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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 2

Finally I decided to move away from here and be a watchman for them. I was just thinking where to go and sit, it took some minutes for me to think but by the time my wife could not wait so she slapped me very hard on my thighs. The call boy smiled at me. Before this meeting, I was dominate with my wife but now it is entirely opposite, all because of this call boy. I feared a lot thinking someone may hear the slapping sound and watch us but she does not have any such fear. Thank god no one is here for next 5 rows so it is not possible for anyone to hear the slapping sound. I made a mistake by bringing her to the ghost movie where very few persons are there. I should have booked a normal movie where few persons would have occupied nearby seats. anyways this is my fantasy to make this happen but I was not ready for this much advancement.

I expressed my fear to my wife “what will happen if he does something which you don’t want to do so so shall I be here for your safety”.

She replied “Please leave now, I will take care of my safety. if anything I want then I will message or call you”.
When she talked about message or call I got an idea

Me : OK I will leave but with one condition. You have to call me now, you have to keep telling me what he is doing and what you are doing. I will keep listening you guys. In case if you need any help then you can ask me in call and I will come to your place.

{My wife later told me that she does not want to update me through call of what she is doing with him but she wanted me to leave so she lied to me that she will tell whatever happening between them.}

She called me. I attend attend the call. Me and my wife used Bluetooth Mic. I kept my mobile in pocket and she kept it in her hand bag since we have Bluetooth earphone to speak

I started walking and sat in a seat which is 5 rows backside to her seat.

Wife (Through Call) : Hello

Me : Sollu de. Yes tel me.

Wife : Why you sat back side? Come on sit front side of my seat.

{She later told me that she wanted to make sure that I don’t have any chance to watch her that’s why she asked me to sit in a seat which is 5 rows in front of her seat}

As she ordered I sat in a seat which is 5 rows in front of her seat.

My Wife : where are you.

Me : I sat in the seat as you told.

Wife : ok good sit there itself and watch if someone is watching us. thanks. I know you are a good watchmen. Have eye on others.

When she told this, I thought I should have an eye on her also but from here I could not able to see what she is doing so I thought let me enjoy only with her Call updates and moans alone so I sat in the seat and I was just waiting for her moans and talks

There was no sound for few minutes

Husband : Hey what happened, why there is no sound, are you ok ?

Wife : Yeah I am ok.

Husband : Please keep updating what all you doing, step by step. Please don’t do anything without telling me .

My wife : Sure I will tell everything to you before I am doing here. I will parallely do here and update u. Don’t worry.

My Wife (To me through call) : Now I got down from the seat and sat on the floor. Now I am removing his Shoe so that I can remove his phant and underwear very easily.

Me (To my wife through Call) : hey why you are removing his shoes? You never removed mine in this 8 years of marriage life. Also why u need to remove his Phant. Just ask him to rub ur clit. U told u wanted to relase ur urge na so just ask him to rub ur clit and get ur urge released

My Wife (To me through call) : Ho yes. Ok, I wont remove, I will ask him to remove his shoes if he wants to be comfortable.

Very good

My Wife (To me through call) : He removed his shoe himself. He said he will feel comfortable without shoes.

While she telling this I heard the voice of the call boy telling “My shoe was very tight, even I will feel hard to remove it but you removed it very smoothly.Now remove my socks also.

What’s happening there, he was sitting and ordering, my wife was sitting on the floor and obeying him like a Wife. She never ever did like this to me. I thought she started to lie so I decided tat I should not be sitting in this seat here. I went and sat in a seat which is in the next row behind her seat. I started to watch her in the gap between two seats. it was very dark, though I could able to get some glimpse of what she is doing. She is still sitting on the floor, removing the socks.

My Wife (To me through call) : He removed his socks also. He is going to remove his pant and underwear.

Yes 1000% lie, with my own eyes I saw her hands removing the socks of the call boy.
In next moment I saw a shocking thing, she removed his pants and underwear in one go.

My Wife (To me through call) : He removed his pant and underwear. He wanted to shake his dick while he rubbing my Clit.

Why she is telling lie to me? May be she is thinking that I may get jealous and stop her anytime. Tats why she is hiding all this from me. This is my fantasy but at the same time I also doubt that I may get jealous and stop her.

Between the seat gap I could see his dick losing erection. He is not erect now. My wife touched his dick and started to play with his limp dick. Even in un erected state his limp dick is larger than my erected dick. My wife started to do handjobb for him by shaking up and down. He was holding her head and combing her hair very romantically while she was doing the hand job for him

My Wife (To me through call) : I asked him to rub my clit. But he told he wont rub me unless he is erect. He is putting Conditions tat he will rub my clit only if he is erected. I told him u urself shake it.

Again a lie. Anyways the lie also making my dick erect. The feel of your wife telling a lie also gives you different pleasure. Am enjoying her lie now.

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