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Couple introduces Indian wife is to new pleasures

This is a true incident which has happened in my life after marriage. I am usha, tamilian, 5’6″, aged 26 and married for the last 3 years. Ours is a love marriage and we married after dating each other for around 2 years. We are basically a broad minded couple and hubby was my fourth boy-friend. I was sexually active with my previous boy-friends also. I had lost my virginity to my teacher in a private computer coaching centre where me and my future hubby were undergoing computer coaching during those days. I had to even undergo an abortion once, courtesy my second boyfriend. Knowing all about my past my hubby aged 27, ronit proposed to me. After dating and understanding each other for 2 years, that also included frequent sex, we decided to get married.

What we had not taken into consideration was ‘there was no novelty left anymore, nothing new to be discovered’. During our courting days we had mated with each other in every possible way oral as well as anal. After around a year of getting married our sexual activities were also getting minimized to the bare minimum of just once a week and that to a quickie.

During that time we decided that, what we needed was a holiday somewhere alone in exotic kerala where we can again re-kindle our love. Moreover we also decided to start a family hence we planned our trip for around 15 days during my fertile period. One of our family friends ‘Priya’ also gave us the contact nos. and address of a family in kerala who rented out rooms in their villa to visiting tourist couples. This option was much cheaper for us because the accommodation costs were very nominal and home made food was also available as and when required. We booked our to and fro tickets from mumbai to kerala after hubby was granted a leave of around 20 days. My hubby is working for an IT firm in mumbai.

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