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Cum In Her Underwear

I’m not sure this is much of a story, but I felt better by writing this all down. (It feels almost like I’m telling someone about this situation now.) My wife is a very active mom to our two young kids (both in school.) I work from our country home and she goes into town every morning to take the kids to school, workout and help her friend with her babysitting business. (She goes over to the friend’s place more to socialize than anything.) Her friend is an attractive MILF in her own right who is ignored by her husband in the bedroom. (I’ve encouraged my wife to “help out her friend” in that department, but she doesn’t like that idea at all. In fact, it usually annoys her when I mention it, so I don’t bring it up any more.)

Anyway, most days of the week, she’ll get back home in the mid-afternoon, after picking up the kids from school. Out of necessity (and being tired of the mountain of dirty clothes that built up in the laundry room), I started doing the laundry chores about 5 months ago. While I wasn’t thrilled with this new duty, my wife was and it did keep things tidier (something I like), so it was a good move on my part. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve enjoyed seeing the soiled crotches of women’s panties…not quite a fetish, but I still enjoy seeing the leftover marks of something most women will never show you. My wife has a big pussy with large, hanging lips…I’ll admit that I still like looking at her dirty undies to see all the dried juice she just naturally flows into the cotton panel on a given day. I sometimes get turned on by inspecting her knickers to the point that I have a quick jerk while looking at them, adding my own juice to her dried remnants on her panty crotches. She doesn’t know I do this, but then again, it’s harmless fun, so I doubt she’d do more than give me that “you are such a pervert” smiling look and think nothing more of it.

So now that I’ve told you all that, here’s the interesting part. I’d say it was probably 8-9 weeks ago when I was doing the laundry again, sorting it all out and having my usual ogle at her undies. I was sorting the last pair (a deep red pair of bikini panties) when I noticed something unusual. There were more secretions than usual in the crotch of this pair. Usually, my wife’s dried juice is a little yellowish in color, but these had a white, shiny color about them. I immediately thought it was cum, but I couldn’t tell if it was girl cum (as if she had a jolly good orgasm on her own and that was her cream) or if it was semen. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on, but I was a little more than curious as to what caused it. However, my wife is a moral, bright (but somewhat introverted) woman, so I couldn’t even picture her having sex with another man and not talking to me about it. (She’s really not interested in sleeping with other men…I’ve suggested it several times. She’s had sex with others since we’ve been married, but those have been like lightning strikes. I can’t predict if and when they’ll happen…and lightning hadn’t struck in quite a while around our house.) So, I wrapped another pair of her panties around my cock and looked at her “cummy” panties while I rubbed one out. I then cleaned up, got the washer going and went about the rest of my day.

About 2 weeks later, I was doing laundry again and having my usual pervert’s review of her underwear. It was the usual…several cotton bikinis with yellowish dried juices in them. However, there was a black pair that was wadded up with the crotch stuck to itself. This caught my attention right away, so I unwadded them and peeled open the stuck crotch. The crotch on this pair was white, so I couldn’t tell right away if there was white stuff in them, but they were definitely stiff in the crotch. My wife had definitely done something different that day…I flaked off a few whitish flecks that looked like cum, but it smelled like her. Now I was definitely wondering what the fuck she was doing…was she balling some other guy?…was she getting it on with her friend?…or was she just quickly jilling off at some point and putting her pussy away wet?

Being officially suspicious, I started finding “innocent” excuses to call my wife on her cell at different times while she was gone. As I expected, she was always where she said she would be, usually at her friend’s house or in the car or working out (and the background noise helped lend credibility as well.) I wasn’t consumed by this issue, as I have a lot of stuff to do everyday. However, I was thinking/wondering about it several times a day. She knows she can have sex with someone else (with my blessing) as long we talk about it shortly before (or after, in the event of an impulse encounter.) One night in bed, I brought up the topic (her having sex with another guy) one night, but I got the usual response from her, as well as no admission about any new activity or desires for others. I was getting nowhere in trying to solve this little puzzle…

The next week, I found two “heavily-used” pairs of my wife’s underwear, which were pretty similar to the ones from the previous week. And the next week, two more…it was happening more often now, whatever it was (but I now suspected she was fucking another guy.) I discretely tried to get her to open up about whatever it was, but she’d admit to nothing more than her usual routine. One day, she came home after Noon because she’d forgotten to take something important she needed to mail that day. She looked like she’d come straight from the gym, as she was in her baggy workout clothes. I saw her car coming up our long driveway, so I met her at the door with a smile, hug and kiss. I was horny as hell that day, as we hadn’t had sex or even played with each other in like a week, so while she strode over to get her letter, I asked her if she could “give me a quick hand downstairs” (which is our code for midday sex.) She turned and gave me a quick scowl, saying she didn’t have time. I persisted, telling her that we didn’t have to fuck…just drop her shorts and pose for me so I could jack off to her. My wife started walking towards the door, apologizing and restating her lack of time when I reminded her that she hasn’t touched me in a week and it wasn’t too much to ask for her to give me 5 minutes. She stopped at this, pausing for what appeared a thoughtful moment, then looked at me and begrudgingly agreed.

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