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Dirty Beggar enjoys hot Wife

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We decided to do some social service on one night it was winter night 8 pm. We were near railway station we saw one beggar lying on foot path. He was feeling bit cold as he was not having proper clothing. He was wearing only torn pant and some old blanket over body and nothing inside he must be in his fifties we went to him and asked “feeling cold? Have you eaten something” he was hungry.

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So we went nearby hotel and fed him good amount of food. he dined feeling his stomach and wishes he was very happy by now.Now he saw us better way.

He asked “why did you did favor on me? Who are you?” we briefed him little bit and asked him what we can do for him further. he was amazed now he told us that he is feeling cold and it will be nice if we can do something for him, we bought new blanket for him when we inquired about his family, he went silent.

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