Sunday , November 27 2022

Diary of a Naughty School Girl

My name is Anne Gray and I had just turned 18 and Senior year was getting underway.I will admit I was a bit of a tart and while I had never had full blown sex yet, I had blown quite a bit. I was a cock sucker, my sweet soft lips were natural for it and my cute face and naturally large breasts, dark hair and green eyes and thin frame, made me quite a treat for the fellows lucky enough to hold my attention. I first sucked a cock when I was 16 and got rather good at it, or considered myself so.

Sweet Mr. Dawson I had already checked off a list of naughty things to do to the sweet, nice guys. But I hadn’t always been so good at sucking a cock. I remember the first time I put a hard shaft in my mouth. I was 16 years old and it was two weeks before school was going to start back.

My boyfriend at the time, Justin, was 18 and was about to go off to college. I kind of kept Justin off my parents radar, because my parents wouldn’t ever approve of me dating any one that old. They didn’t really even want me to date at all until I was older. But I was a bit of a rebel and I snuck around my parents backs well enough. We had been going out for a while 6 months in all. And I was just in love with him. He was super nice and really popular. I had already begun to form my breasts far before all the other girls in school, and I guess even if I was just a sophomore Justin found me rather attractive.

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