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Couple shares a fantasy; wife helps fulfill it

I heard the door open but the sound of foot steps was muted by the thick carpet covering the floor. I was hogtied and blindfolded on the floor of our apartment. It was a game Julie and I had played numerous times. She was my Domme and I was her slave, her pet and her filthy little piggy.

Julie was my beautiful 30 year old bride and I was her 38 husband. She was a foot shorter than me at 5’3″ with gorgeous curves and a pretty face. Despite the difference in our heights our bodies fit together perfectly. Her natural 36dd tits made her look thicker in clothes than the splendor of her beautiful naked form revealed. She was blessed with a narrow waist, full wide hips and a delicious round ass that made my mouth water. Her pretty face was highlighted by bright green eyes that sparkled like emeralds and a warm inviting smile which gave no indication of her dominant aggressive sexuality.

Julie was openly bisexual and blessed with an incredible open mind and a creative imagination. We were both sexual freaks and we were perfect together. She was both the whore and the virgin mother wrapped up in one beautiful package and I loved her more than life itself.

I had fallen in love with Julie the moment I laid eyes on her. We were both married when we met but we both knew that had to change. Within months we were both separated and we had begun a torrid love affair. Our relationship was more intense than anything I had ever experienced. We both felt comfortable sharing our deepest secrets and our wildest fantasies. The sexual chemistry we shared and the passion we felt was like a drug and make no mistake, I was an addict.

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