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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 1

The story from now onwards will be described from my wife point of view.

My Hubby planned very well so that the guy will come in dark theatre to smooch me and we leave in dark without seeing each other face. But fate had another plan by shwoing my face to him and showing his face to me.

When i first saw the Call boy i was mesmerized. What a walk he has. He looked so stylish in his walk and the way he speaks. I never saw such a handsome guy in my life. His physic looks so manly. he may be going to gym daily( Later only i came to know he was a Gym coach) Usually gym coach will be bulky but he is very slim like a hero.I thought to myself that he no need to seduce me by smooching as am already seduced by his looks. (just kidding). Immedialtey after seeing me, he gave his hand to me and without thinking i immediately started to give my hand to him. He introduced himself and he started to praise my beauty. He noted all the things i had done from Scent to New dress and lipstick. I was taken back to my college days where my hubby used to praise my beauty. I loved those golden moments. Those golden moments are repeating now.

I totally forgot my hubby presence and kept watching him. Suddenly my hubby coughed and asked for water, i had water bottle but my husband kept it somewhere. I cursed my Husband for disturbing call boy’s Flirting. Call boy suddenly went to buy a water bottle. For a minute i felt like going along with him to buy water. But i told to my hubby some other reason to leave. If I tell that ‘i will go with call boy to buy water’ then he may allow bec he is a cuck but i cant able to ask him like tat openly. So kept mum. But i got someother idea to leave the theatere. I told ‘I need to go to toilet’ and left soon. When i went outside i immediately started searching for call boy. I saw him going towards restroom but before calling him he went inside. I waited for him for few seconds then thought let me also urinate so i went inside the toilet and locked it. Urine did not come. So i was just thinking something, suddenly i remeberd my hubby’s past request to rome in this Mall without undewear, without thinking anything i immediately removed my red cherry underwer and put it in my Handbag. Immediately left the restoom and was waiting for Call boy. He came out after some mnutes and saw me and said Hi. I Replied with an Hi. He handed over me a small plastic cover, when i tried to open it he said ‘Noooo, Dont open it’. I asked him ‘ What is inside’

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