Thursday , March 23 2023

Decent & Loyal Housewife Swati Became a Keep of Local Gunda

Swati & Anshul were a happily married couple. Anshul was working in a small IT Firm. Swati was 27 yrs old and Anshul was 30 years old. They were leading a pretty ordinary middle class life. Living in Mumbai. They had an arranged marriage. They had 2 kids, both daughters. The elder one was 4 yrs old. The younger was just born 2 months old. Here’s where the story starts. One unfortunate day while Anshul was driving on his bike back from office, he met with a terrible accident. He was rushed to the hospital immediately.

Swati was all alone as her parents were no more. She rushed to the hospital to find Anshul completely shattered in bed. Her hopes of a good future and everything seemed to be fading away. With 2 kids, it was a disaster. It took 1 week for Anshul to regain his senses. When he was back to life, he was paralysed waist down completely. He couldn’t move a limb below his waist. With the medical insurance he had, Swati took him to various hospitals in Mumbai, all with the same opinion that it’s almost impossible for him to regain back his earlier strength. It would be a miracle if he can even move his legs, such was the impact of the accident. He was declared a paralysed person.

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