Saturday , June 3 2023

Dirty dreams with Tara Moss

It was an invite only industry gathering, held at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, which overlooked the spectacular Sydney Harbor. Being an extremely formal occasion, I reluctantly slipped into my dinner jacket and joined the other guests for drinks.

Unfortunately I soon found myself bored out of my mind as I watched Australia’s pretentious elite shamelessly flaunt and parade their wealth and muscle.

Having my fill of ego stroking for one evening, I was just about to finish my glass of champagne and prepare to leave when something caught my eye. That something was a tall majestic figure which shimmied across the room.

She was the most incredible creature I had ever seen. Beautiful, feminine, graceful and elegant, she was a true femme fatale. Standing at almost 6’2, she was fit and slender, with long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, large breasts and long legs.

“Wow.” I thought to myself, as I watched her move across the way.

Dressed elegantly, she was clad in a tight white body hugging diamond encrusted evening dress, which to everyone’s delight flaunted her incredible figure and showcased a generous amount of cleavage, and managed to frame her full round breasts just perfectly.

With a huge slit running up the side of the gown, her long slender legs drew your attention almost immediately and erotically exposed the tops of her black lace stockings as she mingled with various guests.

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