Wednesday , February 1 2023

Cyber romance with fat beauty girl moves to real life

I drove 4 hours just to meet her. We spent a long time on the Internet chatting and emailing back and forth. We knew each other’s interests and enjoyed talking about them. We even moved to speaking on the phone. That’s when I mentioned I would be close to where she was. She, and it was a complete shock to me, asked me to visit her and stay at her place for the weekend. How could I say no?

The 4 hour drive seemed to take 24 hours. I had never seen her picture and she had never seen mine. All I knew is she was a BBW and all she knew is I wanted to meet her. I spent the entire drive wondering about her. What does she look like? Will she like how I look? Am I wearing the right clothes? What would we do? Would we get along once I got there? The questions beat my mind into a frenzy of worry.

She told me to meet you at a parking lot near where you live since your house was far out in the country and I’d never find it by myself. I figured this was true, but also I figured this as a way out for both of us. If the spark just didn’t happen.

I pulled into the parking lot. Her car was the only one there. I parked next to her and we both stepped out together. Instantly I knew the drive was worth it. You stood before me in a beautiful full-length skirt and tight blouse. She was more beautiful than I could have hoped. Her black hair fell across her shoulders, the wind swaying it slightly as if angels were playing with it. Her eyes, blue, deep, and sensual pierced me to my soul. Her lips, full, deep, and red almost beckoned me to kiss her on the spot.

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