Wednesday , February 1 2023

Cuckolded husband confirms sperm competition theory

After a hectic week in the office under his strict new boss, Selvam was looking forward to relax and enjoy the weekend at the beach. Friday evening, he managed to leave the office early and was driving his car to his favorite beach resort by 5’o clock in the evening. Bose, the owner of the resort met him at the door and allotted him, his favorite suite facing the sea. Having shed his sweaty city cloths he had a quick shower and donned his favorite Bermudas and T-shirt. Mixing a drink from the mini-bar in the room, he came out to the balcony to enjoy the sea breeze. Hailing from inland, about 500 kms away; the sea had always fascinated him. Even while young, he always loved to go to the beaches, when his parents took him out for holidays. The perpetual motion of the waves had a soothing effect on him. In fact, he had joined the present job, in this seaside city; so he can go to the beaches, whenever he wanted to.

Taking a deep breath and enjoying the salty air, he stood gazing at the sea and the waves for a long time. He was brought back from his reverie by the high-pitched voices he heard from the adjacent suite. Out of curiosity he looked in the direction and was stunned with the beauties he saw. Two lovely girls were excitedly pointing out on to the beach at something all the while exclaiming among them.

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