Wednesday , February 1 2023

David’s 24 year old niece

My brother Chris raised her to be respectful,
straightforward, and honest. She brought her natural
brilliance, vivaciousness and loveliness, making her a
very attractive total package. And her hard-working
intelligence and intensity brought her success in
academia, a bachelors degree, a masters degree and an
interest in sociology for which she was studying for her

She had arranged to attend a full week intensive seminar
in my town about 600 miles from the village she grew up
in, where she still lives. She needed a place to stay, I
was a close relative, her uncle, and it seemed natural
that she would stay with me in my spare room.

Certainly I would have no problem having her around, a
vivacious young woman who would live in my life, my
small life, for a short time. My wife of 28 years died
three years ago. Having female company in my house would
be a delight.

She stood at my door, holding a suitcase and a little
duffel bag. I carried them upstairs for her, showed her
to her room, and left her to “freshen up.” She came
downstairs, wearing an iPod, yoga pants and a sleeveless
black leo tank top. She announced she was going for a
run, that she’d be back by around dinner time.

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