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Dipty fucked by her father

I have to change the name for secrecy. So now let’s start with the story.
Everyone knows Drinking is a big problem for so many Molestation and many students and females losse their virginity since they drink in party or so. But here Dipty was only 18. She use to stay with her uncle after her parents went in heaven in a road accident.

She use to call her uncle as her DAD and her Aunty has her mother. They were happy family. But only problem was her DAD drinks a lot. After drink he don’t make any hazard but he loss much of their income in arraning for the drinks.

Mom was really fade up with Dad behaveriour. Once it was Saturday night. There was no college for 18 year Dipty. She was in her ladies baniyan and shorts. Her Dad was drinking having drinks as usal. It was around midnight and they were watching T.V .

Mom was tired and so she gave a goodnight kiss to Dad and she went to sleep. Dad was so much drank that he was also fading. Suddenly he puts his arms on Dipty and said ‘ I Love You’. Dipty also said ‘ Dad I Love u too’ and she removed his hand from the shoulder. Dipty said to Dad ‘will u stop drinking now and sleep’. Dad said ok and he kept the glass aside and slept just beside her.

Suddenly she found some hand on her things. It was his Dad hand only. He was rubbing her thigs. He was saying ‘I LOVE YOU’. Dipty was not able to understand what to do. She kept quite and was looking to run away. Suddenly her Dad hand reached her pussy spot over the short. She got a current throughout her body. It was not that Dipty was virgin, her boyfriend in college used to fuck her regualry. But the sensation of Dad fucking her was enough to send her the current in her body. She wanted to stop him but she also wanted more fun. She kept quite.
Her Dad can near to her and started kissing her hand and moving forward to her shoulder and then the neck. His eyes was close may be because he was druck much and u all know guys after some drink u need good young girls to fuck around..hahah.

Her father reached her face, her cheeks, her lips and ummm there was a smouch. It was delicious. Dipty found the mix of beer and chicken in the smouch. She loved those kind of kinky stuff. Her father was unstoppable. His other hand was press her smalled 32 size of boobs and was pressing it very hard. Woow Dipty was enjoying like anything. She was getting wet down. She was not able to control herself.
Her Dad was trying to spread her leg.

His hand was moving upper towards to the honey hole. Her hand was soon on the hole. He was rubbing her pussy very hard. He tried to lower her short. Even Dipty wanted to get fuck. She didn’t resist her father. Dad soon got her short out. She was still looking small school girl in her tiny white panty. Her Dad hand was so big that her whole pussy was covered with his one hand. He was rubbing her pussy very had. He just aside the panty and was rubbing her cunt lips. She was already wet there.

‘You are enjoying these alone’ that’s what Dad said to her. She didn’t understood what Dad was saying. She only understood when her Dad reomoved his long dick fron his short. It was just semi hard but was 7 inch. She had not even seen such long black dick in any of the blue flims she uses to watch. Soon Dad took Dipty hand and put it over on his dick. Dipty like she seen in the blue flims she started rubbing the dick up and down. Dad as enjoying this. He soon said u r amazing today. Pls take my dick in ur mouth now. Dipty didn’t understood whats dad saiying about today. I never had sex with him yet. Why he is saying that. Dad pull her daughter face to his dick. Dipty had no choice but to take the dick in the mouth.

She gulp the 1/4th of the dick and her mouth was full. Dad in drunk state just push his dick forcefully in her mouth. She was chocked and his half dick was in her mouth. Dad said that today she is not sucking the dick so well. But Dipty thinking that when she took the dick before. While she was thinking dad pushed his dick so hard that it was full in. She felt her jaw was parted far with the rod in it. She was choked too. Dad removed his dick from the mouth. The dick was so wet with the saliva. Dad was happy with the sucking.

He took no time to pull the panty out and placing the dick on it. Before Dipty could tell to be soft he just harried his dick in it. It was just matter of few second the dick was fully in her wet tight pussy. Dad was so happy that he said ur pussy is very tight today, did u took some pill or what. Dad was speaking non-sense she thought.

Due to this huge dick she was in too much pain. She was moaning like anything. Her eyes was full of water. Her Dad was just trusting the dick deep and deep inside her. She was feeling climax in her. She was about to sqirts. She was feeling a climax built in her with every push of her dad. She soon in two minutes she climax. Her juice made the dick more out and in with easy. Her dad was so strong and expert in sex.

She was enjoying now with the dad. Dad too more then 15 min to climax. In the mean while Dipty climax 2 times and she was completely exhausted. She needed rest. Dad dick was completely soften and he just pass away in sleep laying there itself. Dipty somehow got up and went to her room.

It was in the morning that Dipty got up and she was just not been able to walk. Her pussy was swollen. Its lips were still red. Suddenly she heard some noise in the kitchen. She went in to see who was it and found that it was her Dad. She went near the dad and said last night he had drunk a lot. Before she can say any more thing her Dad said, ‘yes he was so drunk and had nice time with her mother after a long duration.’

WHAT Dipty thought? It was me Dad . It wasn’t the mom. She wanted to tell her dad but then she let it go. Her Dad promised that he won’t drink this much anymore. But Dipty wanted him to drink more and have fun with her too.

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