Wednesday , February 1 2023

Danielle joined the Navy to make money for college

The problem with females in the military isn’t
necessarily that they’re all sluts; it’s just that they
get thrust into being sex objects the moment that they
show up. Everyone knows that women are just as horny as
men are, and with all of the swinging dicks around,
they tend to explore a little of the variety that is
available to them. The only thing is, some of them
explore it a little more than the rest, and tend to
build quite the reputation for themselves.

Danielle was one of these females in the military. She,
however, was determined not to be placed in that “Navy
Slut” category. In the beginning everything went
according to plan. She attended her training and made
it to her ship with reputation still intact. The past
few hours, however, have changed her life forever.

Let me start at the beginning. Danielle came from a
lower middle class family, in the lower middle part of
Texas. At 18 years old, she saw the military as a
perfect opportunity to get some life experience, and
money to pay for a college degree when she finished up
with 4 short years in.

The Navy was the obvious branch for her, as it would
allow her to travel the world and actually get paid for
it. So, on one fateful day she signed on that dotted
line and left her family to serve her country. After
finishing boot camp and making it through her basic
training, she got orders to a ship out in California.

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