Friday , December 9 2022

Cuckold husband gets more than he wanted

Honey, I’ve been naughty again. I know you like me fucking Brad and his friends. I like it so much too! I could tell how turned on you were Tuesday when I called you to come home. Remember? Brad was just leaving and I was obediently laying on the bed for you. Our bed. The bed where we conceived our children. The bed where Brad had just finished fucking me.

He was so good!!! He always is. Not like you. His dick is so big and he lasts so long. I always cum when he fucks me. And, as you know, he always cums too. He always cums a lot!!

Well, anyway, I was laying on our bed naked with the hickey on my right tit that Brad had just given me. You noticed it immediately. You also noticed something else Brad had given me, a big, fresh creampie!!!! I saved it for you.

I sat on your face while you ate me. I wanted you to get it all. I knew you would appreciate me for it. I told you about how Brad and his roommates had fucked so much while you were working Monday. They had taken their turns like good boys, fucking each of my holes one at a time. They all had my ass, pussy, and mouth!

I really liked it when they filled all my holes at once! Triple penetrated! I had only been double penetrated for the first time a month ago!!! They are so good to me.

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