Tuesday , March 21 2023

Daddy Fuck His daughter and Her Best Friend

My two closest girl friends suck on my tits every day. For a 14-year old girl, I have disproportionately big breasts. We play all kinds of tit sucking games, usually made up by me 🙂 My favorite game is having a girl on each side of me suck on a tit at the same time and I decide who wins as the best titty sucker. The winner gets her little buds sucked by me. I usually chew on the nipples real good til they can’t take it any more. I never get tired of getting my tits sucked and licked and my panties always get so drenched, but I can’t help aching for more. Even though I love their sweet little flickering tongues…sometimes I wish someone would just TAKE ME! Lately I can’t stop fantasizing about a nice big man handling me all rough and hard. I like picturing my petite body in his lap and playing with his adult size cock.

Sherry is one of the girls I mentioned earlier and we both are cheerleaders. On Saturday we have an away game and Sherry’s mom is going to drive us there. We both storm happily up to Sherry’s room to change into our brand new uniforms. I ordered a size too small so my skirt would fit just a little too short 😉 When I ripped open the package the skirt turned out to be even tinier than I expected.

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