Tuesday , March 21 2023

Crossdresser dare

My name is Brian, the story happened when I was 16, I hung about with my to best mates Clive and his brother John. Clive was tall 16 like me and his brother John was 18. We used to hang about most days and sometimes dared each other to do things which was always not that bad then one day I dared to dress as a slut, at first I said no chance but as days went on they kept teasing me saying I perfect little slut in the end I decided to show them. The next day when my parents had gone to work and my sister was gone as well I started my plan. I shaved my legs a strange feeling then started to paint my toe nails and finger nails, I watched my mum do this before, I let them dry, my sister was older than me but I could fit in her clothes. I put on her blouse a pink one then a skirt a pair of her black pants that tied at side I have small cock but got them on. I then found black hold me up stockings they felt great on then a pair of higheels, struggling to walk on them but I did my best, put lipstick on and went next door to my friends house. He looked surprised at me but invited me in, I was paraded around living room I could see they both were turned on rubbing their cocks through their trousers. John ordered me over to settee he ran his hands up and down my legs, it felt great. Clive was behind me his hands unbuttoned a couple of my blouse and had his hands inside rubbing my nipples it felt strange but nice. I found myself groaning and he said you a proper slut now, his brother had moved my skirt up exposing my pants and was rubbing my cock which was struggling in my pants. He untied the strings and let fall to the ground my small sprang out next I felt his tongue licking me then my cock disappear in his mouth. I was in heaven as he sucked me, Clive was trying to get a finger in my ass hole I felt pain but he was in for some crazy reason. I asked him to stick to fingers inside me, he did, I screamed but felt great, his brother had made me cum in his mouth, he made me kiss him and taste my cum then removed his clothes to me to suck cock. His cock was big, I never seen one as big, I gagging on it, I sucked then took it out looked at Clive and begged him to fuck me. He obliged slipping his cock in slowly, to his I guess 6 inches was all in then fucked me hard. John was getting carried away telling me he was to rip my ass apart when it was his turn Clive shot his load inside me then John said now bitch my turn, he wasn’t gentle he forced it in as hard as he could, I screamed he seemed to fuck me forever to he shot big load inside me. I lay on the ground shattered what happened next took me by surprise, my clothes were removed and put into a bag except for my higheels. I was ordered upstairs to John’s room and lie on his bed. I heard them talking then door opened John then used and fucked me for next two hours, then he said its time for me to go and that he was sending me home naked and comeback tomorrow to get the clothes, he told me come over in nightie and nothing else. I was scared getting home naked but got away without anyone seeing me. I was there everyday dressed as a slut and always ended up full of cum then one day he organised me to be gangbanged, that’s another story.

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