Friday , February 3 2023

Defiled Young Housewife

Something about Reggie made Christy uncomfortable.
She hoped the huge, muscular black man towering over
her husband would not make an instant decision, so
she could discuss the matter further with Dave. They
could tell Reggie someone else rented the room.

Reggie had plenty of experience with young, well
educated, white women like Christy. He realized how
uncomfortable he made her feel. The sparkle from the
diamond engagement ring next to Christy’s wedding
band momentarily caught his gaze. He knew her type
well – a snooty, white bitch who probably never
associated with blacks and thought them beneath her.

A shrewd businessman from drug dealings on the
street, and a seasoned, sexual predator never missing
an opportunity to nail young, naive, white pussy,
Reggie understood the fleeting nature of this shot at
getting inside Christy’s pants. He pulled a wad of
cash from his pocket, “I’ll take the room. How much
security deposit do you want?” Reggie asked.

Christy standing beside her husband, Dave, her arm
entwined with his, tightly squeezed Dave’s hand as a
signal not to immediately accept Reggie’s offer.

All the money Reggie displayed mesmerized Dave, who
misinterpreted Christy’s gesture as an affirmation
and eagerly said, “Uh, $500 for a security deposit
ought to be enough.”

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