and I
wear the housecoat then we went out on his taxi.
We went somewhere he shows me the netyork many place then we went to a
cafe for breakfast there we had tea shop where there we was gossiping
In different topic. Finally I ask him y he make me expose to the room
service guy last night .He reply you are amazing I love to expose you
and feel you people humiliate which I know you people also want to be.
U look amazing you must show your beauty to every 1.I get a mixed
filings and I look down. and he also told me you people was told me u
want for 24 hours but I will not return your passport until the last
moment when you people will return to India. so till then I am yours
master your my bitch and your hubby Is my Rocky. You people are going do
all just I want nothing else. I told him please don’t do like this
but In my mind I was confused what to do should I make him stop or let
him do all he want .I keep silent.

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