Monday , January 30 2023

Daddy-in-law and the Improper Woman

What would any ‘proper’ woman do if her father-in-law
made a play for her? Maybe she’d be flattered and flirt
back, just a little. After all, her father-in-law is a
lot like her husband; there are mutual characteristics,
about father and son, which she’s attracted to. But a
proper woman, would know when enough is enough, she’d nip
it in the bud if the flirting got, too heavy and went,
too far.

Well, I’m not a proper woman…

By some terms, I’m a sensuous and sexual creature, “all
woman,” but, what some might consider sexual depravity, I
view it simply as, naughty and exciting. So, when my
father-in-law read my stories, right here in Kristen’s
Archives, and sent me a mildly flirtatious e-mail, I took
the cue and gently flirted back. I fully knew where it
would lead, but I was cautious enough not to lose this
golden opportunity.

My dad-in-law, Tom, knew I’d been dabbling in erotica. I
told him I’d written a few, short stories that were
posted in pay-sites, and he asked if I would send him a
story or two. I considered it, said “yes” originally, but
decided against it after heavier deliberation.

Next time I saw him, he told me about this site and again
asked if I would send him a story or two, again I said
yes, but knew I dare not.

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