Monday , January 30 2023

Daddy’s boy

We drove for a couple of hours and finally reached the plot of land that belonged to a friend of his who was letting us borrow it. We set up camp and went fishing and were having a great time. It was a rather hot day and the night didn’t cool it off too much, so daddy recommended that we just sleep nude. This sounded like fun to me so I was innocently quick to oblige, we both stripped down and I couldn’t help but notice how big daddy’s penis was. We sat down on the queen sized air mattress that we would share and daddy asked me if I wanted to be let in on some of the fun that grown ups sometimes do?

Of course I did, what kid wouldn’t want to be let in on the grown ups fun. “Daddy of course I do” I was practically bouncing up and down. Daddy pulled out a bottle from his bag and unscrewed the lid, I might have been a fairly innocent kid but even I knew a bottle of liquor when I saw one. He poured some into a plastic cup for me and I sniffed it curiously, “What is id daddy?”

“It’s called peach schnapps, sport. Drink it down” as he poured some whiskey for himself.

I tasted it and it was like nothing I had ever had before, and I guzzled it down. My daddy was just smiling at me as he watched me drink. As the schnapps warmed my belly scooted over next to me, our bare thighs touching. “Alright sport, you are growing up so fast and getting so big I think it is time you tried some more adult fun.”

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