Tuesday , December 6 2022

Cute wife taken at a party. Did she want it?

We were at a Luau party when she had so much fun that Rachel finally lost enough inhibitions to go a little further. It was actually a Yacht Club party. It was a different club than the one we belong to now.

Being that it was a Luau theme party, she was only wearing a small flowery wrap type mini skirt and a tube type top that left the bottom of her tummy bare. Her shoes were low heeled strappy sandals with a strap between her toes. They were kind of a casual to dressy flip flops if you will. I will never forget how sexy she was. She likes her toes brightly painted and loves sexy feet. Her hair was up at the beginning with flowers in her hair. I admit that she had an, “I’m fuckable” look to her. Her look said “I’m sexy and I know it.” Her skirt was short enough that her panties could almost be seen if she bent over.

That club had a history of wild parties, but we weren’t usually among the wild participants. I had heard of sexual escapades, but never planned to take part. There were two known swinging couples. People didn’t say too much about them and their lifestyle, but both of the husbands confirmed it with me. Those two have nothing to do with what happened with us.

We aren’t into regular heavy partying, but I guess there are always exceptions. Rum drinks were flowing, and Rachel was drinking Margaritas. She isn’t used to drinking much tequila. We were all having an exceptional amount of fun. People’s judgments and inhibitions were soon pretty loose.

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