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Dad and his sons all have bi confessions

It’s just me and the boys for the next month. My wife flew out to Ireland to take care of her ailing mother leaving me with our two boys Troy and TJ (short for Tom Junior). Ironically they are Irish twins, born the same year but 11 months apart. My wife is a gorgeous red headed, green eyed, milky skinned bombshell directly from Ireland. I could listen to her talk all day, even when she’s angry and yelling at me I can’t help but to smile at her, which just infuriates her that much more.

Both boys decided to attend the local junior college and work while they get their general ED out of the way. Troy got my Italian genes, broad shoulders; 6′ tall, dark hair all over his body, Hazel eyes that is a combination of my blue eyes and his mom’s emerald green eyes. Troy lifts weights and is always in the gym. In contrast TJ is just as tall, but thin body frame, skin like his mothers and the red hair and green eyes to match. TJ is all about computers and books.

It was Friday night, I ordered pizza for dinner so I can relax after working all week and the boys could eat before they go out. We sat and ate, talking about their jobs. Troy was going out to a party with a bunch of friends and TJ was meeting up with his friends but would be home early. I cleaned up as the boys took off in opposite directions. I changed into shorts and a tank top, grabbed a beer, and plopped down in front of the tv to watch whatever I damn well wanted. I never get the house to myself. Not five minutes later “BOOM” the front door slams, and in walks TJ.

“What are you doing back son?” I asked. By the slamming of the door, and the look on his face, I knew he was pissed.

“Fucking friends that were supposed to meet me at the movies decided to head to some big party. Fuckers couldn’t even wait for me, just texted me to catch up with them there.” He dropped down on the couch and crossed his arms.

“So why aren’t you going to the party?” I innocently asked.

“Because it’s not the type of party I go to. They are known for drugs and a lot of kinky sex. Not my cup of tea. I don’t need to be in some big orgy not knowing whose hole I’m putting my pole into.” He cringed as he said it, looked back at me “Sorry Dad.”

“No worries your Mom isn’t here, but I’m proud of your ethics son. Most horny teens would jump at that chance.” I laughed at him.

“I prefer to be with a person I love. I have my hand for the impersonal release.” He held up his hand and kissed it. We both laughed.

We watched a movie and then I headed off to bed. I was awakened by a loud ringing of the doorbell. I was too out of it to comprehend what it was until I heard TJ yelling for me. Instincts took over and I flew out of my room and towards his voice in the living room. TJ was standing at the open front door, in nothing but his boxers, starring at his very naked brother trying to crawl into the house on his hands and knees.

“Dad, Troy’s home. His friends dropped and ran.” He laughed as he stepped back and presented a very drunk, very incoherent Troy.

“Ah Fuck! Help me get him in the house.” I yelled. I was pissed and relieved at the same time.

We each grabbed under his arms and half carried and half dragged his naked ass into the house. The master bedroom is on the bottom floor and the boy’s rooms are upstairs. “Let’s take him into my room and get him under the shower that should sober him up some, and clean that stench off of him.” He reeked of pot and sex.

Thank goodness I had a huge walk in shower and didn’t have to hoist his ass over the tub. Troy is 200 pounds of solid muscle. TJ and I just got him into the shower when Troy let loose on us puking all over the three of us. “Fucking GROSS.” TJ yelled out

“God Damn It Troy.” I yelled as I flipped on the water and, barely holding back puking myself.

Then the drunk crying started “I’m so sorry. I’m a mess. Look at me. I love you guys.”

TJ and I were fighting over the water to wash the puke off of us. I tossed my boxers off to the side as did TJ. I pointed to Troy and told TJ to prop him up while I washed him off.

“Oh hell no, you hold him up and I’ll wash him down. I want to jump out of the way next time he hurls chunks at us.” TJ yelled back at me.

“Fine, grab the soap and scrub him down when I lift him up.” I grabbed under Troy’s arms and lifted him to a semi standing position. Being naked and behind him, our bodies pressed together as I had him in a standing half-nelson, my cock was resting in the crack of Troy’s hairy ass. TJ was rubbing soap all over the front of Troy’s body. Troy kept gyrated his ass back against my cock. I could feel my cock starting to get hard.

Troy was so out of it, but not that far “MMM, that feels so good baby. Ya fuck me again with that big cock. You guys are so hot. Make me your pussy boi. I’ll take you all on. I want to suck cock and get fucked. Ya jack my cock man, it feels good. Make me cum and feed it to me again.” Troy was coming out to us without knowing it.

I looked over Troy’s shoulder to see TJ was jacking Troy’s very hard cock with one hand and jacking his very impressive cock with the other. My cock was hard now and pressing into a hot warm hole. I had to stop this. “Hurry it along TJ he’s getting too heavy to hold up.”

We all rinsed off. TJ grabbed some towels and we dried off as best we could. “Throw him on my bed, but put some towels down first in case he pukes again.” TJ ran around prepping the bed before he helped me maneuver Troy to my bed.

We put Troy onto the king sized bed, and rolled him to the middle. I was exhausted but the adrenaline was still running high. I was on one side and TJ on the other, Troy was in the middle, all naked, damp from the shower, and on our backs. I’m sure TJ and I was thinking about what Troy said.

“Dad what was that all about? Did Troy just come out to us?” TJ spoke softly when he said this.

I turned onto my side and TJ did the same as we stared over Troy at each other, “Well at the least he is bi for sure. He must have had some night? He gets the hot body, big school jock, popular with the girls at school, and it turns out he just wants cock.” TJ said with a light chuckle.

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