Wednesday , February 1 2023

Debbie likes to go out to bars looking for strange

I rolled into the Bay area about four in the afternoon.
Traffic was horrid, it was a hot day in California to
say the least, and my patients had about run thin.

Following the directions on my GPS system, within an
hour I pulled in behind the mall to the delivery area. I
found the Office Depot where I needed to deliver in the
morning and leaving the truck run for the air
conditioner to work, I went into the sleeper. Flopping
down on my bunk, I planned to take a nap before supper.

After a couple of hours sleep, with my belly gurgling, I
got up and decided to go find a place to eat.

Walking around to the front of the mall, I spotted a bar
and grill across the street. Since I would not be
driving again today, a cold beer sound good to me.
That’s the direction I’m heading, I thought to myself.

How could you go wrong here? I pushed the
door open, stepped inside, and standing a few seconds to
let my eyes adjust to the darkness. Across the room I
saw a mahogany bar. Walking across to it I planted my
ass on a stool.

“What can I get you honey?” the gal behind the bar ask.

“Bud in the bottle,” I answered.

She retrieved a beer from the cooler, brought it over to
set in front of me. She sure was showing off an ample
amount of tits I thought to myself. Might be a nice
night after all.

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