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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 1

Devika reached the school after 3 days of leave, she had taken for being with her family. She really wanted that break, to stay away from work and be only with her little Adi and her husband. She enjoyed this small break and felt fresh to be back at school.
On seeing Devika is back, all her students felt excited and enquired about her well being. She felt good to see the love of her students and gave a lovely smile back to them.
She made herself comfortable in her cabin, and was preparing for the day, when loud mouthed Ganapati opened the door.
Devika jolted a little, with his unexpected surprise entry.
Ganapati- Good morning madam…how are you?
Devika- Oh Ganapati.. U scared me…u should have knocked the door..isn’t it…anyways good morning Ganapati ji..I’m fine..
Ganapati- why do you have to get scared..when Ganapati is here..No one will dare to touch our beautiful teacher..when I’m here..hahaha
Devika sighed, thinking how long she has to bear this guy and his stupid talks, and gave an animated smile to his boring joke.
Devika- What is it..? U wanted to see me this morning itself ji?
Ganapati- why ? do I have to wait for any particular time to see my gorgeous friend?…haha
Devika didn’t smile at this joke, and Ganapati understood that she didn’t enjoy that, so he quickly changed topic.
Ganapati- I just came to say are coming after some time..just wanted to know are you doing?
Devika- I’m good Ganapati ji…thanks for are you?
Ganapati- I’m also fine, except I couldn’t see my friend for 3 days.
Devika again gave a forced smile
Ganapati- You are very beautiful in this gorgeous red saree and blouse
Devika- “Ganapati ji ..don’t you have anything else to tell me..” Clearly showing her irritation
Ganapati grinned and said
Ganapati- I’m just trying to be friendly.. Madam
Devika- can be freindly without complimenting me all the time..I might not enjoy it every time…
Ganapati- OK ..I’m sorry…btw ..why did you take leave?
Devika- oh ..just to be with my kid and family..
Ganapati- That’s good, your kid might have been missing you very badly….
Devika- was good to be with him sometime…
Ganapati- He also would have missed his mothers milk for long time..hehe..did he get to drink enough for these 3 days?
Devika raised her voice a little this time
Devika- Ganapati..I have told you several times..this is not the proper way to talk to a woman…I clearly do not understand.. What’s wrong with you?
Ganapati got worried at her sudden tone change.
Ganapati- I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you…I thought we are friends and that’s how friends talk.
Devika snapped back
Devika- No that’s not the way to speak with friends… You can speak like that your other friends.. But not to me..
Ganapati scratched his head, thinking of his stupidity and said sorry once again
Ganapati- Sorry madam… You know I’m a stupid guy…do not know to talk..
Devika calmed down a bit and accepted his apology.
Devika- Alright…now Ganapati ji don’t ever talk to me like time I will not hesitate to complain.
Ganapati- no no…there is no need of that…I will be more carefull and will watch my mouth..sorry madam…
Devika- its you can go.
Ganapati- are we still friends madam?
Devika gave a cute smile at innocence and replied
Devika- yeah we are…but next if you don’t hold your big mouth..then no friendship
Ganapati- Thank you madam..I’m happy have a good day..
Saying that he started turning to leave, but before turning back, something caught his attention. He saw a small prominent red mark on the left side neck of Devika. As her skin was white, it shall be noticed easily.
Ganapati turned back to Devika and asked about it, as he was certain it wasn’t there before.
Ganapati- Devika madam, what’s in on your neck?
Devika- What?
Ganapati- yeah, on the left side of your neck…there is bright red mark…what is it?..did some thing bite you madam?
Then only Devika realised and started blushing immensely. She did not know, what to tell him. She cannot tell him, that it is the work of her husband. It was done by Venki, on their romantic love making session last night. She recollected, how naughty he was last night, and a small blushing smile came to her lips.
Venki was too naughty and horny yesterday, that he first drank all her milk to dry her left breast, and then they had a wonderful satisfying love making session. While making love, he became too horny and gave small bite to her neck, which she liked very much.
Even though it was a small bite, she never thought that it will make a mark on her skin. She has a very sensitive skin.
Now, Devika was blushing, her face came red and there was small smile on her lips. But dumbo Ganapati didn’t
understand, what could be the reason for such a mark.
Ganapati- Why are you smiling madam..what is it..I think you didn’t have that before.
This time it was devikas turn to stammer and search for the words.
Devika- uh actually..uhm Ganapati ji…I think.uh..something bit me yesterday while sleeping…it might be because of that
Ganapati- it painful.. You should have applied some ointment.
Devika- its OK…it will be ok after sometime..its fine..
Ganapati- but ..why are you smiling for that madam..?
Devika again blushed, and it was very cute to see her blushing
Devika- its nothing ji..I thought about something else..that’s why smiled..
Ganapati- OK then madam ..see you later..
As he was stupid, he didn’t understand and left the room confused. The moment Ganapati left the room, Devika covered her face with both hands, thinking about how embarrassing it was. She then quickly untied her hair open and made it fall to cover the love bite she received from her naughty venki. Otherwise there will be more embarrassing situations.
Chapter- 20
While Devika was away on leave, our trio Rahim, Anand and Vishnu had already started making their own plans to have fun with Devika. Now its a competition for them, racing to win her. All 3 of them had individual plans to manipulate the situations, they want to know, who have more skills or who can be more lucky with her. For that, they started brainstorming to make plans that can work out.
They thought that through joining some extra curricular activities, they could be more active, impress and be close with Devika.
After very detailed thought and checking all the possibilities, all three of them came with some individual plans and decided to join some extra curricular activities available in the school.
Rahim opted to join the film making club, which deals with students who are interested to know about the basic aspects of film direction, script making and moreover it deals about how a movie is made.
Vishnu joined the drama club, which deals with stage play making, acting etc. He was very interested in acting classes and theatre arts. So he thought joining in drama club, it would be easy to create situations to take advantage of Devika.
Anand had a special skill in drawing, he enjoyed painting during childhood, but deviated from his interest when grew up and entered teenage. So Anand did not dither, when joined the drawing arts club.
So all three of them joined in their interested clubs, and worked on their plans to trap Devika. All thought that they have got the edge within themselves and will be more successful in enjoying Devika than their friends.
Rahim- what are you guys gonna do with your silly painting and drama clubs…you guys are simply wasting your time.
Anand- No dude, I know exactly, what I’m doing and have got clear plans created for Devika… Haha…may be Vishnu is waiting his time.
Vishnu- fuck off guys…I’m telling you guys..u don’t stand a chance against me..if you guys accept defeat now itself…I will be little generous and will allow both of you to enjoy her a little.
Rahim- you guys wait and see…soon you guys will see, me screwing her…I will make both of you watch…and you guys will be helplessly playing with yourselves, being not able to lay your filthy hands on her divine body..haha.
Vishnu- let’s see dude..who will win her…she will be mine..
Anand- haha..chill down..take it easy..we all know it will be like hit and miss..let’s try…be a sport…
Rahim- lets go and see her…she must have come after her leaves..
And they proceeded to see her, before the morning class starts. When they reached near her room, they found ganapati coming outside in a confused state. They didn’t like Ganapati always roaming around Devika, now they are little possessive about Devika; and do not want anyone else being close with her. They started considering Devika as their own property and do not want anyone else lay their eyes upon her.
They stopped ganapati on his way and confronted him
Rahim- hey..stop there..what were you doing inside her room?
Anand- yeah, why are you always wandering around her?
Ganapati- what’s with you…I have told you..she is my best friend and I don’t need your permission to see her?
Rahim- I know, how your dirty mind works…you act like a stupid..I know your intentions..
Ganapati- what intentions… I’m not like you guys..anyways why are you guys so bothered about her.
Anand- its because, she is like our sister..its our duty to ensure her safety here…
Ganapati- hahaha sister… Haha..
Vishnu- wtf…why are you laughing dumbo?
Ganapati- like joke I have ever heard….you guys are the most perverted in this school and still you say that she is like your sister…haha…
Rahim- stop it idiot Ganapati… We are very close now and she likes us very much…and we don’t want you to stay around with your stupid friendship story alrite…
Ganapati didn’t understand anything, and became really confused. They gave him a small push and proceeded to enter devikas room. Ganapati remained silent and watched them going, scratching his head.
When they entered Devikas room, she was opening her clipped silky hair and it was falling on her shoulders. This was the first time they are seeing her hair without clipped, spreaded and falling back. They felt, she was more beautiful this way. Devika carefully, covered the love bite mark on her neck with her hair, while watching her little brothers coming in.
Devika- hello and welcome my dear little ones….come in..
Vishnu- Wow….
Devika smiled and asked him
Devika- what happened Vishnu?
Vishnu- You are looking beautiful this way
By this time, Devika was very much comfortable with them and didn’t mind sharing light talks with them.
Devika- what way Vishnu?
Rahim- no madam..he was saying that your hair style is different.
Devika again blushed and smiled, thinking about the love bite.
Devika- yeah..actually.. hair clip thought keep it this way…hehe…is it looking good?
Rahim- yeah yeah..its better this way…
Vishnu- you look more pretty this way…
Devika again blushed
Devika- Thank you guys…then what’s up…how was your last few days?
Rahim- it was good madam..
Anand- ma’am , as you said …we guys joined some extra curricular activities…
Rahim- yeah we thought it will be good for us..
Devika- that’s really good children…. I’m really happy that you did….
Vishnu- thank you..
Devika- where did you join ..?
Rahim- I joined in film making club…
Devika- that’s cool.//were you interested in that?
Rahim- I was always had a interest on that ma’am
Devika- what about others
Anand- ma’am ..I used to paint before and always had a passion for I joined the drawing arts club
Devika- ohh…so one of my brother is a painter..I never knew…that’s good to here…
Anand was delighted to know that Devika was impressed with him.
Anand- yeah ma’am
Devika- what about you dear Vishnu?
Vishnu- I joined in drama club…I like theatre arts a lot…
Devika- hmm…good good…. It will be really beneficial for you guys…as it will help grow hidden talents in you and moreover you would be able to use the free time fruitfully…
Rahim- yes ma’am
Devika- you will fall in troubles only when you don’t have anything to do.. Have you heard ‘An idle man’s mind is devils workshop’…so when you got enough time and do not have anything to will start thinking all unwanted things…
Vishnu- Yes ma’am…now we have something to think about and work on while we are idle…
Rahim sensed a hidden meaning in his friends statement and gave quick glance to Vishnu.
Same time, the bell rang announcing first hour is going to start.
Devika- alright guys, bell rang.. We will see later…I got class now…
Rahim- will see you later ma’am..bye
Devika- make guys be good..OK…see you
Anand- sure ma’am
Saying that they all left the room for their respective classes.

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