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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 2

So in short do three things
1) Do wat she likes.
2) Be Patience, Keep Trying, Learn to accept Rejection.
3) Make her aware how common the Hotwife thing in India using social networks.

Myself and my wife was sitting on the floor and the call boy was sitting on the seat with phant and underwear up to his Thigh.

I don’t want to be a watchman to my wife and the call boy. I restricted her wish

My Wife : Please leave now.

Husband : I want to see wat u doing with. him. I won’t disturb u both.

My Wife : Please give me 2 mins. I will atleast release my urge with him.

Husband :What u wil do in 2 mins

My Wife : Nothing

Husband : Please tell me. I will accept wat ever u wish.

Wife: I will release my urge with him.

Husband : How?

My Wife : How u will satisfy me at home?

Husband : Rubbing and Licking ur clit.

Wife : Same here.

I was shocked on listening her

Husband : u wanted u get him licked?.

Wife : No licking. Only Rubbing possible here.

Husband : Rubbing , I can also do it for u.

Wife : I know ur talent but I wanted him to relase my urge. Not u

Husband : Pls allow me to be here. I will just simply sit and watch the movie without watching u both.

After begging like this for many times, she finally agreed me to witness her orgasm.

Myself and my wife got up and sat on the seat with she in middle. Cal boy put back his underwear and pant. I asked my wife to hold me when he is rubbing your clit. I started to watch the movie. In next few minutes, I felt she holding my hand tightly. I understood the call boy has inserted his hand inside her skirt and started to rub her clit. I am already witnessing the body reactions of her through her hands which is holding my biceps. Sometimes she will hold very tightly. I want to witness her face reactions but I promised her that I wont watch u and will watch only the movie.

Suddenly I got an idea, I promised tat I won’t watch her but I never promised tat i will not touch her. I just wanted to know how call boy is rubbing her clit. I took my hand and tried to keep my hand over her pussy area. I kept my hand over her pussy area while watching the movie. I felt his hand rubbing my wife pussy. I also inserted my hand into my wife skirt, I thought she will resist but she didn’t. After inserting my hand into my wife skirt, I found cal boy hand rubbing her clit. I just kept my hand inside her skirt and did nothing while he was rubbing her clit. He was rubbing her clit in good rhythmic motion. After sometime I also felt the urge of rubbing her clit so I removed call boy hand from my wife clit and I kept my hand over my wife clit. Now my hand was rubbing my wife clit and cal boy’s hand was lying there idle without doing anything. Within few seconds I felt a movement in call boy’s hand. His hand went down the clit. Then after some seconds, I found his hand is moving like he is fucking her pussy, yes he started to finger her by inserting his finger into her pussy hole. In the past eight years of our marriage, I would have fingered her less than 5 times, she never allowed me to insert my dick and finger. Her pussy is very sensitive. If i insert my finger she compalins of irritation in her pussy skin after sometime(may be because of my nails but am not sure) but today she is allowing some stranger to insert his finger into her pussy hole. This is unbelievable behaviour of my wife. He fingered her very slowly, this time I heard a little moan from her. I think she was moaning because of his fingering and not because of my clit rubbing. I held call boy’s finger and took out his finger from my wife’s pussy hole. I then inserted my finger into her pussy hole and started to finger her. She stopped Moaning. I was surprised that she was Moaning only for call boy’s fingering and not mine. Call boy’s hand was idle for sometime. Now call boy started to rub my wife’s clit, at the same time my wife also started to moan. I was surprised that my wife is Moaning only for his Fingers. I think she is enjoying whatever the call boy does.

Now suddenly I felt third hand is coming inside her skirt. It was my wife, she pulled out my finger from her pussy hole. She held call boy’s hand and inserted his finger inside her pussy hole.

She told to me “Call boy is fingering nicely, let him do tat job, u concentrate only on clit”.

Within next few seconds she told “yes…. going to get it”.

She moaned. I stopped rubbing her clit and closed her mouth with my hand. She bite my hand. I told her “Don’t moan pls”. It’s high risk”. She then leaned over my shoulder while call boy was fingering her. She was about to relase her urge. She bite my shoulder while he fingering. I saw the bite marks later in home. This is the 1st bite mark from my wife but am not the reason for it. The bite mark is a mark gave by my wife in rememberance of the call boy.

She moaned “Ahhh yeeeesss am goiiinng toooo”. Tat time suddenly lights were switched on. It was Interval break. She wanted him to continue. I warned call boy to stop it. My wife’s high mood made her forget the risk involved. Still today she regreat of tat incident. {Later in home when I explained her the risk, she understood it and vowed not to take any risk even in very high mood). I never left outside in interval in fear of my wife’s heavy urge to release. I stayed there with them. My wife never talked with me. They both were talking like newly wed couples.

I can able to understand she was in very high urge of releasing her orgasm. I thought she may scold me for disturbing her. She wanted me to be the watchman but I begged her and sat with her saying I won’t disturb, but I disturbed them. May be this time she will scold me severely and she may not allow me to sit next to her.

My Wife : (In angry tone) When the movie starts, you please go and sit somewhere and be a watchman to us. This time I won’t allow you to sit next to me. I am very serious

I don’t want to be a watchman to my wife and the call boy. I want to witness what my wife doing and how her face reaction will be with another man. So I just sat there itself when the movie started. my wife gave me a angry look and signalled me to go. I shaked my head signalling no. She pinched me on my inner thigh, it was not a light pinch it was a serious pinch and it pained me a lot. Then only I understood the seriousness of her wish to make me as Watchmen for her and call boy.
{she later told me that she does not want to do in front of my eyes, she was thinking that I may disturb her by saying no for certain things}

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