Wednesday , February 1 2023

Dad Cums Clean to his Wife

I put from my mind and retrieved my shorts and Marge’s panties from the garden. As Madge walked gingerly back into the house, I watched as my cum ran down the inside of her leg leaving a trail all the way to the bathroom were we showered together, kissing passionately and divesting ourselves of the sex-soaked clothing.

It was only two weeks since Petey had returned to college and my cock still involuntarily jumped at the thought of his young, firm body pounding his huge rampant tool up my, until then, virginal hole. My ass still gently ached due to the severe stretching it had been given by his larger than average girth and I secretly longed for his next visit home. Until then I would have to satisfy myself with the normal humdrum life Marge and I had made for ourselves in this sleepy backwater.

Still, one by-product of my sexual awakening with my son had been the resurgence of a very healthy sex life with Marge!

I had become somewhat of a sex pest and whilst initially she was suspicious of my motives, she quickly embraced the new ‘me’ and threw herself headlong into whatever I suggested. Anal sex was something I’d never even asked of her before, but in the furtherance of new experiences, she was the one who was all for it!

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