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Desi Hindu Wife fucked by Muslim Driver – Muslim sex stories

My name is Namrata a 27 year old married woman from a upper middle class hindu family living in Lucknow UP.

This incident took place 8 months ago when my husband was in Delhi he works there in a multinational company, it was his new job. Now we have shifted there.

I used to get bored in the home with my father and mother in law, so sometimes I visited my friend’s house. It was one such day. I spent half of the day with my friend at her house. I lost track of time and it was 9:15 PM. In haste I left for my home. I had to walk at least 200 meters to get to the main street from where I could get some public transport.

I saw a women in her 2-wheeler scooty and I asked her for a lift she was kind enough.
I traveled half the distance with her and then had to get down as she had to turn and go somewhere else. My home was still far enough that I needed a public transport, I was hopeful. It was 10PM. I was on the street and it began to rain. It was the month of July which is rainy season here.

Unlike other metro cities this city begins to shut down after 9. It becomes difficult to find any public transport after 9:30 and the streets tend to get lonely. On top of that it was raining heavily tonight.

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