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Dad tricks his daughter for

“Dick, you must find a way to help me,” complained Sarah to her husband. She felt she was fat and needed help to shape up.

Dick was happy his plan was working. He had deliberately made comments to give her that impression, that she was fat and needed to exercise to reduce her weight.

“You are not really that fat,” said her husband, deliberately sounding unconvincing.

“Oh yes, I am! You yourself have said that many times,” insisted Sarah. “I weigh 150 lbs! And my tits are so big!”

“But you are… well, perhaps a bit stout, but you have a very good figure. You have your waistline, a very buxom chest and shapely thighs for a 32 year-old. You are big-sized but very attractive and sexy.”

“No, you are just saying that to please me. You have avoided having sex with me for a couple of months. I think it’s because you think I’m fat.”

“No, not really,” Dick didn’t want to deny completely. As much he desired her hot body for sex, he had deliberately abstained from having sex with her because he wanted his plan to work.

” Look at Angel, our daughter. She weighs only 120 lbs.”

“But she has a buxom chest too, ” said Dick.

“I know, she’s only 16 but boasts of 38DD breasts. Probably she has inherited the gene from me.”

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