Monday , January 30 2023

Daddy’s Special Gift

had been out late with my boyfriend Scott the night before so I was still pretty tired when I yawned, “Yes but I’m in the bathroom.”

He yelled back, “When you get finished, I want you to come here. I want to show you something.”

I wiped the urine droplets from my lips and pulled up my early gift onesie pajamas my dad had given me the day before. They were a fuzzy lime green with koala bears all over them, complete with the built-in feet for warmth. The traction on the bottom helped me not to slip as I walked down the wood floor hallway.

I stepped inside his doorway while asking, “What’s up Daddy? What do you want to show me?” I had always called my father Daddy and it was just second nature to me.

While lying on his bed with the blanket up just below his bare hairy chest, he responded, “Happy birthday Pumpkin! I can’t believe my baby is finally 18. You are a woman now but I miss my little girl. Just look at you with your blonde hair, your tight beautiful body and dating boys when it seems like only yesterday you were running around here always asking us for candy.”

I laughed, “Thanks Daddy. I know, right? Time sure flies.”

He stopped smiling as to get serious for a moment when he continued, “And as another woman of the house comes certain responsibilities. I know you have had intimate relations with some of your boyfriends but now in this house, I think you need to be able to have the best gift a father can give his daughter.”

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