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Daughter mixes up her hotel room with her father’s

I walked up to the house and knocked hard on the door. It was Valentine’s Day, and I had gone to my parent’s house to get dressed for my date on my way home from work. I was running late as it was and I hoped my parents were still there, because I’d forgotten the key to their house. I’d left my dress there so that I could surprise my boyfriend, Nick, with my new outfit.

After a few moments I went to knock again. Just before I could, the door swung open and my father appeared in the doorway. He was dressed in an undershirt and slacks, obviously in the middle of getting ready.

“Rachel?” he began, “what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Hey Daddy! I’m just on the way to my date with Nick but I left my dress here to change into.” I explained. “Didn’t Mom tell you?”

“I guess it slipped her mind. Come on in, princess.” He said, motioning me in.

I was already in my 20s, but my dad still had pet names for me. I had to admit I’d always been a daddy’s girl, and as a result we were very close. It was kind of embarrassing to be called “princess” all the time, but I loved my dad.

I walked in to the house, passing by my father. I suddenly felt like he was staring at my ass, but I brushed it off; he obviously wouldn’t do that.

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