Tuesday , March 21 2023

Dad fuck his Own Daughter In the Bathroom

Hi. I’m Brittany. My mom left us a few years ago, so it was just me and my dad. We decided to go on a trip, for Spring Break. I’m also 15.

“Dad, I have to go to the bathroom,” I told my dad, half an hour into the five hour long fight.

“I’ll come with you, hun. Daddy’s gotta go as well,” he replied back to me.

We went into the unoccupied bathroom. I peed without him looking.

“OK honey, back off, I need some privacy.”

“Can I watch you?” I suddenly blurted out. “You weren’t supposed to tell him that,” I scolded myself in my mind.

“OH, and why would that be,” he asked me with an un-readable expression.

“Well, I, um, I, um, stick your cock into me!!” I blurted out, again!

“Well, you know that I would do anything for my baby girl, but first, please tell me, why??” he asked me.

“I’ve stalked you and seen you pee and love your nine 1/2 inch cock,” I blurted out, AGAIN. I quickly clamped a hand over my mouth. He then pulled his pants down, and took his shirt off. His cock was fully erect.

“You’re just like your mother,” he said blankly. “But anyways gir, off with those clothes.

My tits were already pretty large.

“I would sart with the usual way that people do it, but I really got to pee, so here goes,” he said.

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