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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 1

Almost one month have passed since then, after the trio joined in some clubs to become more active in the school. Things have changed a lot, they are now in the good books of all the teachers; everyone credited Devika for it. They are obedient, studies well, good mannered and actively participates in all school activities. Everyone was amazed by their swift character change.
Rahim is busy with his film making classes, while Anand was trying to reinvent his lost touch in painting and Vishnu tried his skill in acting and stage play making.
But, they only know the real reason behind this disguise, they have only one intention, to get Devika in vulnerable situations, like in their wildest evil dreams.
It was a Friday afternoon, Devika had finished her classes and was preparing to leave for the weekend to spend with her loving family. It was 1:15pm and she could leave in another 15 minutes. She was just relaxing and thinking about Adi, when she heard a knock on her door.
Devika- Come in please
The door was slowly opened with a creaking sound, and Vishnu stepped inside with a smile.
Vishnu- hello ma’ are you?
Devika– hi my dear..come inside.. I’m fine
Vishnu came inside and moved closer to her table.
Devika- what happened Vishnu…I guess our session is scheduled for Monday..isn’t it?
Vishnu- yeah its on Monday.
Devika smiled and continued to enquire
Devika- Then what is it Vishnu..where are your friends? My other little brothers?
Vishnu- yeah ma’am ..they are in the class…busy with something…
Devika- Oh ok….so why did you come to see me dear?
Vishnu again gave a sheepish smile and continued
Vishnu- Yes ma’am, uh ..I came to ask you something?
Devika- yeah…go ahead..what do you want from your sister..dear?
Vishnu- Actually I have told you that in drama club ….we were actually working on a theatre play.
Devika- yes have told me and you are directing the play..right? ..I’m so proud of you Vishnu?
Vishnu- yes ma’am , I’m directing it… we have finished with it and will be staging it tomorrow for the competition…
Devika- ohh..I forgot…you guys are going for the competition tomorrow right?…have you well rehearsed it?
Vishnu- yes..rehearsal ..everything is we are all set to go…..I’m pretty sure that, we will bag the winning prize.
Devika- yeah..I have seen the rehearsals was damn impressive..I’m also sure that you will end up as winners…Vishnu, you seriously have some talent in this.
Vishnu blushed and thanked for her compliment
Vishnu- Thank you ma’am… Its all because of you..I’m deeply indebted towards you.
Devika- hey ..there is nothing like that..BTW when are you guys leaving tomorrow…
Vishnu- that’s why I came here…we will be leaving by 9 in
morning…but I want to ask you something…
Saying that he scratched his head and blushed a little.
Devika- what is it dear? can ask me anything….
Vishnu- actually madam… We want you also to accompany us?..
Devika- mee???
Vishnu then pleaded
Vishnu- no madam ..please please…please don’t say no….please come with us…pls pls…
Devika- But..why me dear?
Vishnu- because you are the best teacher in this school…we want someone like you to keep our confidence high….and moreover personally I want you to be there….because you made me a different person….you showed me that I’m wrong and paved way to goodness… Its only because of you I’m directing this play ….please come madam…please..
Devika was pondering over it , whether to go or not. When Vishnu felt , she was thinking about it; he changed his approach and tried to become more emotional for persuading her.
Vishnu- ma’am , every students going tomorrow, wants you to come with us..please….you are like my sister…you are like my mother….you cared me like mother….my mother hasn’t cared about me till this moment….but I never miss her…cause ma’am, you are here to fill that space for us…..please ma’am…consider it as a request from your little brother….
Vishnu was really good in acting, tears started rolling down his cheeks. Devika watched this, and whatever Vishnu told; it really moved her emotionally.
She got up from her seat, and went near Vishnu.
Devika- hey hey…why are you crying for that Vishnu… You are very sensitive and emotional… Now please stop crying…
Saying that, Devika brushed his hair, took her pallu end and wiped his tears off. Vishnu could smell her sweet fragrance, and once he realised that this heavenly angel was so near to him, an instant hardness formed in his pants.
Devika- stop crying, my dear
After wiping his tears, Devika took out her hand and pinched both his cheeks lovingly.
Devika- You are not a child…you have to learn to hold your emotions.
Saying, she brushed his hair once again and came back to her seat.
Vishnu- So will you come ma’am?
Devika smiled and said ” Yes.. I will come “. Vishnu jumped out of happiness and thanked Devika.
Vishnu- Thank you ma’am ..thank you very much…other students would be really happy….when they hear about this…
Devika- I have to first get permission from principal..and who else is coming from teachers?
Vishnu- our drama club teacher is coming and also class teacher is coming…I will ask them to take permission from principal for taking you also.
The bell rang for the lunch and it was time for Devika to leave for the day
Devika- Alright then..will see you in school tomorrow.. We are going by school bus right?
Vishnu- That’s correct
Devika- OK… anyway ..I will speak with your class teacher and know about the details..
Vishnu – Yes..thank you once again ..madam…
Devika again gave him a lovely smile and bid him goodbye. Once Vishnu came outside the room, he fist pumped for successfully persuading Devika to come with his theatre troop.
After the class in the evening, Rahim, Anand and Vishnu settled back into their hostel room. Vishnu was unusually happy and was working out his plans for Devika. He has to do something tomorrow, because chances like this rarely comes. He must have to utilise this opportunity to the fullest.
Anand noticed that Vishnu was really in a good happy mood; humming songs, laughing to himself etc. He called Rahim and showed Vishnu’s unusual behavior. They watched him for some moment, but Vishnu didn’t even notice that his friends were watching him. He was in his own world, dreaming, thinking, laughing_ making plans..etc.
Rahim- Bro..Bro…
Vishnu still didn’t hear him and was occupied with his activities. Rahim went behind him and gave a kick to his bum.
Rahim- hey fucker….
Vishnu got angry and snapped back
Vishnu- Fuck you dude…what do you want?
Anand- What happened to you bro?… Why are you laughing and talking to yourself?
Rahim- he was half mad before, now I think he turned fully…
Vishnu laughed at them and said
Vishnu- fuck you guys..hahaha…if you hear, what happened…it will be you guys, who gonna be mad…really mad…hahaha
Rahim- What are you talking about?
Vishnu- You guys wanna hear…you guys really wanna hear….haha I bet you guys gonna faint hearing this…please make yourself comfortable before hearing this….otherwise you gonna fall and will be hurting yourselves…hahaha….
Rahim got irked by his nonsense and snarled back
Rahim- stop your fucking nonsense and tell …what the fuck is it?
Vishnu- OK… then hear it from my mouth…..Tomorrow.. Haha…
Anand- Tomorrow what?….tell you dumbo…
Vishnu- Tomorrow..I’m going for inter school stage play competition…you know the one I was directing…haha…
Hearing this Rahim and Anand looked at each other for a moment, and burst into a synchronized laughter.
Rahim and vishnu- haha haha…
Rahim- is this the big thing you wanna tell us….haha
Anand – Oh Vishnu..oh I feel like fainting…oh no I’m fainting ..hold me please Rahim.. Hold me…hahaha
Rahim – Fuck with your stage play…and you are directing it….haha
Anand- You don’t have to go for the competition… I can give you the judgement….haha
Rahim – Before you go tomorrow, don’t forget to get the cricket helmet and pads from our sports room….because you have to bravely tackle, all those bottle throwing, stoning, rotten the midst of your fucking play…haha..
Teasing him, Vishnu’s friends proceeded to leave, when Vishnu spoke from behind.
Vishnu- Are you guys done with your teasing…. Because I’m not done…I didn’t finish, what I intended to say.
Rahim and Anand stopped where they are, standing still without turning to face their friend. Vishnu proceeded
Vishnu- I’m tomorrow going for the competition not alone with my team members. But Devika ma’am is coming with me….hahaha… about that little fuckers ..haha
Rahim and Anand turned back swiftly to exclaim “What” again synchronized with utter disbelief
Rahim and Anand – What?
Chapter – 22
Next day, Rahim and Anand woke up early morning itself; they couldn’t get much sleep thinking their friend Vishnu is going out with Devika ma’am today. They worked out in their sinful minds, all those things that could possibly happen today. More they thought about, more anxious they became.
Rahim, got up and sat on his bedside working his mind out. He can also see that Anand is already awake and doing the same. After some time Rahim spoke out.
Rahim- Didn’t you get enough sleep yesterday?
Anand- No, What about you?
Rahim- same here…..
Rahim- What are you thinking?
Anand- whatever you are thinking..same here…
Rahim, gave a big sigh and thought for some moment and spoke out
Rahim- This bloody asshole Vishnu ..outsmarted us…
Anand- Yeah…..
Rahim- is it going to happen?
Anand- Actually, I thought I was way ahead of you guys in making plans to trap her
Rahim- Even I thought..I could be the one who will lay hands on her first…but this dumbo…I thought he never gonna have any chance without our help….but he seriously outplayed us.
Anand- Do you think..that this idiot will have enough guts to do something
Rahim – I don’t know…anything can happen…it is Devika she is so beautiful and charming…anyone would take that extra risk to be close with her…..
Anand – Uhhmmmm
Rahim – But I don’t think…he can be lucky today..
Anand – Why?
Rahim – Because, they are going with a group and other teachers would be there…and also it is a competition happening there…there will be people everywhere around….in midst of this, what would he be able to do?
Anand – That’s correct, even if he tries to do something…it will invite him big problem….
Rahim – That’s correct …he is an idiot….will not think twice before doing something…if he does something out of his stupidity….then it will be a trouble for us also….
Anand – Yes…whatever work we have done will be in vain and Devika will never talk to us…if he is caught…we could also get punishment….
Rahim – Oh fuck that’s correct…..this fucker will spoil everything
Anand – let’s go and talk to him….
Vishnu was coming outside from the bathroom after a shower, he saw his friends coming with a serious face. And he knows the reason for it, he thought they are envy about him, going for the competition with Devika. So he thought he will tease them a bit.
Vishnu – Hey friends …how was your sleep…it seems you guys didn’t get nice sleep…haha…what happened brothers?..something is worrying you guys…haha
Rahim – Hey Vishnu…bro… I know you are too excited about this trip…but I’m warning you …you should not try anything stupid…because one bad move will spoil our future.
Vishnu – hmm guys… I thought of taking a good nice shower….because this whole day I’m going to be with her…I should be smelling good ..right?
Anand – Listen bro…its a public place.. There will be lot of people and lot of teachers..this is not a good chance.we will have other better chances coming our way…be patient friend…..
Vishnu – I’m wondering.. What perfume she will be applying today…even if there is no perfume only, she would smell fucking awesome….guys do you have any guesses on which sari , she will be wearing today….I think it could be the orange one…she looks beautiful in that isn’t it?
Vishnu kept on making fun of his friends, which irked both Rahim and Anand. Rahim pushed Vishnu back and shouted at him
Rahim – Are you fucking listening to us….its risky…
This time Vishnu kept his jokes apart
Vishnu – its nothing but jealous guys…
Anand – Jealous… For what?
Vishnu – Because we made a bet and we are in a competition of winning Devika…we are in a race to see who could be more luckier with devika…So now you found out, with my intelligence I’m running ahead than you guys…that’s what you guys are envious about.
Rahim – No dude…we are just warning you…because if you do something, which is not pleasing to Devika….then all the work we have done is in vain….that’s why….
Vishnu – Oh please!!….if I know to make her come with our group, then I know how to utilise this opportunity without any fuss…I know how to play safe…..
Anand – What?.. You got any plan?
Vishnu – Dude, your friend Vishnu never works without proper planning
Rahim – What is your plan dude?
Vishnu – That I will not tell…you guys wait and see…but I assure you, I will play it safe and will never put you guys in trouble…
Rahim looked at Anand and told
Rahim – OK …whatever you do be careful and remember we are not jealous of you…we are together in this and it is just for fun…
Vishnu – yeah dude..I know..I was just kidding.. I know you guys very well
This time Anand came close to Vishnu and kept a hand around his shoulders and gave a cheeky grin
Anand – still I can’t believe did you make her come for the trip….but promise me?
Vishnu – What promise?
Anand – That you will be telling us, whatever happening today as it is, without exaggerating or without discounting any details. You will tell whatever happens as such..alright?
Vishnu – That I promise…that’s part of our game right.. Whatever success we make in this game, we will share the details among us….I will not add any additional thing nor i will skip anything…its a promise…if the plan doesn’t work, I will tell that also…OK
Rahim – Ok then , best wishes bro…play it safely… And also perform well in the competition…
Vishnu smiled and thanked them for their wishes
Anand – see you at evening.
After half an hour, Vishnu left for the competition with his group, and his dear friend’s endless waiting period started. Even though they said they are not jealous, reality was opposite. They were little envious about Vishnu for grabbing the first opportunity.
That was the day they felt, that time was handicapped and it is literally limping its way forward. They didn’t talk to each other much, kept on looking at their watches wondering, when will this endless torture of waiting ends.
The day ran very slow as if there is no urgency at all, and kept on teasing this poor little kids for their predicament. They skipped their lunch, because they did not feel any hunger at all; they felt anxious, the pounding sound of their heart can be heard outside. The more they thought about, what might happen between Vishnu and Devika, more nervous they became.
Its already half past five, and still they were waiting for their friend with sweaty trembling hands.It seems their edgy moment will not end soon. They kept waiting, waiting and waiting at hostel front door.
And at last by 6:45 pm , they heard some footsteps from a distance. They looked and realised that it is their friend Vishnu. That moment was inexplicable, they felt joyous, as their long wait is over; They also felt nervous, as they are about to find out the moment of truth.
Honestly, they do not want anything to happen between Vishnu and Devika, because by then unknowingly they had started to love Devika. Their enviousness is coming from that possessiveness.
Both Rahim and Anand jumped to their feet and sprinted towards Vishnu, who was coming from a distance. They stopped at their friend and gasped for air. Rahim tried to speak while panting.
Rahim –…hello bro…we were waiting for you..
Vishnu played, as if he is ignorant
Vishnu – what happened dude…is there anything you guys wanna tell me?
Anand – No, but there is something, you promised to tell us…now start talking.
Vishnu – what is it?
Rahim was impatient and asked his friend to speak
Rahim- Now don’t play a fool…please tell..what happened today
Vishnu gave a smile at them and told
Vishnu – You know what…hahaha
Vishnu’s laugh made them more insecure
Anand – Now stop laughing tell us truthfully what happened.
Vishnu – You guys are so excited right?
Rahim – Tell fucker…
Vishnu – Then there is space for more excitement dude….hahaha…our stage play won the 3rd prize….haha haha. And I was the fucking director..oh yeah..I know you guys
are so happy for me…enjoy dude….
Rahim and Anand looked at each other for a moment and looked back at Vishnu. Then Rahim blurted out
Rahim – Fuck with your stage play…we are talking about Devika, now don’t act dumb..stupid…
Vishnu smiled at them
Vishnu – hehe..Devika ma’am…hmmm….no need to worry dude.. nothing happened, the plan did not work out…it was too crowded there…
Saying that Vishnu looked down sadly and watched his friends from the corner his eyes.
Vishnu saw his friends looking at each other again for a moment and smile appearing on their lips after a big sigh.
Rahim – I told you before, it will be difficult to happen in such a place.
Anand – You need better place and better plan dude…
Rahim – its OK, it can happen….as this is your first time, now I will show you, how to tame her…haha..
Rahim and Anand got a big relief as nothing they worried occurred.
Anand – Come bro..we will go to our rooms, I can advice you with better plans…so you will be successful later..come let’s go…
Saying that Rahim and Vishnu turned back and started to walk back to their hostel. Vishnu watched them walk and a big grin came to his face. He called them from behind.
Vishnu – Hello friends hold on…don’t walk away like that…please be kind enough to hear, what I have to say.
Rahim and Anand stopped and turned back to look at his friend. Vishnu with a smile, slowly walked near to his friends and whispered to them.
Vishnu – Do you guys seriously believe that my plan will fail….do you?…haha
Both his friends, glanced him emotionless without understanding him. Vishnu continued with the same grin.
Vishnu – Then you guys are wrong…terribly wrong ….You guys wanna hear, what happened today…wanna hear…hahaha…this time you will definitely faint dude….
Rahim and Anand stood there motionless with no expression at all
Vishnu – Then hear it from me guys…you know what…. today, the most beautiful, enticing, charming, alluring, tempting, hypnotizing woman in this whole world…our heavenly loving angel Devika ma’am
Both Rahim and Anand felt light headed and their heads started spinning, they couldnt believe what they just heard. They might faint, but managed to tell “What” in the most feeble voice with a pale face.
Rahim and Anand- What did you say?..

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