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Damage has been done now what else would happen – Innocence Girl Part 1

How you came early, you were supposed to be here by the evening with others” I asked Bushra while consoling her for what she was been through all because of me.

I sensed something fishy when Zuhair left along with Aliya, saying that Chotu had to leave for his home early, as he had some business to attend, so for your caretaking he would be staying at home as you were unwell and may required assistance, to which all agreed as they depart, I also left the group by saying that I would also like to join them as you would feel more comfortable around me.

And rest was history but why had you not told everything to me before, see what happened when friends keep secrets with friend. Bushra said while crying. I hugged her and said I would never keep any secrets from now on Bushu just forgive me this time I am really sorry for what that devil had done to you please forgive me.

Don’t blame yourself for what had happened, Rimsha it’s all about destiny but now think, what would happen if we didn’t find any solution for him he had warned us that for one day he would use us like his dolls and we have to follow whatever he would say as we had promised for deleting your video. Yes you are right we have to find a permanent solution otherwise our life would remain in a constant threat and our pride would be at stake.

As we were discussing the events we heard a knock on the door as we turned towards the direction, it was Aliya with a bag she came silently and stood beside us, “Zuhair had send these clothes for you two and said that tomorrow for village fair you both have to wear this only nothing else or you both are aware what he was capable of”, she left without even waiting for our response as she know we were not in a state of having any choice.

Bushra was surprised by her behaviour which I was used to, we opened the parcel and shocked to see what he had send for us to wear. There was two garments one for me and one for Bushra, the slip having my name on it was a knee length frock with zipper at the back and straps around the shoulder the frock had plates down the waist it was same like what I had at Amir’s birthday party last year and for Bushra it was a loose t-shirt with mangoes written at the chest and a skirt which was knee length with zipper at side.

We looked at each other then out of curiosity I asked what did she mean only this where were the undergarments, I could not wear this frock without shameez and panty. “so do I” said Bushra while searching for an answer to my question though I was getting what was laid ahead for us he wanted us to wear this dress at Village fair so that he could degrade us further in front of the whole villagers.

I went out to know about his plan as I came out of the room I collide with Amir as he was passing from the door. “look where are you going Dumbo.” He said irritatingly, by the way Zuhair was looking for you he was in the hall meet him as I am going for to get my clothes from cleaner. He left before even waiting for my reply. He was always like that in a state of hurriedness.

As I stand to look for Aliya someone caught me from back and dragged me in to the washroom adjacent to my room. I was about to shout at the person for this inappropriate move I stopped dead in my track as I turned to face my intruder it was Zuhair smiling at me and before I got recovered from his indecent assault he said “like what I had send for you.”

I was amazed from his boldness and was about to enquire about the terms he had negotiated through Aliya, he came forward and in an instance kissed me on lips, my eyes went open in shock and while I was stand stunned from his move he instantly held my waist and pushed me on the wall of the washroom and started groping my boobs frantically. I struggled to get free from his hold but he was way much stronger than my expectations he held me tightly against the wall and while I was struggling he inserted his right hand inside my pajama and started rubbing my nether lips.

His movements immediately had effect on my body and I started responding to his kiss though I want to get free from my intruder but again my body had gained control over my conscience and against my will I started gyrating my hips against his palm which was stretched over my mound and his fingers were massaging my pussy over my panty.

I was again loosing my will and to my shock I started moaning while kissing him back he sensed what I was going through and within a moment opened the knot of my pajama and pushed it down along with my panty I know I was loosing it and my body had betrayed me again.

As he lowered my pajama along with my panty his hand directly groped my nether lips which was by then glistening with moisture and I was completely lost in emotion and lust his other hand went straight to my boobs and in a swift motion he rolled my kurti to my neck and started sucking my eager nipples which were dying for to be sucked roughly to the core my boobs were aching against his palms for mauling I was completely taken away by lust and for a moment forgot everything else.

He had made me naked once again and this time I wasn’t even resisting but actively participating in my own assault. He lowered his trouser and started rubbing his bare dick over my pussy the moment he touched his snake at my horny pussy lips I felt a building orgasm which was about to explode as I was so lust driven that I completely forgot about my state and didn’t even realise he was about to take my virginity, his dick was slowly sliding between my pussy lips well lubricated by my own vaginal fluid then he suddenly stopped.

I was irritated as I was almost on a verge of my building orgasm it was then I felt the tip of his dick at my lower entrance before I realised, he thrust forward and his dick went inside my pussy breaking the poor hymen which could do nothing to stop the pulsating invader pushing deep inside my pussy, I felt an immense pain in my lower abdomen and my whole body got stiffened by the impact I held his back tightly to bear the pain and tightly closed my eyes in reflex.

The damage had been done and I was standing there with my eyes tightly closed hands holding my tormentor in a tight embrace with his hot shaft jammed inside my pussy which was then trying to accommodate the size of the pulsating cock pushing deep inside my abdomen. Because of the shock my voice had lost in my throat and tears dwelling inside my eyes from the pain and the guilt of what happened.

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