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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife

My name is Lakshmi.(original name start with L) I am married for 12 years with 1 kid. Aged 35. My hubby is Vinay (orginal name starts with M) with and he works as a doctor in government hospital. Ours was love marriage, during our love he was very possessive, he did not like me wearing jeans, t-shirt, sleeveless tops.

All the incidents word by word happed to me. This real life story is written by me and by my husband. We both sat to pen our memories. It is my hubby initiative. He wanted to keep the memories intact through the story. Initally we wrote these memories for us to keep and read later. But later he thought it to post in public forum so we added the intro part and removed few parts for our privacy. He wanted others get encouraged and inspired from our real life happenings.

Our sex life was normal, he satisfies me well by licking. Yes, only by licking .It’s been years he inserted inside me. He not satisfied me through insertion because of his premature ejaculation. But I am satisfied with this licking. As time went he was bored of same routine sex and wanted to try something different so he started to read sex stories online which developed his wife sharing fantasy. When he first told me about his wife sharing fantasy, I was literally shocked, fought with him and didn’t speak for days. After some weeks he again took the topic and again fight. It went on for a few months like this, he will open the topic and I will fight. But as days went I was also attracted to it. Then one day he opened the topic during our sex when I was in very high mood, he took my college friend name and asked me to imagine with him in this bed now. Yes it started, I mean I started to imagine and entered into a new world of different type of new pleasure . I thought to myself ‘Yes my hubby is right, imagining with a person other than my hubby gives different type of feelings’ . Usually he will go down and lick me but this time he did not lick me, he started to rub my clit with his fingers by telling the stories of me with my college friend. I did not tell my hubby of how I am enjoying this new type of pleasure. Soon I got the sugam which was the best in my life, the first orgasm with someone in mind other than my hubby. I still remember it. But after the orgasm, as a normal innocent wife I started to feel guilty and scolded him and asked him ‘hereafter dont talk like this” . After few days, during our sex he again opened the topic but I did not want to go forward and asked him to stop it. But he did not listen, he kept talking. To my surprise, I felt tat my mind wanted to seduce a new man today in imagination but my mouth kept saying no no no to my hubby. But finally my pussy betrayed me with wetness. I came very hard. He started to enjoy my new type of orgasm with someone else in mind other than him. It went on like this for few more months,  he keep telling new stories of me seducing a new guy and I keep telling no and I my pussy keep betraying me. I also started to like his stories of wife sharing but did not tell to him. Slowly I changed from innocent conservative wife to budding hot wife. Slowly as days passed, even I started to talk about my male friends during our sex. To be frank, ‘yes’ it give me a different type of new pleasure which I’m enjoying for first time in my life.

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