Thursday , March 30 2023

Dirty Indian couple that make their fantasy come true with an old widowed gardener

Like most couples, we sometimes fantasize about things that we would
like to happen but probably like most, never actually carry them out for
real. One of our favorites is that she gets to have another man whilst I
am watching discretely, and he doesn’t know I am there. Sometimes it’s a
very young man, sometimes a twenties stud, and more recently she has
started talking about an older man. The latest fantasy involved a man in
his early seventies, and I was a bit surprised to find that she was the
horniest of all with this particular story. The more we talked about it,
the hornier she got, and started suggesting that we might actually carry
it out. I have always enjoyed the idea of seeing her with somebody else,
but never really expected her to want to actually go through with it. I
have been visiting this site for about a year and suggested that we
might advertise for an older guy on here. She said that she would prefer
to meet somebody ‘accidentally’ rather than set it up, but if nothing
came of that, then we would look for somebody on XB. We talked about
different scenarios, people knocking at the door, somebody in the
street, and a couple of other suggestions but each one could potentially
come back to haunt us, or not likely to happen.

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  1. Think a lot of men would love to watch the wife get fuck by older men

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