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Dating sex story

The story of Nicoletta. A ugly looking 41-year-old Hungarian – gypsy mix breed that has a nice thick ass thick thighs and voluptuous breasts! She goes to town on a black man’s cock in the middle of wet and wild in Budapest .

Me and my dark Hungarian husband have been married for 20 years I stay in the marriage because he is financially well off and he is well Hung as well . I myself am a catch. I think I have something to offer a black man as well as different man in the sex department I have a very nice thick well developed fat ass and I have nice tits with brown nipples and a decent set of hips and pretty feet something my dark Hungarian husband admires. I have three Hispanic Caucasian children with my lover and soulmate Karl.

He is not as wealthy as my Hungarian husband so I have to keep up appearances and to give in Basharr’s desires occasionally. My husband tends to punish me even more that he has found out about the three children I have with my white brother-in-law Karl . I actually have gotten sick of my husbands verbal and physical Pervert Exploit as it has turned quite nasty . When we first got married what attracted me with his money and his long brown dick . We had a traditional Hungarian wedding and what struck me was they were all dancing and satin flamboyant colored clothes and they were all drinking Hungarian liquor . Everyone was looking at me because I was slowly teasing the Hungarian men by lifting up my traditional Hungarian dress and showing my bare naked ass to the men their wives were very angry and left and most of the men stayed. I found out is soon as I married my husband that he was a cuck. One of his friends said that if I stripped naked and danced for them that there would be lots of money at the end of the wedding ceremony . I immediately took off my dress and my bra and my favorite satin black panties and let them all drop to the floor the Hungarian men immediately got naked there had to have been at least 37 guys in the room. They were all clapping ad i was dancing and fondling their cocks . They were playing traditional Hungarian music while I was shaking my ass in spinning around and around and around spreading my legs on the ground and showing them my pussy is they all looked at it and smelled my asshole . Basharr my Long dick husband could not perform he was so drunk so he enlisted his father to do the honors . Mamoun was extremely rough with me and stuck his long Hungarian ugly dick into my tight pussy and started fucking me on the floor of this Hungarian reservation hall with my legs spread around his ass he was making me cum and I was slowly kissing him sticking my tongue all the way in his throat I admit he was a very good Hungarian fuck better than my husband . My husband just sat there and approved of the action that was taking place . There were many man feeling on my ass and right then I knew I had gotten in over my head after I had came on my father on law’s dick. I ran into the back room naked with his fathers in law’s cum running down my leg and my asshole and I’ll put on a man’s outfit and walked out the back door this was the beginning of the end for my marriage and a testimony of how my husband could be so cold and unfeeling .I felt that a woman of my stature that was bred in a affluent neighborhood should be treated better than this . Me and my husband have had many sexual escapades with well hung black man which was a relief after fucking my husband all day . I always made them wear condoms but every time the power of a black man’s penis makes the condom break and I had to take various pregnancy tests to make sure I wasn’t pregnant with a Negro baby . My husband enjoyed watching me make love with a black man so I gave in to his pleasures but I knew it wasn’t right I did not feel like my soul was fulfilled in any manner so this is the story of our final vacation together that marked our 26th year of marriage. I have had in my mind for a long time to leave my husband after I met my soulmate and my sister’s husband Karl he has between me and my sisters 10 children between us all of them are blondes. Like their father Karl . Even though I love this man and so do my sisters and we have children by then we still have to maintain this marriage facade or so to speak for financial gain. It is a wonder that more people do not know and how we manage to keep this sexual thing going and maintain a family life is beyond me it’s a miracle! So I decided to give Basharr a taste of his own medicine and have a final fling at his expense and his embarrassment in front of his mother .I am not bragging but I have a nice ass and tits and a nice thick body even though I am 52 years old at the time. We were wearing a extremely tight bikinis me and my husbands sisters at wet and wild . Very taboo for an Hungarian family . My husband had a tightfitting thong on which you could tell he was a well hung man but nobody knew he was a sorry fucking in the bedroom and he was also an asshole. I have been drinking earlier that day as we got dressed we put on our bathrobes and when we got to wet and wild we undid our bathrobes. I had written various slides and rides with my husband. For some reason he got mad and grabbed my arm and slapped me. His sisters recoiled in horror . They chastised him for his behavior . I told my husband that that was the last time that he would ever Pervert Exploit me or talk to me terrible and that I was going to leave him and I had a stack of evidence against him. His sisters begged me to stay and I said no. I felt a feeling of relief . Me and his sisters had a talk one night and they were encouraging me to stay but they were also curious about the blonde children that I had with Karl . They did not know infidelity had occurred on my butt half but which was baby shit compared with what my husband did . I called up Karl who was at work and told him the situation and he said he was busy making love to Lisa my sister and then he would get back with me they were on their fifth child together Lisa at this time was 55 years old us Puerto Rican women don’t going to menopause until we hit nearly 60 .after Karl came in my sister he told her he had to go on a business trip. Karl and they shared a hotel at Howard Johnson in Orlando where we made love all night and for some strange reason Karl went to a ritual of getting some expensive soaps putting them in a Jacuzzi and making me cleanse myself from my husbands fee Karl and they shared a hotel at Howard Johnson in Orlando where we made love all night and for some strange reason Karl went to a ritual of getting some expensive soaps putting them in a Jacuzzi and making me cleanse myself from my husbands filth. I thanked him for that. I wanted to show my husband and his crazy ass family who a real man was and who could fuck a Italian Hispanic pussy properly . It was the man I was in love with my white blonde 6 foot brother-in-law named Karl . Karl was sunbathing by the wave pool there was a good many people around. As I was getting out of the wave pool I stripped totally nude in front of everyone there which was very crazy and my husband and sisters In law looked at me like I was nuts . By this time black man were all over the place staring at me as Karl he grabbed my hand and we walked all the way to the gate with my ass bouncing everywhere and my tits out for the world to see there were many people that have put this footage on YouTube and it got denied . My sister in laws were trying to stop what they thought was going to happen . And they followed us up to the hotel room at Howard Johnson’s where I was totally nude the whole time . Karl only had on a turquoise thong himself. My husband was following us as well as it took all Karl could do not to turn around and punch him in the face . I was sitting there unlocking the door to our hotel room start nude with Karl gripping my ass unlock the door and went inside sat down on the bed and laid down spread eagle with my thighs parted while my sister in laws were looking in horror’ as well as my husband. Karl pulled off his thong and my husbands sisters were looking at his penis like they had never had a dick before . Or had never seen that mass of whitish blondish hair that was surrounding that pretty 7Inch cock. Karl jumped between my thighs and immediately stuck his penis in me and started popping in front of my sister in-laws and my husband and we were making love in front of my husband’s family . Karl Held my legs open and put my toes in his mouth which was one of his favorite things to do . And was stroking like a black
Man I was moaning and groaning passionately and I was coming furiously on his 7 inch Caucasian cock. I was moaning and groaning passionately and I was coming furiously on his 7 inch Caucasian cock. The door is still open mind you and my husband has left after I told him that this is the father of my three children and he is the best dick I have ever had in my life ! I started crying and cumming at the same time. Karl just comforted me as my husband said I hope you are happy with him . And I said I was . His sisters were actually kicked out of Howard Johnson’s that night . There was actually a black woman named Veronica Who videotaped our little escapade at Howard Johnson. After Karl Came in me seven times that night, we were talking about our future and how we would handle everything while maintaining anonymity with Lisa . I was sucking his cock the whole time he was talking to me eating his yummy cum for an evening meal. After a few hits of Jack Daniels we passed out and woke up in each other’s arms the next morning . It was rare we got to take a vacation like this together but to make a long story short it is a miracle I haven’t gotten impregnated by any black man or by my husband after the birth of my daughter Alyssa . I have been with so many men but Karl took my heart . A month later I was pregnant with my fourth child with Karl . He was at the hospital with me and was very gentle and accommodating as well as my sisters were . Four of my six kids are by this white man named Karl who is my brother-in-law. He also has three children with my sister Mildred who is currently 45 years old . Her and Karl are trying for another baby they are at our vacation home at Key West making love as I write this now. He is officially and lawfully married to my oldest sister Lisa . Who do I guess gets all the benefits of what he has to offer sexually and emotionally . He has four children by her. In hindsight I am proud of my Hispanic Caucasian children and my two Hungarian Hispanic children . My Ambien Hispanic daughter Alyssa is currently in a sexual relationship with a blond haired white man herself and plans to have Caucasian kids of her own I have told her everything . I am relieved to get this off my chest and even though the names have been protected they are closer to the truth than you might realize . If you say a sexy group of sisters with 10 blind children who look out of place with three Hispanico looking women you know who the father is it’s the blond guy named. This relaxing on the beach with a margarita in one hand and a Corona in the other. All three of us Hispanic sisters are having the most awesome sex of our existence because of this guy named Karl who is a loving friend and companion we are living happily ever after being satisfied and cared for knowing that someone loves that sexually emotionally physically and spiritually the only person me and my sisters have sex with is Karl

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