Thursday , March 23 2023

Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 2

How I Became Cuckold. How I Changed my Wife. Simple Steps to Change any Wife.

This should be Introduction of the story but I missed it. Few members asked me so posting the introduction of the story of how I became a cuck and how I changed my wife.

Myself and My wife aged 32. Ours is Love marriage. She is *****. We both look fair with good physic.

My wife nick named as ‘Assy’ in her college days by her girl friends because of her round ass. Am a Big fan of her well shapped round Ass. She maintains her structure till now, even after child.

In earlier days I was very possessive. She wanted to wear Jeans, Leggins & Sleeveless tops but I fought with her asking not to wear such dress as others may see u in bad way. But as of today, everything is changed because of my Cuck Fantasy.
I was a good conservative boy but everything changed by one particular site. It is Xboard dot US or Exbii or Xossip. This site is not working now. I used to read ‘Straight Couple stories’ in this site during my College days. I saw wife sex stories in that site but I hated to see even the headings of ‘Wife swap & Cuckold’ stories while I was searching for good couple Stories. One day I opened a story called ‘Musical Chair game in Party’. I thought it is couple story so opened it to read but it was wife sex story where the wife goes to a party and fucks many while playing the game. Husbands will sit in the chair and wife has to sit over any one of the husband lap when music stops. I finished reading the story with masturbation. Then slowly I started to read Wife sex Stories.

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