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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 1

Two months later
A lot have changed, during this 2 months; Devika became every students favourite teacher. She is really enjoying her job and started doing wonders in that school, the results can be seen in the students. And the biggest news was that Rahim, Anand, Vishnu have become really close with Devika.
They tried really hard to get into the good books of Devika. Everyone thought that the worst troublemakers in the school have started to change their ways. As they tried to improve themselves, other faculties also start noticing them. They were punctual, listened to teachers, did their home works and did not make any trouble at all. The whole school was surprised by their improvement and everyone gave credit to Devika.
But Rahim, Anand and Vishnu did exactly know; why they are doing this?.
They are not bothered about whether they pass in the exam or not. The only thing they want is, somehow to get friendly with Devika and take advantage of that friendship. For that they are ready to do anything. And as of now their plan is working out superbly, they are impressed about the progress so far. Now they are really friendly with Devika and were able to gain her trust.
Devika seriously thought that these kids are improving, And she also believed that this result was achieved because of her influence and advices given to them. She didn’t have any clue at all, that these kids are cleverly executing their plan to become close with her.
First they faked some sad family background story to get her sympathy and love. And innocent Devika really believed their fabricated stories and felt sad for them. It really touched Devika, when they told that their parents do not have time for them, everyone hates them, they feel neglected, unloved and unwanted. They made her believe that their rude behaviors towards teachers, cause of not studying and making nuisance; are all occurring because of their sour family background.
As a young mother, Devika felt sympathetic for them. She felt that their primary problem was the feeling of unloved and neglected. Devika believed , they can be brought back with the love and attention that is missing from their life. She realized, if she can give the love that a kid deserve at this age; surely they can be brought back to good ways. If she can act as their sister or mother and guide them with love as their parents should have done, then these poor kids will change and make everyone proud.
Devika decided to change her approach, and wanted to treat them as her own little brothers to provide the needed love and support for their better future.

Devika was occupied with work, when she heard a knock on the door. She checked her watch and it was 1 pm, soon realized its time for one of those weekly sessions with Rahim, Anand and Vishnu. She was impressed to see they are punctual again.
Devika- Come in please
Three of them entered the room, gave a smile and greeted the teacher.
Anand- hello madam
Vishnu- Good afternoon madam
Rahim- hi, How are you madam?
Devika gave them a beautiful smile back, and was really impressed with their courtesy. She felt proud of herself, for helping them to improve.
Devika- Good afternoon, my dear little ones…I’m doing good…how about you?
Rahim- We are also feeling really good
Vishnu- Yeah, since we met you
Devika- haha…why since meeting me Vishnu?
Rahim is the one who has to cover his friends, for their dumb statements with sexual tone.
Rahim- uh madam..uh…he was saying..its because of you , that we had made this much progress in our overall behavior.. Isn’t it Vishnu?
Vishnu smilingly said ” yes that’s true..that’s what I meant”
Devika- its not like that, you were good before also…I just helped you guys to identify your good parts that’s it. Anyway I’m really happy for you guys.
Anand- We are also happy to get such a nice teacher as you..otherwise we would have spoiled our future.
Rahim- yes, that’s true.
Devika once again gave a lovely smile and asked them to sit down. While sitting, Rahim couldn’t help but to notice the beautiful saree she is wearing.
That day Devika was wearing an off white saree with blue border and a matching off white blouse. As it is white blouse, he could easily spot the white bra strap hiding underneath the blouse supporting those soft beautiful breasts. He had an instant hard on, just seeing her white
bra strap.
All three made themselves comfortable in the seats and tried hard not to loose concentration. Within these 2 months, they have learned the art of ogling without getting attention from Devika.
Devika- As I said I’m really impressed with your progress and well being.
Vishnu- thank you madam
Devika- yeah, Actually when we started this class, I wasn’t confident or I had doubts; whether I would be able to help you or not. But after this 2 months, I have to say that I was wrong.
Devika- Upon hearing your stories and family background, I felt really bad and started to like you guys more. I realized that there are so much good things in you guys, which went unnoticed by others.
Everyone carefully listened to her with a serous look.
Devika- I felt, what you are lacking is the love from your parents and family. Now I’m emotionally very much attached to you guys. You guys never have to feel neglected or unloved. I’m there for you. You can consider me as your mother or sister or as your best friend. I will be there for you to love you as a mother, to guide you as a sister and to share everything as a best friend.
They could see that her eyes getting wet, when she said that statement and realised she was emotionally moved and literally meant what she said. Rahim without getting attention from Devika, nudged the elbow of Anand who was sitting next to him and asked him to act sad. And then proceeded to wipe his eyes, as if he is crying and tears are rolling down.
Seeing Rahim wiping his eyes, both his friends followed him and tried their acting skills. But the funniest part was, Vishnu the dumbo, took it seriously and literally started crying. Initially his friends thought he is just acting, but he didn’t stop crying even after they stopped their acting part. By this time he started crying loudly like a fool. Rahim thought, this stupid fellow will spoil everything. They all acted as if they are sad, just as a gesture, so Devika would be deeply connected with them. But their stupid friend seems to spoil their hard work, by overacting. Tears started rolling down his cheeks and his small weep turned to a loud cry. Rahim again nudged Anand and asked him to tell Vishnu not to make a scene.
Anand stamped on Vishnu’s foot and gestured him to stop his nonsense without inviting devikas attention. But he still didn’t stop and kept on crying. Now everyone was confused on what’s happening, and it was again Rahims turn to cover his freind’s childish act.
Rahim- he is very sensitive and childish..he do not know to hide his emotions.
Anand- yes madam..small thing is enough for him to get emotional.
Rahim- yeah..when you told that you will be like our mother…he was literally moved by that…because in our life, we never really knew..What would mothers love be like. Even we are quite emotional to get consideration from you. Atlast we can also say, that we also have experienced mother’s love and know how it is like.
Anand- we are extremely grateful to you and we thank god almighty to get a teacher like you.
Devika’s eyes again got blurred with tears, and she took her handkerchief to wipe it off. She noticed that Vishnu was still sobbing, and felt pity for him. Again a sweet smile appeared on her face, she got up and moved to Vishnu’s seat by saying
Devika- Hey..what happened dear Vishnu..seems one of my little brother is so light hearted.
Vishnu had stopped crying, but still his eyes were watery and he was looking down to floor.
Devika stood beside him, Vishnu could smell her sweet fragrance. She held out her hand and raised his head by chin, Vishnu looked up at her with tearful eyes.
Devika- why are you crying so much dear..I’m there for you ..don’t cry from now onwards…you are not are like my own little stop crying.
Saying that, Devika wiped his tears using her handkerchief and brushed his hair smiling at him.
Devika- Now stop crying..and give us a lovely smile..come on..come on dear..
Vishnu stopped weeping and forced a smile on his lips. Devika gave a soft pinch on his cheeks with love, and his friends sat there amazed to see his luck. For Vishnu, he sat there, feeling how lovely is Devika and enjoying her loving motherly touch.
Devika went back to her chair, sat down and continued to say.
Devika- Now onwards, no more tears in your will be here for only one year and afterwards moving to next stage of your life. So this last one year, you have to enjoy to the fullest along with your studies. And when you pass out from here, there should not be any regrets.
Vishnu got stirred up, with that small touch and got active.
Vishnu- As along, you are here with us..we would be enjoying to the fullest madam.
Rahim understanding the hidden meaning in it again scratched his head , thinking what explanation he should be giving now.
Devika without getting the inner meaning replied back.
Devika- hey, my cute brother got cheered up again isn’t it ?..hehe
Anand and Rahim also joined her laughter
Devika- yeah I would be there to guide you..but what I meant is , you guys have to be more active in the school.
Anand- more active means?
Devika – means, there are lot of extra curricular activities happening in the school..I want you guys to join those and actively participate.
It will be a new experience for you, and I’m sure that you will enjoy it. Along with it you should concentrate on your studies. That’s how you can make the school life memorable and enjoyable. I want to change the impression, the whole teachers have on you guys.
So are you guys up for it.
Anand- we will do anything, you ask us to do madam.. Because we love you so much
Devika- I also love you so much dear../
Devika- Alright, so I think the time is up for today’s session. So I want you to join any of the cultural groups tomorrow itself.. alright?
Everyone nodded yes.
Devika- OK then ..bye for now and see you later.
Upon, coming outside the room, they smiled at each other and said
Rahim- That was cool dude..I never expected, she will fall on our trap so soon…
Anand- amazing..
Rahim- I think everything is nicely set now…now its time to take the next step.
Anand- What next step?
Rahim- We have to work out a plan…I think, as she said, joining in extra curricular activity could benefit us..we can make a plan based on that and see how it goes…
Vishnu- what are you saying.. We don’t understand anything you are saying.
Rahim- first I have to think about and then tell you guys..
Anand- Alrite…anyway what ever it is..we have to fully utilise this mother-brother drama..
Vishnu- we have got very good scope there.
Anand- I can’t still believe, she loves us so
Rahim- he he…BTW..Vishnu what was that crying drama all freaked me out
Vishnu- I thought you guys were actually crying..but couldn’t help went off control.. Hehe..
Anand- how did you feel..when she touched you..
Vishnu- hehehe…her hands was super soft..but it was her was too tempting….
Anand- you got rewarded for that crying episode…
Vishnu- hehe…I think friends… She loves me more than you guys…she got a special feeling for me..I can feel that….so I seriously believe, that you guys will not be lucky with her..
Rahim- oh..fuck you dude..let’s see who gonna be lucky with her..
Anand- with my smartness, I will be the luckiest one…
Rahim- alright guys, i got an idea, let’s make it more interesting… We will part our ways and chase her seperately..let’s see who will be more luckier with her…
Vishnu- That’s sounds good… I don’t want to share my Devika with anyone..I myself have the brain and smartness to bring her to me…
Anand- OK..if you guys want to play that way..I’m also in for it..
Vishnu- deal..
Rahim- OK. Then from now onwards, we will each make individual plan to manipulate her..use your ideas and intelligence in this…and we will see who will be the winner…
Anand- one thing ..there is no cheating in this game..
Rahim- agreed
Vishnu- agreed
Rahim- one more thing..whatever progress we are making, that should be we could change plans accordingly.
Anand- All right ..agreed..

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