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Daughter mixes up her hotel room with her father’s

He began to eagerly lick my pussy, darting his tongue in and out of my tight, young hole. “Oh God!” I yelled in between breaths as his finger moved in and out of my wetness. He expertly ate my tight pussy as his mouth continued to worship my body.

“Fuck, baby! Lick my pussy!” I yelled, feeling like puddy in his hands. My boyfriend had never been an exceptional at eating me out, but I guess this time he’d surprised me.

He picked up the pace, darting his tongue in and out faster and faster as my juices flowed out. I’d never been so aroused in my life, and he continued to lick my wet pussy lips and grope my tits with his rough hands.

As he continued, I finally began to reach the edge. I began to climax as I shattered on his expert tongue, cumming harder than I could ever remember. “Oh fuck!” I yelled as loud as I possibly could. I couldn’t control myself, even if other people could hear. My juices soaked the bed as my orgasm coursed over me, his tongue still licking my sensitive pussy.

Finally, my orgasm began to die down, and I pushed his head away from my overly-stimulated pussy. He got up and laid down on the bed next to me. I rolled over onto his chest, my hard nipples pushing into his naked chest. He kissed me on the mouth and I could taste my juices still on my lips.

“Holy fuck. That was amazing!” I said, still gasping for air.

He rolled on top of me, apparently ready for round two. “You ready, babe? I can hardly wait any longer.”

I tried to collect my breath, but gave in to his desire. “Yeah, hang on, baby.”

I felt around in the dark, my small hand touching his manhood. I gasped slightly as I felt his cock. It was the hardest I’d ever felt it. I was still drunk, but I was pretty sure it felt bigger than before. It seemed humungous in my hand. I could barely wrap my hands around it.

I shook it off, remembering that my boyfriend was pretty well endowed in the first place. “I’m just drunk,” I thought to myself.

He climbed farther over me, pressing his lips to mine, teasing my tongue with his. I lightly pumped his cock in my hand, making sure it was completely hard, and started guiding it towards my pussy. I took a deep breath as his cockhead rubbed against my wet slit.

“Alright, baby. Fuck me!” I whispered, breaking the kiss.

Slowly, I felt his cock press hard into my pussy. In one movement his cockhead popped into my tight cunt, stretching my entrance. I gasped as his considerable size stretched my tight walls.

“Holy fuck you’re so big!” I screamed. My boyfriend was definitely not this big before. I tried to think of any reason why he would feel bigger, like maybe he had taken something, but I was interrupted by his enormous cock sliding farther into my pussy.

His massive erection stretched my tight cunt, filling me up more than I ever had been before. It was almost so big that it was painful. “Fuck, you’re splitting me in half, baby! Why are you so big?”

“I don’t know what you mean, baby. I’m the same as always. But holy shit your pussy is so fucking tight.” As he said that he took my breast into his hand, roughly caressing it and pinching my nipple. He continued to slide his cock all the way into my pussy until he finally bottomed out to my hilt.

I cried out in pain as his cockhead hit my cervix. “Ouch, fuck!” I screamed. It certainly hurt, but slowly it began to fade away into pleasure. He withdrew his cock about half way before pushing into me again. He started to slide his enormous cock in and out of my pussy, picking up a rhythm. I began to match his movements with my hips, fucking him back and squeezing his huge rod with my tight pussy walls.

He continued to pound my tight hole with his manhood as I finally got used to the size of his large shaft. He fucked me like I’d never been fucked before, pistoning his cock in and out of me furiously. He groped my body and passionately pressed his lips to mine as I bucked against him.

“Oh fuck, your body is so fucking hot, baby! I love you!” he moaned as he pumped his cock inside me.

I was stunned that he’d chosen now of all times to tell me he loved me for the first time, but I was too busy being driven wild by lust to care. “I love you too! Keep fucking me, baby! Fuck me hard on your enormous cock!” I moaned.

Suddenly, I felt him start to tense up, and I knew he was getting close to the edge. I wrapped my legs around his waist allowing him to penetrate me even further. He bounced me up and down on his cock, using me like a toy.

“Oh God! I’m about to cum!” he groaned in between breaths.

“Okay, baby! Cum for me! Cum deep inside my pussy!”

He stiffened a bit before pushing inside me one last time, again hitting my cervix. This time it hurt way less; it was almost pleasurable.

“Fuck!” he yelled, unleashing his giant load inside my pussy. I could feel ropes and ropes of his cum shoot out, deep in my fertile womb. His hot seed entirely coated the walls of my pussy, filling me to the brim. Out of all the times we’d had sex before, I’d never felt this much cum.

He continued to shoot his load inside me, filling me with what felt like buckets of cum. I felt him taper off as his orgasm subsided. His last shot of cum splashed my insides before he stopped, almost collapsing over me.

“Fuck that was amazing, baby. Have you been working out?” he asked as he began to withdraw his enormous cock from my tight hole. He pulled out with a “pop” leaving me feeling empty, save for the massive amount of his cum that was oozing out of my wetness. My pussy felt completely filled with his cum.

I rested for a moment before I felt a hand on my leg, rubbing the inside of my thigh. I still had the stockings from my garter belt on, and apparently he really liked them. I tried to ask what he was doing before he suddenly moved, interrupting me.

He got off the bed and flipped me over onto my stomach, his hands hold my hips from behind.

“What are you doing?” I asked, thinking he couldn’t possibly be hard again. He usually never was.

He squeezed my ass from behind and ran his re-hardening cock across my wet slit.

“I’m gonna fuck your tight, perfect ass” he said, running his hands over my round cheeks.

He pressed his cockhead into my asshole as I realized he actually wanted to fuck me in the ass. My boyfriend had asked to do it a few times, but I’d always declined. This time I was a little drunk and still weak from my orgasm. I reasoned that since it was Valentine’s Day I’d let him, though it didn’t seem like he was asking. I’d never done anal before, and I momentarily wondered what it would feel like.

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