Thursday , March 23 2023

Decent & Loyal Housewife Swati Became a Keep of Local Gunda Chapter 1

Anshul: Swati, tum thik ho?
Swati: Haa. bahut tired hu.
Anshul: Chalo acha he Jayraj ji the.*
Swati: Hmm.
Swati hugged Anshul and tried to kiss him on his lips. Anshul gave a weak kiss. Swati moved a bit up and purposefully brushed her breasts on his mouth. She expected him to put his mouth on her breast. But Anshul didn’t do anything. He didn’t even kiss her there. Swati couldnt help compare him with Jayraj and she felt bad on herself. How could she compare Anshul and Jayraj? Anshul was her husband and Jayraj was just a local goon. Swati put her hands on her chest and kissed Anshul. Anshul just lay still, somewhat uninterested. After sometime, Swati put her hands on Anshul’s crotch but was surprised to see it as limp as a baby’s penis.
Anshul: Kya hua? Sona nahi he?
Swati: Hmm.. tum so jao.. mai Sonia ke pas jake soti hu.
Anshul: Good night.
Swati: Good night.
Swati left the room totally dejected and aware of the fact that Anshul can’t have sex anymore. But why is that bothering her? She thought to herself. Her focus has to be bringing up the kids and curing Anshul. After Anshul is cured her life would be back as it was. Happy. But she had doubts on it. Worried and tired by the incidents, she felt asleep soon.
Next day morning as usual Swati dropped Sonia to her school. Jayraj was waiting for her.*
Jayraj: Namaste Swati.
Swati ignored his greetings.
Jayraj: Sorry kal ke lie. Tyre puncture ho gaya aap late ho gayi.
Swati: koi baat nahi.
Jayraj: Aap naraz he kya mujhse?
Swati: Ji nahi.. mujhe jana he..kaam he bahut..
She started walking fast and left him there.

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