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Dave’s daughter and students take advantage in the dark

The first couple of times it happened, Dave just dismissed it as an accident and not wanting to embarrass anyone, didn’t say anything about it. He certainly thought about it, but as with any similar instance in his teaching career, tried to put it behind him and move on.

But the day that he first felt a hand close over his cock and actively grab it, he knew that things were going to be different this time.

He had offered the photography class for a number of years. It was an optional class that he made available to final year students as something to take their mind of the pressure of the final year.. That so called ‘make or break’ your life year of school. It gave him a chance to provide coaching and guidance to a small group of kids and assist them in a way that as a physics teacher, he usually didn’t get.

He liked to teach them old school photography, using film rather than digital cameras. He liked the personal aspect of experimenting with and developing the film and found that the students got more out of the class than when they just dumped them to a computer and played around with photoshop. There was something more artistic about it. They could learn the new fandangled way of doing things any time they liked. Most of them were far more advanced than him in that area any way, but had never touched a 35mm film.

Numbers were down in the class this year and it was different from previous years in that it consisted entirely of girls. And he couldn’t help but note that all of them were gorgeous. There must have been an aligning of the moons or something, because all five of the girls seemed to have been cut from the same cloth with slim nicely proportioned builds, pert breasts of a delectably average size, shoulder length hair of varying shades and each one of them intelligent and emotionally well balanced. It made for a fun class.

Allison, Lucy, Sylvia and Sarah. His harem; as he would consider them when he was at home late at night, looking at porn on his computer. The fifth girl was Jo, his daughter. A small complication that would be removed next year when she had finally graduated. Until now, they’d balanced the dad as a teacher at my school dilemma without too many incidents of note. It had been stretched a couple of times since she’d turned 18, but in the main they’d survived. He’d managed to avoid having her in any of his classes, mainly through her keen interest in the arts being something of a divergence from his own field of expertise. Something she took from her mother.

Jo’s mother, now there was a story, but for another time.

He’d struggled for years as a teacher, the young girls in their school uniforms looking so pert and tasty. He’d always wanted one, but hadn’t ever gone there. Much of it he put down to luck. The girls he lusted after had no interest in any sort of contact other than that mandated by their need to attend school and those that crushed on him he had no desire to be with. Now, at 45, he figured there’d be no problems of the romantic kind for him with any of the young students.

The class began well, the girls all showing a real interest in the topic, the size of the class enabling Dave to make it very interactive. Right from the start it had been a fun class to teach, the girls heaping shit on him and him giving it back within the limits that his position would allow, but pushing the boundaries as the camaraderie with the class gelled.

It was when they moved to the darkroom that things started to get interesting. He would make sure that he took note of where each girl was in order before the lights went to black and was always cautious about his own movements when one of them would ask for help. It would have been too easy to end up with a hand touching something he shouldn’t . And even though all of the girls in the class had turned 18, it didn’t remove all the complications.

But despite his best efforts, contact in the darkened space was inevitable and occasionally, he’d bump into someone or in an effort to find an elbow to guide him, would end up brushing his fingers against the curve of a hip or waist, his cock hardening as he felt the slim outline beneath a school dress. God he loved those school dresses. They hid everything, yes, but when they were fitted well, the imagination filled the gaps remarkably quickly, especially when a hand was lingering on a hip, feeling the heat of the contact.

Then the girls started to mess with him. They would wait until he had turned the lights off and he’d hear a shuffling around as they all immediately swapped places. He would eventually work out who was who as they spoke and asked for help, but it was difficult at best. It was during these times that it started.

As he moved from one girl to help someone two places over, he would find that he wouldn’t quite judge the position of the girl in between correctly and as a result, her butt would rub against him as he stepped past her sideways. He had to admit that it was an extremely pleasant sensation, having a young girl’s pert butt rub against his crotch, but the professional part of him had him stammering an apology at the contact and kept him moving on, rather than grabbing her hips and grinding his cock against it like he’d like to.

This went on for about a week and at night he would sit at his computer, looking for pictures of girls that looked like the ones in his class, then wank furiously as he imagined that he didn’t keep going, that he did grab a girl’s hips and grind against her, even that he flipped her dress up and rubbed his cock against her crotch. He also wondered just what part Jo had in all this. She was definitely part of the switch around in the dark room, but he wondered if she participated thinking that that was all there was to the joke, or as he liked to fantasize, that she knew that someone in that room was rubbing their butt against her father’s crotch.


It was a Monday when it happened. Dave knew that he’d never forget. They were all in the darkroom and the now usual game of switching places had taken place. Today the girls were all being very quiet and Dave found himself standing behind the girls waiting to see if anyone required any help with their film. He moved about quietly and then once again found a butt pressed against him. This time, he didn’t move quite as quickly away, starting to think that it was deliberate and wondering if the girl would do something different if it appeared that he wasn’t going to jump away. To his surprise, he felt the butt wiggle slightly as he slid past and then, just as he thought it was over, felt a hand grope around his crotch and grab his semi-erect cock. He stifled a gasp of surprise as the hand squeezed him several times and then released him.

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