Wednesday , February 1 2023

Dad’s Quiet Weekend

I’m sitting on my couch, watching some TV, and
thinking of the nice weekend I am about to have with
no-one to bother me.

The wife has left for the weekend to take care of some
matters in another state.

It is very cold winter time, so no one is about on the
road. All the other houses are shuttered for the
season, so things should be quiet for a couple of

I have the fridge stocked with juices, fruit, a new
box of cereal, plenty of coffee, near beer, white wine
in the fridge, red in the cupboard, popcorn, meat,
veggies, and bread for sandwiches. My pill supply is
good for a couple of weeks, and I am all set to stay
put, and enjoy some solitude.

The weather is cold, but the house is toasty, and the
fireplace is laid, just in case I feel the need for a
fire’s warmth.

I’m watching a program on TV about rebuilding a house
for some people that had been ripped off by a
contractor. It is not riveting TV, but it does wile
away the time without the complications of news,
politics, or social upheaval.

It is Friday night, about 9 PM and I am thinking about
switching to the computer to check email, and maybe
look at some Girl on Girl porn. Charlie Harper seems
to think that’s the best, and in my pathetic way, I
want to see how worthwhile it might be.

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