Wednesday , February 1 2023

Dating In The Hills

‘Billy Bob!’ I yelled in a shaky voice from being
pounded from behind, ‘Hurry up and finish.’ Damn, I know
family comes first but he could hear Rufus, my date for
tonight, honking his truck horn in the driveway.

My older brother replied, still hammering, ‘If’n your
pussy wasn’t so loose from all the screwing you do, I’da
been done by now. Tighten it up!’

I squeezed and heard him groan as I felt the hot stuff
inside. He pulled out so I shoved a wad of Kleenex in my
hole and stood up. Didn’t want to add to all the cum
stains on the truck seat although most of them were
there when I met this big farm boy. No panties to put on
under my skirt. It was impolite and inconvenient to wear
them on dates anyhow.

As I slid over next to Rufus I apologized for keeping
him waiting. ‘Had to take care of some personal
business’, I said.

Rufus reached under my skirt and felt the Kleenex plug.
‘Which one of yer family was it this time?’

I replied, ‘Billy Bob.’

‘Damn that boy. Why don’t he find himself a girlfriend
instead of banging mine all the time? I’ve got a couple
of sisters that think he’s cute but he’s too damn shy
too ask em’ out. Course they might be disappointed if he
ain’t equipped like I am.’

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